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  1. Backspin1183

    D. Shapovalov has to work a lot more

    He should try to spend more time watching Eminem and others if he wants to be a decent rapper. He has the potential. I hope we see him performing on stage in coming months.
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    Very disappointed with Nadal

    Just doesn't have the belief against Novak. He looks like Nishikori playing Djokovic right now. A lot of unnecessary unforced errors that Novak doesn't even need. Too afraid to go for his shots. I guess only Staminal has the courage to go for his shots against this Novak.
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    Kyrgios: Murray better player than Djokovic. More scary than Federer, Nadal

    "When I played Roger, when I played Rafa, I wasn’t as scared of those guys as I was of Andy,” Kyrgios said. “I knew that his game was a lot tougher for a guy like me to play, I knew he was going to make a lot of balls, so I felt so young when I played him the first couple of times. “I didn’t...
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    Federer: The court speed (of US Open 2018) is good for me

    Federer confirms the court speed is slow, much to his liking. “I like playing here. I think the court speed’s good for me. I’m happy in this country. I’m happy in New York,” he said. “I think coming to New York, I think you get a better feel [compared to Cincinnati]. The balls are easier to...
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    Is Genie Bouchard still playing or full time modelling now?

    She's a good model and used to play good tennis too. I follow her on Instagram and it's hard to tell if she still plays tennis or is a full time model. Just wanted to know if she still plays tennis. Asking for a friend.
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    Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) will be bigger than The Avengers.

    You heard it here first. I'm excited it's going to have most of the most bad-ass monsters like King Ghidorah, Rodan, Mothra, etc. Always wanted to see some of these big monsters on the big screen. Especially Ghidorah.
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    Match ups you are looking forward to?

    I'd like to see more matches of: Djokovic vs Kyrgios Nadal vs Zverev Federer vs Del Potro Nadal vs Kyrgios Hopefully, Murray also joins the top players soon in winning titles again. I tried to think of GenNext match ups and just couldn't be excited by any. :oops:
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    David Ferrer: I don't like see to myself being world no. 60

    He says he may retire next year at Barcelona or Madrid. Will play this year's US Open like it's his last Slam. Also reveals that once he didn't speak to his wife for a day because he was angry losing 06 26 to Nadal in the final of Acapulco in 2013...
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    Todd Martin: Djokovic more talented than Federer and Nadal

    Federer and Nadal are the top two players in the world and have won 37 Grand Slam titles between them. But Martin thinks Novak Djokovic is more technically gifted and he would go down as the greatest of all time if he had not been damned with injuries. The Serbian added Grand Slam No 13 to his...
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    'Rafael Nadal is possibly the greatest athlete ever in tennis' - Rod Laver

    Through Twitter, the Australian legend Rod Laver praised Rafael Nadal. Laver, who was at Wimbledon these two weeks, was admired by the Spaniard's effort in trying to beat Novak Djokovic in the semifinals and possibly winning the trophy after having a great clay-court season. 'He proved to be...
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    How many more weeks can Nadal add to his weeks at #1?

    I'd like him to reach 200 weeks in total for weeks spent at #1. I'm fine if he doesn't get more. 200 weeks at #1 looks much better than 150 or 180. He is at 181 right now. With Federer unable to defend his Wimbledon points, Nadal can remain number until US Open or even until 2019. Discuss.
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    Federer fans and Nadal fans, whom you gonna support in the final?

    Even before the Nadal-Djokovic semi final had ended, I couldn't help thinking that if Djokovic won the semi final, Kevin would have a better chance, albeit about 20-30%, of lifting the trophy. Everything is working out so well for Kevin. He's played his best tennis in the last few days. I didn't...
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    DC universe vs Dragon Ball Z universe

    I say let them fight. What would be good match ups between Dragon ball z characters and DC characters? @MichaelNadal @Hitman @NatF anyone else?
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    Congrats Nadal fans

    Congratulations to all good fans of Nadal, even the spammer @TahoeTennis. @MichaelNadal @octobrina10 @clayqueen @vanioMan @Abhinandan @sureshs @vive le beau jeu ! @Incognito @Rafa.the.Magnificent @Rafa the King @TheGhostOfAgassi @WhiskeyEE and others. What a great and beautiful day it is. :)...
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    I can't believe Nadal's luck

