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    Wanted: Snauwaert Brian Gottfried Mid Wood Composite

    Hello all, Looking to round out my playing collection with a good example of the 1984-1986 Snauwaert Brian Gottfried Graphite Mid... the mostly wood composite mid, used by Gottfried, as well as Miloslav Mecir, and Vitas Gerulatis. Looking for a nice, non-warped, not used up specimen...
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    The Recurring Dream

    I know I’m not the only one here, certainly there are others among us who have some variation, when asleep, of the dream where you’re in a charity shop or obscure little sports shop, and you find that classic racquet of your dreams, for next to nothing, and you buy it, before the shop keeper...
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    Fischer Twin Tec

    Classic Racquet Talk forum regulars will probably recognize me as an enthusiast of Austrian-made racquets of the 1980’s. Quite right, having used Kneissl, Head, and finally Fischer frames in competition play between 1985 and 1993. My association with the Fischer brand began in 1991, which...
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    Legalize Weed.

    In my travels recently, I obtained an early Weed super-oversized racquet, dating from somewhere around 1975-1978. It looks to have some similar details to early Prince and Trabert frames, made in the same years by Fansteel in Southern California. Perhaps our esteemed colleague, @Sanglier, can...
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    Wilson Ultra 2 —> Wimbledon Graphite?

    Hello all, here’s one for those who obssess over which pro played with what, back when. Or, specifically: Which sponsored ATP or WTA pro switched from playing with the Wilson Ultra 2 mid, to the Wimbledon Graphite (aka 100% Graphite), circa 1985 or 1986? I will explain more later...!
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    Doubles with classics?

    Hello friends. I live in a small town in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Northern California. The tennis scene here is pretty sleepy, but every week, I play doubles with some solid 4.0 to 4.5 guys, aged 49 to 60-something. One’s a former whitewater river rafting guide, another is one of the...
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    Grand Slam Singles Winners and Racquets, 1980-1991

    Hello all, In a recent thread, our friend, "BorgCash" asked for a complete list of Grand Slam tournament winners and their racquets from 1980 through 1985, a particularly transitional period in our favourite sport. Today, I had a little spare time on my hands, so I compiled that list, for our...
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    Take a Banana Peel to a Gun Fight...

    Hello Classic Tennis Friends, It was a rainy day here at my workshop, and I got to thinking about the popularity of the whole "open string" or "wide string" racquet phenomenon that is being so heavily marketed nowadays. Everyone wants to hit ultra loopy topspin for some reason, evidently, and...
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    Fabulous Fischer

    Still in love with the products of the Fischer company of Ried im Innkreis, Tirol, Austria. They stopped producing racquets in Austria in 1993. Yet like many of the other ski manufacturers in the Alps (Kneissl, Voelkl, and Rossignol), they were leaders in composite research and development in...
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    Snauwaert ATP 93: Stringing Pattern?

    Hello, friends! Does anyone have the stringing pattern for the Snauwaert ATP Tour 93? Thank you!
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    Yamaha Secret & Proto

    I noticed that we have several threads with miscellaneous information on various Yamaha frames, but I haven't seen one which concentrates on, and catalogues the Secret / Proto series of racquets. From what I can remember, the first Secret (called Proto in Japan) models were introduced in 1989...
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    Stephanie Kwolek, mother of Kevlar

    Sad news today from the aramide fiber engineering world:
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    Wimbledon 100% Graphite vs. Snauwaert Mikael Pernfors

    In 1986, Swede Mikael Pernfors (who had won back-to-back NCAA Men's Singles as a Georgia Bulldog in 1984 and 1985) made a breakthrough run to the Roland Garros men's finals, where he lost to Ivan Lendl. In his hand was the Wimbledon 100% Graphite, a rather generically-named midsize frame from...
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    Dunlop Max Competition

    Here's some photos of a technically interesting, unusual Dunlop which lived in the shadow of the Max 200g. The Max Competition was current 1986-1987, made for Dunlop/Slazenger (along with several other models out of the same exact 90 square-inch elliptical hitting surface mold and 16x19 drill...
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    Thought it might be fun to compare our collections of classic tennis racquets. I find it interesting to see what directions and specific passions the collectors take in their collecting. Usually, after a while, the collection seems to center around a theme, an era, or a few select brands or...
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    More Bosworth Classics!

