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    Just saw your message Shroud. Lets play man!! Don't want to publicly post my phone #. Trying...

    Just saw your message Shroud. Lets play man!! Don't want to publicly post my phone #. Trying to find a way to privately message you.
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    Evacuating hurricane... looking for a hit in Pensacola

    Check your email Brian - I'm you're man!!
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    where to get replacement throw wheels for ball machine?

    While I'm not having any wheel issues, this thread has none the less been informative. While it would seem that some type of material, epoxy, etc. ought to be able to solve/fix this issue that kept occurring to me would be BALANCE!? At such high speeds any repair would have...
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    Pensacola/Destin, Fla. (4.0/4.5) Ready/Willing to Play!!

    I live in Pensacola along Fla's Emerald Coast. Have access to private clay or hardcourt. Single, no kids, no job.....can play pretty much anytime! Ambrose
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    Angell TC-100 Pro 4 3/8

    Just sent you an email mackie - interested/anxious - thanks!
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    Tennis Ball Machine which one is fastest mph/spin. Can it be hacked for faster speed.

    After extensive research, I invested in what I felt was the most feature rich, programmable ball machine available in 2010. The machine exceeded my expectations in practically every category, manner. There have been no mechanical, electrical, battery, remote or reliability issues. From what I've...
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    Most reliable ball machine for clay/har-tru?

    Lobster Grand V LE - over 8 years of relatively "heavy" use on both Hardcourt & Har-Tru Clay - no problems, breakdowns, issues what so any.
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    Tennis Ball Machine which one is fastest mph/spin. Can it be hacked for faster speed.

    I've got a Lobster Grand Elite and I'm pretty sure the "speed" setting can be cranked up to 95mph (shown on the digital lcd screen & iphone/iwatch remotes). And I believe it! I've had my machine almost 8 years now. I'm a 4.0-4.5 player and I almost never program/set the speed beyond 65mph...
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    Portable/Folding Cart, Dolly, or Hand Truck for Ball Machine/Tennis Equipment

    Thanks for researching and compiling these options/examples! It takes me 30 minutes and several trips back/forth - to/from car (Infiniti QX56 land yacht) to haul all the regalia I like having and feel necessary to perform an effective practice session with my ball machine. One of the other...
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    Ball Machine Recommendations

    mctennis describes similar situations/scenarios/frustrations that I too faced and was constantly confronted with. Finding ready and willing hitting partners/players can be quite a challenge. Finding players @ your same level/ability is rare at best and often impossible. I just wanted to hit...
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    Ball Machine Recommendations

    For the first couple of years, I relied heavily and used the "6 separate/unique - multiple parameter + location - programmable shots" feature found on my Grand V LE. I also used the the multiple tweaks available on the - left/right - forehand/backhand - oscillation drills - extensively to make...
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    Ball Machine Recommendations

    Can't say enough, or over-recommend the benefits of investing in a feature rich ball machine with advanced remote control!!! I researched all the various machines and companies for years. I was'nt sure which ball machine "feature/function/option or ability" was going to be important, crucial or...
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    Question - Lobster Elite 5

    When calibrating......many factors can influence and require adjustments. I would'nt fret too much over needing to adjust, nor would I spend too much time trying to get ball to hit the T perfectly or even real close. Some of the factors that will effect the test calibration shot: Wind...
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    First time poster, ball machine related

    You will be gobsmacked over how quick/fast your backhand improves (excels) after hitting against a good ball machine!! And can add/adjust/change/implement MULTIPLE variations or "nuances" of backhand strokes, grips, shots, spin, etc. - FAST! I'm not kidding. You can...
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    Ball machine - Playmate or Silent Partner or Lobster...

