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    FS: (2) Volkl Organix 10 295g 4-3/8 9/10 - best offer

    Am selling (2) Volkl Organix 10 295g racquets with 4-3/8 grip size. Both are 9/10 and were purchased in April 2013 for $189/ea. Best offer.
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    TW Women Beginner - Demo Racquet Suggestions?

    Am trying to get my wife into tennis. She's currently using an older Head Flexpoint Airflow 7 racquet (228g) with a 16/19 string pattern and beam is 28/31/28 mm, 4 1/4 grip. head size 115 in2. She doesn't OK w/ this racquet (no choice), but complains that it feels too heavy and unstable in...
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    TW Volkl Organix 10 295g demo strings?

    Was hoping someone from TW might be able to help me. I demo'd the Volkl Organix 10 295g racquet some time ago and loved it. Though I have no idea what type of strings or tension was used on the demo. The strings were black with what appeared to be a be faint silver X in them. The feel of the...