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  1. TenS_Ace

    Let's talk Umpires

    Which Umpire will cause a ballistic meltdown on one of the Top 10 Men or Women :cool: Discuss
  2. TenS_Ace

    Describe your last fart using only a movie title

    :D clear and present danger
  3. TenS_Ace

    Apparel pricing?? WTF

    Anyone else noticing the escalating creeping prices on tennis apparel is specifically to which tennis tournament is going on?? I'd always look to see what my favorite player was wearing and order it before it hit the stores. Shirts are now going for $80 - $100, shorts $80...WTF?? Regrettably...
  4. TenS_Ace

    Andy Murray Receives OBE From Prince William Discuss :)
  5. TenS_Ace

    Pospisil headed for back surgery

    After today's match Vacek Pospisil will need back surgery after carrying Nestor all day long on the's time for EEYORE to pack it up! Maybe he'll crack a smile but I doubt it...what a maroon he is..just sayin' :twisted:
  6. TenS_Ace

    Nadal curve ball forehand

    Anyone here know how to give tips on how I could get that Nadal curve ball forehand? I have access to a ball machine so that I could practice that sweet move, but I'm not sure of the mechanics of how to do that Nadal shot. Cheers
  7. TenS_Ace

    Adidas Barricade II Mid BLACK/WHITE/RED

    I've been using these shoes for about 2 years and it appears that they are no longer made. I'm looking for a "mid" support shoe. I need some advice from you guys. I don't have bad ankles, but I've always used a tennis shoe that had ankle support. I don't like the KSwiss shoes and I don't like...
  8. TenS_Ace

    Tennis in Jamaica

    Anyone here played tennis at the Couples San Souci resort in Jamaica?? Going to be there the first 10 days of Feb 08...wondering if anyone cruising this board might be there??:)
  9. TenS_Ace

    Turtle Bay Resort or...

    Hey,headin' to Oahu(end of Jan-first week Feb) and would like to stay at Turtle Bay Resort because it's the North Shore and for the tennis...Just wondering if anyone has done any tennis there recently???...I check at TennisResorts dot com...and there were only 2 reviews..the latest being...
  10. TenS_Ace

    Temporary tennis cover/dome

    I'm wondering if anyone here knows where I might find information on covering 3 outdoor courts with a structure you can take down when it warms up we'd need to cover up from September until April...I'm pretty sure a bubble is out of the question...I've heard of structures you can...
  11. TenS_Ace

    WANTED: Prince MORE Attack OS

    Hi I'm looking for a couple Prince More Attack OS 1050 racquets. 4 3/8 grip Used or NEW..TIA
  12. TenS_Ace

    Lightning Strikes Tennis Court

    There is a picture out there,that was taken I believe in NewYork city,of a lightning bolt hitting a tennis court...I think it was taken by some software guru ...anyways..i've googled this thing for about 2 years and still can't seem to find it...just wondering if anyone else out there has seen...
  13. TenS_Ace

    Tennis Court Lightning Strike PHOTO

    Hey there..just wondering if anyone has seen a photo of a tennis court with a lightning strike ?? There was some famous photo taken..I saw it about 2 or 3 yrs ago on the "net" and I'll be darned if I can find that photo anymore!!...any help would be appreciated!! I'm looking to purchase a copy...