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  1. Sartorius

    Federer Fans - What is your realistic expectation of his Clay Court Season?

    Watched his first round match. :) Btw it's fedrantinople.
  2. Sartorius

    Federer Fans - What is your realistic expectation of his Clay Court Season?

    YES PLEASE* Some match-wins would be enough, don't expect him to win any titles... Perhaps some moral ones? *lives in Istanbul
  3. Sartorius

    Federer to win 2019 French Open? ?

    What? He wouldn't do that, he would just neo-backhand nadal to submission, easier. *backhand-smash-lob, since djok would hit the first lob when fedr sabrs.
  4. Sartorius

    2019 Indian Wells F - [4] Federer vs [7] Thiem

    Well about time Thiem won a big title. He played very well in the 3rd. I'm almost willing to say Fed winning would be boring at this stage (almost). Still like how he played the last 2 tournaments. Curious if he can keep this groove onto clay.
  5. Sartorius

    Federer now favorite for French Open? ?

    Think he became the favorite after cruising past Nadal in SF. tenks.
  6. Sartorius

    2019 Indian Wells - ATP Masters 1000 - General Discussion

    Any Fred streams? Mines are shot.
  7. Sartorius

    Who is the GOAT (Gunneswaran Of All Time)?

    I learned a new name. 10/10
  8. Sartorius

    Fedrs 100th title; a doublr edged sword

    He could have done better in that game, but that very 30-0 point ended up being one of Fed's best points in the match, including a deep return at 30-30 which drew an error. At the very least you can't say Tsi beat himself. In fact he played very well for a large portion of the match, and Fed...
  9. Sartorius

    Fedrs 100th title; a doublr edged sword

    Fedr played like Fedr today, not much Tsi could do. The lack of young achievers is certainly something to discuss, but the recent years have been less about the young players and more about how good Fedalovic really are (much like the past 15 or so years)
  10. Sartorius

    Federer vs Tsitsipas - Dubai 2019 final

    Yep. That's the thing, is he going to treat the rallies on clay the same way or not? I assume not, which should favor his opponents and probably means no titles, but if he can defend and move like he does today, he'll still make his opponents work.
  11. Sartorius

    Federer vs Tsitsipas - Dubai 2019 final

    Good performance from both in the 3rd set (the ceremony), lasted 35 minutes.
  12. Sartorius

    Federer vs Tsitsipas - Dubai 2019 final

    Super match from Fed. It felt like if he even had the smallest blip Tsi would take charge and run away with it. Some great points. As is the norm with Fed's big wins, aside from playing very aggressive he looked fantastic on defense too which won him some crucial points. Quite impressive, and...
  13. Sartorius

    Do you think playing on clay might make Federer rethink and retire sooner?

    Or perhaps he'll be like "I'm 37 and still going deep even on clay what retirement lolz".
  14. Sartorius

    Federer: The reason I passed Sampras was surface homogenization

    7 years ago, after AO 2012 SF: "Like I said, I think he just plays good, you know, and he's obviously improved a lot on all surfaces over the years. Anyway, every surface is very similar...
  15. Sartorius

    Kyrgios in spat with fans

    I didn't say that at all, or say "let's lock this thread and go home". Everyone can discuss whatever they like. I may however make a judgement on whether discussing (?) Kyrgios' or any player's mental well-being (in an extremely vague and hypothetical manner) is something worthwhile. I don't...
  16. Sartorius

    Kyrgios in spat with fans

    Possibly. Even if there is, it's really none of anybody's business. Hmm. Yes. No. He's really not that interesting. Yes. You have a point, but you've got the wrong route. Sports people's general well-being or whatever issues they might have shouldn't really interest anyone. And if people...
  17. Sartorius

    Nadal fans, Lets join forces against the greater evil!

    My first impression (of his/her other posts as well) is that it's just the name - not the "many and only" NSK. Bullzie is often a lot more self-absorbed. A very crude effort at trolling too. So the name is there, but the content is in reverse, which warrants me to go with this:
  18. Sartorius

    Fed Fans - Who would you rather overtake Federer's slam total?

    Rafa may as well have shot that ad just for this moment.
  19. Sartorius

    Everyone too hard on Rafa

    Completely 2 different contexts around those matches. If there is a similarity I think it's elsewhere. Fed was clearly on the downslope in 2008 and went into that final as an underdog. Nadal came into this tournament after not having played an official match for months. We already knew Nadal was...