    He's so lucky he gets to play 3 days in a row while the top half isn't getting much action. Luckdal. :mad:
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    Diego Shwartzman dialing 619

    booyaka booyaka "619" booyaka booyaka "thats my pueblo" booyaka booyaka "619 hey" booyaka booyaka "thats my pueblo" booyaka booyaka "619 hey" booyaka booyaka "rey mysterio" booyaka booyaka "619 hey" booyaka booyaka "thats my pueblo" booyaka booyaka "619 hey" what ya gonna do when we come for...
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    Nadal's 900th win

    His victory over Marterer was his 900th career win. "I don't feel old. But I am 32, and I have been here since 2003, so it's a long way, a lot of years," he said. "I started very young. That's a real thing. But, no, I feel happy to be here. Being honest, I am enjoying the day by day on the...
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    Zverev on clay is underrated

    Results don't lie. Cilic, Thiem, Djokovic, to name some of his top ranked victims on clay. The reigning Italian Open champion, also Madrid Masters champion, has worked hard on clay since the 6-1, 6-1 spanking by the Nadal. His results on the surface show that he, not Dominic Thiem, is the prince...
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    Nadal 1 win from #1

    Can he do it?
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    French Open 2018 announce MAJOR changes that will benefit world No 1

    Rafael Nadal will be targeting a stunning 11th French Open title when the tournament kicks off in May. The current ‘King of Clay’ is currently battling back from injury but if fit will be one of the favourites to win at Roland Garros following the withdrawal of Roger Federer. And Nadal could...
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    I was wrong about Next Gen ATP finals

    I was one of the many to make fun of the Next Gen Finals held in Milan in November 2017. I thought of it like a joke. Like giving freebies to kids who can't get anything on their own. But I was wrong! Winning the Next Gen Finals has given Chung so much confidence. He is one of the few players I...
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    Diego Schwartzman: RAFAEL NADAL is so hard to play because he's so aggressive

    On what it's like to face the Spaniard, Schwartzmann said: "I think he's really aggressive every time. He can play four hours aggressive." Some experts from TTW please inform this guy that Nadal...
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    Australian Open 2018: Roger Federer’s night match request as rivals roast in heat

    EXTREME weather conditions at the Australian Open isn’t something new but scheduling conflict drama for tennis’ biggest stars might be. Defending Aussie Open champion Roger Federer admitted he was “possibly” handed special treatment by those in charge of time of play when the No.2 seed beat...
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    Struff to expose Federer's false dawn

    You heard it here first. Mark my words. :D
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    Rafael Nadal Says Lower-ranked Players Need More Money

    Melbourne: World number one Rafa Nadal voiced his support for players to demand a greater share of tennis revenues, saying that more lower-ranked professionals should be able to make a living from the sport. Nadal's comments follow media reports this week that Novak Djokovic, the president of...
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    Which of the four Slams will Djokovic win this year?

    Djokovic looked healthy in his exhibition match against the current world #5 @Meles, and is even expected by some tennis experts like Peter Bodo to regain the number 1 ranking later in the year. Which of the four Slams do you think he has a very good chance to win this year?
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    2017 would be remembered for...

    Nadal's historic La Decima at Roland Garros. Roger F winning record 8th Wimbledon. Oldest year end number 1 of the Open Era. Longevity. The "No Excuses" Grand Slam final won by F. "Claydal" winning his third US Open clay court title. Dimitrov peaks on a tennis court to win the...
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    Most objective Federer vs Nadal head to head.

    To be fair to both players, we should count the matches that were played on their best surfaces, clay for Nadal and grass for Federer. Nadal is the king of clay and Federer is the king of grass. Nadal leads 13-2 (86.66%) on clay while Federer leads 2-1 (66.66%) on grass. Overall, Nadal leads...
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    Who else thinks the ATP Facebook page is over posting about Federer and Nadal?

    I am a fan of Nadal and Roger's my (distant) second favourite player. It's nice to read about them. But, surely tennis isn't just about them. I am getting a bit fed up of constant Fedal posts on the ATP Facebook page like other players aren't worth talking about. 'Look what Roger Federer did...