    Looks like the Bosworth vault door has opened again... Who's going to get that Spalding Targa, and play some Heavy Metal??!! :twisted: :)
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    Browning BT 400

    Just obtained a fine specimen of a Belgian Browning for my arsenal:
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    JK Auto "SUB STD" - ???

    Hello Friends, Yesterday, I purchased at a nice, unwarped Jack Kramer Autograph. It looked quite ordinary, but had an interesting stamped or stencilled marking on the side of the shaft (in addition to its usual size/weight sticker): "SUB STD." Does this mean it was of substandard quality...
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    Retro’s Bargain Barrel

    Cleaning out my pile of extraneous miscellaneous interesting classic frames that are admittedly well used and have some issues, but are still playable. Looking for buyers to pick up shipping costs (USPS Priority Mail in the CONUS, please, meaning $6-$13 each depending on how far you are from...
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    (3x) Pro’s Pro Art of War 98 MP (4-3/8) (9+/10)

    The Pro’s Pro Art of War 98 is a perfect clone of the Head PT57e mold (iPrestige MP), but with a more flexible layup. I recently imported three new ones of these from Austria, and found them to be fun to play with, but not exactly what I am looking for in a racquet right now. These seem to...
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    Original Prince?

    On my travels yesterday, I found and purchased what I believe could be a very, very early Prince racquet. It looks like a Classic 110, but has four holes in the green nylon throatpiece, instead of the three holes of the newer versions of Classic and Classic 2. In fact, there is no model name...
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    Wimbledon Graphite review

    Well, I was able to hit with one of the ex-Bosworth Wimbledon Graphite 88’s last night. I bought two of them a couple weeks ago – one that was customized with lots of lead strips on either side of the head, and strung with some natural gut loooooooong ago, and one that was not customized, but...
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    ***** Longfeather

    That's R A Y C O... I just found a minty specimen of this racquet on my travels yesterday. It looks to be a circa 1990’s 110 square inch Oversize widebody graphite composite, high quality and very nicely finished, but not too technologically remarkable until you proceed down to the grip...
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    Concord Racquets?

    Saw, on my tavels today in California, a 1980's vintage, 100% graphite oversize frame branded "Concord." Text on the side of the frame indicated that it was designed in Italy. Construction, grommets, and graphics suggest it was made by Kunnan Lo in Taiwan. Do any of our Italian tennis...
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    Seamless Uppers

    Are there any shoes on the market with seamless uppers (e.g., the inside of the shoe is smooth and has no visible seams)? Over the last 30 years of playing tennis, I have always had rubbing issues, particularly in the toe box, of my tennis shoes. Some of the Adidas line in the mid-80's (such...
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    Fischer Elliptics

    My favorite midsize frame is the 1988 Head Elite Pro, and my favorite midplus tennis racquets are the various Fischer Elliptic models. A few Elliptic Comps: The pretty Vacuum Elliptic from 1991: The ultra-rare Vacuum Elliptic Pro of 1990: And I also enjoy my Twin Tec and...
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    The Old Bag Thread

    No, no... this thread has nothing to do with your mother-in-law! :) We love our classic racquets... and our classic racquet bags! Have you ever seen this one?
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    3 Belgian Donnay Pro One Limited Edition OS frames FS!

    Three 1992 Donnay Pro One “Limited Edition” OS frames FS. “The” orange/grey oversized Andre Agassi racquet, after the first (yellow/blue) version of Pro One, which Agassi evidently didn’t like (returning back to paintjobbed Prince Graphites until Donnay redesigned their Pro One to this...
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    Kneissl White Star Pro Masters / Masters 10

    WTB: 1984-1986 Kneissl White Star Pro Masters, or 1986-1987 Masters 10. Grip L3 (4-3/8"). No cracks or excessive head rash please. Thanks!
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    FS: Adidas Delta CLub Plus 105, 7/10, 4-3/8L

    Extremely rare, made in France, widebody oversize (105 sq-in) Adidas Delta Club Plus. Circa 1989, this was Adidas' foray into widebody design and is a very modern-feeling hit with excellent ball feel and really good control. Nice leather grip, minor scrapes and wear on bumper; unfortunately...