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    What is the most surprising thing in tennis in the last 10 years?

    Every option in the poll has a valid argument, but it’s gotta be the “no young star to rival big 3” one. The fact that no man under the age of 30 on this planet right now holds a major is mind boggling, especially since tennis has historically always been a young persons sport. If you look at...
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    Lets talk "Age"

    Out of the three option's I'd say 25-27, but historically speaking, ages 22-27 are the peak ages for a GOAT-level tennis player. Federer from age 22-27: 14 slams (between August 8, 2003-August 7, 2009) Nadal from age 22-27: 11 slams (between June 3, 2008-June 2, 2014) Sampras from age 22-27: 10...
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    LostGen Power rankings

    What birth years make up the lost gen in your opinion? I usually view the players born between 1989-1995/96 ish as the lost gen or as some TTW users like to say, "generation useless" lol. I'm slightly reluctant to put 95 and 96 on there since 95 has NK who can do damage when he's focused and 96...
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    Mike trout and pro tennis

    Yea that Pujols contract has really killed the Angels as of late. I mean at the time of that contract, which was signed a VERY long time ago, Pujols was still one of the most dominant players on earth and was worth every penny, but as he got older, this contract has blown up in the Angels' face.
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    Mike trout and pro tennis

    Things is, the only way a tennis player can make a fortune is if they're on the sport's Mount Rushmore like Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Serena are, or be attractive and marketable like Sharapova and Kournikova were. Unless they're a superstar in the sport, they won't see nearly as much $$ as...
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    9 Tennis Players make the ESPN World Fame 100 for 2019

    Yea true and that west coast team also happens to be the 'little brother' of the big market Dodgers. Had Trout played on the Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox or even the Giants, he'd probably become a national icon. Also, the only thing missing on his resume at the moment is postseason success, and...
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    9 Tennis Players make the ESPN World Fame 100 for 2019

    Yea it's shame he isn't as popular as other players like Bryce Harper because he doesn't do things such as getting into altercations with other players, showboating, or holding up free agency. Although those are things that make the news for the wrong reasons, Harper acting up and being more...
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    To test a GOAT theory, anyone think Tiger is the golf GOAT?

    The easy answer would definitely be Jack cuz 18>14, but if you were to examine their whole bodies of work, Tiger has more than an argument for being the GOAT. Advantages for Jack: 4 more majors (18>14) More titles at 3/4 majors (6>4 at Masters, 4>3 at USO, 3-3 at Open and 5>4 at PGA) 46 total...
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    What job did you dream about as kid ???

    I wanted to be a lot of things back in my childhood: - an artist (took drawing classes back in the first grade cuz I used to be fascinated with art) - police officer/investigator (I was and still am very interested in crime related stuff and the things I can do to prevent them from occuring) -...
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    Nadal vs Novak - who will leave the bigger impact on the sport?

    I think Nadal will go down as the more "iconic" player due to his rivalry with Fed, his unhuman-like domination on clay and a unique play style which essentially can't be emulated. With that said, in terms of who changed the game more, I gotta say Novak has done more of that than both Roger and...
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    Can Rafa win any more non clay majors ?

    I can’t see it. He’s gonna be 33 soon (which is old asfff in tennis age) and his body is beyond f’ed up at this point. Also, Novak got him twice in the last 3 majors to go along with his health beginning to deteriorate. Then again, he is still Rafa and besides Roger and Novak there really isn’t...
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    9 Tennis Players make the ESPN World Fame 100 for 2019

    Well it is ESPN so it’s inevitable that there will be at least a bit of American bias in there
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    9 Tennis Players make the ESPN World Fame 100 for 2019 In order: Roger Federer (6th) Rafael Nadal (8th) Serena Williams (17th) Novak Djokovic (20th) Kei Nishikori (28th) Maria Sharapova (37th) Stan Wawrinka (69th) Andy Murray (75th) Sania Mirza (93th) Only 2 athletes in...
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    So I guess Shapo raps now...

    Stuff like this is why we don’t see as many young athletes dominating anymore. There are simply wayyyy too many outside distractions and temptations I like the fact that he’s having fun and still enjoying his youth, but how much longer can we keep making that excuse for him.
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    So I guess Shapo raps now...

    If you wanna see some beyond cringe-worthy footage click the vid lol
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    Will any major winners be born from 1989-1996?

    The players born in 1992 and 1994 are an absolute joke lol To answer OP’s question, I think Thiem could sneak out a RG if Nadal retires or declines rapidly in the coming years, but even then, he likely wouldn’t be a slam dunk favourite. Kyrgios has the talent but he has zero consistency or...
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    Mental Blocks (No Big 3,please) in History-

    Del Porto/Cilic is like 11-2 in favour of the Argentine. That’s quite surprising to me since they have a similar play style and career results
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    The TT Football Club

    As a Barca fan, it feels good to see Real get their asses handed to like this, but I’m sure they’ll definitely throw a bunch of cash at every big name player in Europe in the offseason. Watch someone like Mbappe join them next year
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    The TT Football Club

    Lol yeah it’s all over now
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    The TT Football Club

    Rip Madrid; the official end of a dynasty. It was a great run tho I’ll give y’all that
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    Is Kyrgios really more talented than players like Nadal and Djokovic?

    Kyrgios just won Mexico by beating: Seppi in R1 Rafa in R2 Wawrinka in QF Isner in SF Zverev in F Ngl, that was very impressive from the Aussie. Again, he certainly has the ability to win some majors and other big titles, but his consistency and focus will be his biggest hurdle. He showed again...
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    What pro teams do you follow !!!

    Glad to see the Islanders playing this well. They really stuck it to JT and the Leafs the other night, something most hockey fans were very happy to see!
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    Nevada ranked last in everything

    I know it isn’t a state, but you can’t have a worst place to live thread without mentioning Cleveland. I know some ppl who live there and I’ve never heard them say one good thing about that place besides the fact that they got to watch LeBron for most of his prime. I’ve been there like once when...
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    1877 Spencer Gore vs 1881 Richard Sears, who wins?

    Watched this match live. I remember it well, still feels like it was just yesterday ;)
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    What pro teams do you follow !!!

    NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins NBA: Chicago Bulls (I like the raptors too since they’re my hometown team) MLB: Toronto Blue Jays La Liga: FC Barcelona EPL: Liverpool NCAAB: Kentucky I don’t really follow the NFL but I’ve bandwagoned on the Broncos and Colts cuz of Manning As you could probably tell...
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    Is Osaka the next big thing in WTA??

    I mean she already won 2 majors, reached #1 in the world, a Masters title and qualified for the WTF, so technically she's already a "star' given the fact that she's only 21.
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    Is Kyrgios really more talented than players like Nadal and Djokovic?

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    Novak won the 2019 Laureus World Sportsman of the Year!

    Is this award show pretty much the European version of the ESPYs? Cuz I looked at the previous winners of this award and wow tennis players and athletes from individual sports in general have DOMINATED this award.
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    It's getting pretty sad

    Yea the next gen stinks at the moment, but I remember when many ppl said tennis was stuck in a dark era in the early 2000’s in between the Sampras/Agassi and the big 3 eras, but since the mid 2000s it’s been a golden gen for the sport. Every sport experiences a slight “dark age” but it’ll always...
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    The Silent Generation and Generation Z

    From what I've seen from various sources these seem to be the gens: Baby Boomers: 1946-1960 (end of WWII till the 60's) Gen X: 1961-1981 (early 60's till the last HS grad class of the 90's) Millennials: 1982-1999 (1982s graduated HS in 2000, which I believe is what started off the millennial...