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  1. stiggytennis

    Could the NEO BH have taken RG '06?

    Another hypothetical thread,but is it possible?
  2. stiggytennis

    Dunlop MW 200g vs Babolat Pure Control 95

    Hi, I'm looking for a racquet that has control, feel and stability that's poly friendly. (not jarring or uncomfortable) Which do you think is best?
  3. stiggytennis

    Question for Chris

    Hi Chris, did you ever get a chance to test the durability of the Head Nitro Pro? If so, what would you compare it to?
  4. stiggytennis

    Champions Tour Tennis Albert Hall 2016

    Anybody know if it's being televised in the UK?
  5. stiggytennis

    Tired Of Mac's Yackin'...?

    ...I certainly am;I don't know how he is on ESPN,but on Eurosport,the 'self appointed commissioner of tennis' is highly annoying. Constantly talking and going on about himself,(even during points)while the other commentators blow smoke up his *** and worship,the mighty YackEnroe.
  6. stiggytennis

    Head Revolt Pro Fit

    Hi guys,I'd like to know some more of your thoughts on this shoes' fit. I have a medium width foot with a medium to slightly high arch,and was wondering if this shoe would suit me.:)
  7. stiggytennis

    Head Nitro Pro Durabillity

    Hi guys,another shoe comparison thread.:) I'd like to know go the durability of the Head Nitro Pro stacks up against other shoes with similar weight,like the Rush Pro 2.0,Gel Resolution 6,Barricade 2016,Power Cushion Eclipsion etc.:)
  8. stiggytennis

    Barricade 2015 vsRaptor Evo vs Revolt Pro

    Hi guys,just wondering what you think of the shoes in the title and which would be your prefered choice compared to the almost perfect 2015 Barricade. Specifically,what would be the most comfortable,durable and supportive;or if one is not all those things,as close and well rounded as possible...
  9. stiggytennis

    Nole vs La Monf Toronto Semi-Final 2016

    So who do you think... Gael/Guru/La Monf Or Novak/Nole/Iron Man
  10. stiggytennis

    Thinking of getting Barricade V classic

    I've been interested in these shoes for a while now and would like to try a Barricade for the first time. As a Rush Pro user(for a while now)I'd like to find something with a similar fit,but more durability and breathability too. I'd like to know what some of you guys think of these shoes and...
  11. stiggytennis

    UV Tennis Clothing?

    I feel as though I must search far and wide for tennis clothes that have UV protection. Even Adidas' top of the line clothes don't have it,Nike and Under Armour too,weird. Seems like the odd golf polo and running t-shirts here and there if you're lucky,and shorts are a non-event.
  12. stiggytennis

    SFX 2 vs Barricade 2016

    Hi guys and gals,I'd like to know what aspects you prefer.(of the shoes mentioned in the title) I tend to lean more towards durability and comfort as apposed to speed and weight.
  13. stiggytennis

    Nike 2K10's,2K11's,Zoom Cages?

    Hi,I would like to know which shoe('s) you guys prefer out the ones mentioned in the title as I can't acquire access to the written reviews of the 2K shoes.
  14. stiggytennis

    ATP Top 8 Players' Fitness Regimes?

    What helps the top 8 be so consistent throughout the course of a season on the ATP,besides possessing great ability and mental strength? I'm interested to know what keeps them relatively injury free and fit.
  15. stiggytennis

    Pro's Pro Hybrid N5 Setup?

    Hi,I'm getting a reel of N5;(Spinox16L & Super Power16 gauges) and was wondering what tension ranges and mains/crosses combos you guys would recommend. I'm not a string breaker(yet:))and hit fairly flat looking to add a little more control and spin to my game. My racquet being a Dunlop F2.0 18x20.
  16. stiggytennis

    Dunlop F2.0 Tour replacement...

    ...any news on this please.:)
  17. stiggytennis

    Murray & Henman:How?

    How did Andy & Tim become pro players? I would like a complete breakdown of their routes to being a pro. Because here in the UK(at least) there doesn't seem to be any knowledge of how an aspiring rec player could/can make it. What I mean is;what kind of tournies did they play?And who for?During...
  18. stiggytennis

    Stanimal Year End Number 1

    With Nadal and Federer in evident decline,Stan has the chance,in a 3-way battle with Nole and Muzza to take the number 1 spot. Wawrinka has been drifting around outside the top 10 for years,winning very little but appearing in latter stages of big events. But in 2014,he captured his maiden...
  19. stiggytennis

    LTA & ITF rankings/ratings

    Hi,I'm looking for info on whether an LTA rating/ranking can be transfered. What I mean is;say I gained a rating of 4.2,(LTA county level) would that count for anything in Europe?Would I have the equivalent on the ITF?
  20. stiggytennis

    Alternative To Dunlop Silk

    Hi,I'm looking for some new strings as they broke on my F2.0. Silk was in them(stock set-up) and I didn't like it for a while,too harsh and not much spin or nice feel.I actually preferred it as it lost tension and the the filaments wore down;better,softer feel,more spin too. But overall it was...
  21. stiggytennis

    Murray's Notes

    Has anyone noticed that piece of paper in Murray's bag,with what seems to be coaching notes? I've never see that before and want to know people think about this. Will more players do this or have players been using notes for years? Perhaps he'll talk about it in his post-match interview. Discuss...
  22. stiggytennis

    New LTA ball rules??

    I went to my local public indoor tennis arena,as I do now and again. I just laid out about a dozen balls at the back of court,to practice/warm-up etc. Then a worker came on court,and told me that I could only use 8 balls,because of new LTA health & safety rules. On previous occasions,me and my...
  23. stiggytennis

    Dunlop bio 100 vs Wilson tour 90

    What are these racquets like compared? Power,spin,control,stability,feel,sweetspot etc? Is the dunlop a lighter,faster easier racquet to use? Does any 90 sq inch frame(from the last few years) compare to a pro staff 90 at all?
  24. stiggytennis

    F100 vs Bio 100

    Hi,please can anyone who's play tested these racquets tell me the differences and similarities? Also can you compare to similar racquets, like pro staff 90-95?
  25. stiggytennis

    HEAD motion pro(shoes)

    Hi,I was wondering if any of you have played in these shoes?
  26. stiggytennis

    Changing my stick?

    Hi,I'm looking for some advice on getting a new racquet. I have a limited budget,so most top brands are out of the equation.(Wilson, Babolat,Head etc) I have my eye on the Dunlop F100 classic as it's on sale at my local sports shop. I play recreationally but I'm looking to take it more...
  27. stiggytennis

    Dunlop Bio 100?

    Why hasn't this racquet been reviewed by TW?
  28. stiggytennis

    Prince T22's size?

    I'm looking at getting these but I'm wondering about the size and fit. I'm a little over 9.5 and a medium width sized feet. Should I go for 9.5 or 10 in T22's? Are they true to size,bigger/smaller fitting?
  29. stiggytennis

    Head motion pro?

    Are these shoes any good?
  30. stiggytennis

    Nike Air Max '13

    Are these running shoes viable for playing tennis? What's the durability like in hours approximately? It should be comfortable with its Air Max sole,shouldn't it?