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  1. SinneGOAT

    Wilson Blade update delayed

    I’d also like to add that a 21.5 beam like the 2015 would be acceptable. The extra .5 can change a lot.
  2. SinneGOAT

    Wilson Blade update delayed

    PM me for details when you can please!
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    First time since 1973 no American men ranked in the top-30

    Agassi on the left having a bad hair day :laughing:
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    TW Questions: Pure Strike

    The 16/19 is much easier to use. It gives more topspin and has the lower swingweight, while the 18/20 I feel I get tired over time from the heavy swingweight and having to swing harder to get power from the 18/20. Don't worry about being unable to flatten the ball with the 16/19, I find that...
  5. SinneGOAT

    this atrocity of a tennis shoe

    This is on the level of Lacoste, only thing they have going for them is Medvedev wears it. Take him out, it goes straight to the bargain bin of TJ Max. This cole haan shoe looks like something you’d wear to the beach.
  6. SinneGOAT

    These new VCores don't suck.

    Same with the blade. The categories are a little off, the vcore is in the same low-medium range as a pure drive, and the blade is in the same low-medium. I don’t know what constitutes being low-medium or low and high as it is all over the place.
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    Wilson Blade update delayed

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    Tell Us About A Successful Racquet Change You Made With A Huge Shift In Weight

    I used to use a Babolat pure aero, no weight added, just an overgrip. This past year, I switched to the blade, put on a leather grip and two overgrips and that’s going from 320 to about 340 now. The plow and mass as well as the more headlight feel has made a big difference in serves and volleys...
  9. SinneGOAT

    The Tier One Demo Pack

    Just the regular is awesome, such good feel on volleys.
  10. SinneGOAT

    The Tier One Demo Pack

    Boy Scouts are a dying breed.
  11. SinneGOAT

    Ravishing Rafa at RG!

  12. SinneGOAT

    Sorry if repost: Paire mad at digital crowd cheering his unforced errors

    Even AI likes screwing with Paire ;)
  13. SinneGOAT

    Wilson like babolat pure drive

    If you like the stiff firm feel avoid the clash and go with the ultra. The clash plays similar but way less stiffness.
  14. SinneGOAT

    Head Velocity

    Hyper g will break the nxt in a much shorter time, it’s shaped and sharp.
  15. SinneGOAT

    Which current Head Graphene 360+ Racket feels most like a Wilson Blade 98 v7

    The prestige and gravity are the closest to the v7. Radical is similar but stiffer with more power.
  16. SinneGOAT

    Gut / poly hybrid - same tension or differential?

    Depending on the racquet and how much you measure the string, you can actually get two string jobs for the price of one. Had 1 pack of gut and poly, correctly measured and had enough gut and poly for two racquets, both gut main/poly cross. If you had an 18/20 this probably won’t work.
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    Why is everyone so thirsty.....

    I’m more interested in that gif than a new FO champion, I’m wondering if that’s real.
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    Which final do you hope to see at RG this year?

    Maybe he can too, but I see Tsitsipas going deep in the draws.
  19. SinneGOAT

    Which final do you hope to see at RG this year?

    Tsitsipas gets my vote, taking a set off Nadal on clay = finals material.
  20. SinneGOAT

    Country/City Game

  21. SinneGOAT

    String Recommendation - Fraying Issue

    Tour bite is most likely what’s cutting the syn gut and causing it to fray. It’s sharp edges dig into the soft string and tear. My recommendation is find a round poly and go from there.
  22. SinneGOAT

    2019 Wilson Blade

    A little less weight in the head and more around the throat. 18/20 has more mass obviously, and 16/19 more spin and a little more headlight.
  23. SinneGOAT

    Low powered and stable but good spin racquet

    I’d also recommend the Yonex vcore line. A little extra power but still lower powered.
  24. SinneGOAT

    These new VCores don't suck.

    Honestly I’m not sure, thin shaped polys are pretty different from gut/poly. I loved gut with 4g or big banger original, so try just a smooth round poly at 1.25 in the crosses and mix with gut at 1.30 in the mains. Maybe try like a multi cross with cyclone in the mains?
  25. SinneGOAT

    These new VCores don't suck.

    Lol I love it in a gut hybrid, awesome tension maintenance, though it’s kind of a nothing burger full bed :-D
  26. SinneGOAT

    Head Gravity MP strung with Hyper-G soft killing my soul and my power output...?

    Go 46-48 pounds. It will feel more soft and have more spin, larger sweet spot and more pop and comfort. Heck, I used hyper g 1.25 at 44/42 in a gravity pro and it grips the ball.
  27. SinneGOAT

    Gut / poly hybrid - same tension or differential?

    Honestly the gut and it being an 18/20 really helped, the gut at like 53-55 kept it comfortable, and the blade was noodle soft, win win :)
  28. SinneGOAT

    Gut / poly hybrid - same tension or differential?

    Appreciate the help :)