    Ball Machines have come a long ways since I was a junior player. They are no longer a "novelty" for the rich and certainly no "toy". As mentioned - the well known major brands "work" (work horses!). They are consistent and reliable. You can't really make a mistake and will not get "stuck"...
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    Review : Silent Partner Star 1 year later

    In response to tennis_ocd's comment and preference about a heavier duty battery vs remote: Well to each his own, and everyone has their own special needs, circumstances, wants, budgets, etc. There is no "right" or "wrong" choice. We are all very lucky and blessed to even be...
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    Review : Silent Partner Star 1 year later

    Hey alancalan, Yea, I find just my 75 ball hopper a bit unwieldly, and it tends to get somewhat "heavy" while picking up balls after hopper is 50% - 100% full. I'm glad I have/own it, and will keep using it; however, I think I prefer using 2 tennis tubes (one in each hand) to pick up balls...
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    Review : Silent Partner Star 1 year later

    I've owned one of Lobster's best machines for almost 5 years and am very happy with it. But this is not a Lobster thread, so I will not extol it's virtues. I've written several reviews that you can search/find if interested. I've seen many very good reviews on Silent Partner machines. Most...
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    What Ball Machine Should I Buy?

    I spent perhaps another 500 than the OP mentioned, but got Lobster's brand new "top of the line" (in 2010) fully programmable Grand Elite V LE with full function remote. The features and benefits on this machine are basicly the same today, however, they have added some new pre-installed...
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    Ball Machine Suggestions

    Have owned Lobster's portable and programmable "Grand Slam Elite IV" for almost 5 years now and am extremely happy with my investment! Absolutely not one glitch or problem and I'm still using the original battery it came with. With battery fully charged I get 3+ hours of intense, constant...
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    Best Tennis Ball to Repressurize with most Durable Felt

    OK - appreciate your info and response Tennisist. May I ask you how many balls (# in your hopper) are you using or cycling through your machine during this "week long period" of felt lasting or holding up on these re-pressurized pressurized balls? I started with 2 new buckets (75 in each) of...
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    Best Tennis Ball to Repressurize with most Durable Felt

    I am also interested in knowing the answer to the original poster's question: "What is the best PRESSURIZED BALL to use in a Ball Machine that will also RECHARGE well? I've been using Tretorn Micro X for a couple of years and have been happy with them. However, I still far prefer and miss...
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    Return of Service Ball Machine Platform

    How "squirrely" is your machine while perched atop these platforms? Or how stable is the base or footprint on these benches? I read the product description for the bench on Home Depot and was impressed with the weight (500+ lbs I think) it could handle. However, with 2 benches velcroe'd or...
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    About the lobster V machine

    I would call Lobster. The few times I've needed to call them - the cust svc was excellent. You many even be able to buy a remote from Lobster for less than or slightly more than the one you found online. Bottom line is that they can and will help you.
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    Where to find a Pro (Instruction) in Pensacola, Florida?

    Go to Full list/directory of area pros
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    Sharp, Tingling, Numb, Burning PAIN in Left Thigh ?? HELP!

    I really appreciate the responses and posts regarding this pain I'm experiencing in my left thigh. Especially the detailed charts from CharlieFedererer. I've narrowed it down to almost certainly being a pinched nerve in the back along the spine, like many of you have suggested and shown...
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    Tennis Tutor ProLite - How important is Spin?

    Spin is VERY important. The "0" setting or "flat" ball that is produced is not realistic at all. It produces a strange bounce. When you see a truly flat ball, which (only) these machines can generate, you will realize that almost no one hits that way. You'd have to see the flat (no spin)...
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    Sharp, Tingling, Numb, Burning PAIN in Left Thigh ?? HELP!

    For several weeks I've been experiencing pretty significant pain that comes and goes on the side and front (above the knee) of my right thigh. It feels likes it's nerves. It's not muscular or bone. The pain feels as though it's on the "top" or very close to the outside edge of the skin...
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    SP smart VS Lobster 05LE

    ludonco......glad you were able to make a decision and become a ball machine owner! You got a great machine and will enjoy it. For those still shopping, there is a substantial difference between the SP Smart and the Lobster V LE however. Whether the V LE is worth the additional money is a...