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    Could you beat either one of these 70 yr olds? (Full match highlights)

    FYI for most of the posters here: check out Brent's YouTube channel in depth. He has an excellent slice backhand that he can hit with great variety. This shot of his is a scalpel. Deep, short, drive, floater and dropper all off the same backswing. Sheer pace is not the only way to draw our...
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    If serve is done without tilting

    Regarding the spin types: I think we should not get hung up on his terms since he is not a native English speaker. He is just trying to demonstrate the different possible spin axes using internal rotation/pronation. I think Byun is his word for the sound of the racket hitting the ball a rapid...
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    adidas Barricade Classic Wide (4E) Are these finally a wide shoe from Adidas

    Nice price. Did you feel that the shoe was true to size in the length?
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    adidas Barricade Classic Wide (4E) Are these finally a wide shoe from Adidas

    I just played in these for the second time yesterday. I have a VERY wide and thick foot that is hard to fit in most tennis shoes. These were snug but seem to be breaking in nicely. I agree with the TW description that they are a little bit long. (I found the Asics GR6 wide to fit even longer.)...
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    Congrats Bethanie Mattek Sands!

    This is great news because these videos are excellent!
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    First real minimalist tennis shoe coming soon

    Tried Out The 2E Size MC 60 Even though I'm a lurker I thought you guys might like some feedback on these. About me: I am a 4.0 serve and volley doubles player with very wide feet. I like to wear minimalist shoes as much as possible. Got these from TW last week and the width seemed a little...
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    Any shoulder saving serve technique tips?

    You might want to take a look over at They have some videos with Dr. Ben Kibler and Todd Ellenbecker who are well known in the Tennis Medicine community. They talk about how proper serving biomechanics can prevent shoulder injuries. The rest of the material on the site...
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    Shoulder Tendinitis, what can I do for recovery?

    I definitely agree with Vin. I had shoulder problems diagnosed as tendonitis for about 3 years. I went through physical therapy and it just came back when I started playing again. I thought it had to be caused by a flaw in my serve. Then I found the Trigger Point book in Vin's post. The problems...
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    Hurting in shoulder and numb finger tips - Help!

    I have had shoulder problems off and on for 3+ years and I was recently diagnosed with a bulging cervical disc. While dealing with my disc problem I learned about trigger point massage therapy and it REALLY helped my shoulder pain. I think you should see a doctor, but you should also look into a...
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    Cervical Disc Bulge

    Has anyone here ever had any experience with a bulging disc in their neck (Mine is between c7 and t1)? I am curious about how long it took to heal...