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    Tour Bite advice

    For me, TB always plays better at lower tensions. It's low powered and firm enough that it doesn't get mushy feeling. In my DR98 I went from Hyper G 16L @ 54 to TB 16L at 52 to now playing TB 17 at 47. Loads of spin, better pop than tension in the 50s and easier on my arm. I used 16L bc I broke...
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    Tennis Warehouse: Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 Playtest

    Look forward to reading everyone's feedback. I dig the green/black w/ gum sole version that Ugo Humbert is rocking in Miami this week.
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    The 98 is listed in the SS19 Wilson catalog online. 310g unstrung, 30.6mm / 11pts HL balance and a slightly thinner beam (24mm vs 24.5 on the 100). It is the only 98 in the catalog but there is also a Clash 100L and 108. It was also odd to me that the matching Clash line of bags in the catalog...
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    Tennis Warehouse: Dunlop ATP Ball Playtest!

    ATP ball is not the same as AO. They use different cores but have the same cloth.
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    Sponsership changes in 2019?

    Lacoste bought 80% of Tecnifibre last year
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    New Prince Racquets (again)

    Just another collaboration with a fashion brand like they've done w/ Boast and Publish recently. Not sure which model it'll actually be under the paint but I doubt it'll be anything actually new racquet-wise
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    Dunlop New ATP Balls

    Played with the ATP XD last night for the first time after being sent a case. Solid ball. Feels good on contact. Seems a little light but plays well. After 1.5 hours of singles they look way worse than they play. The felt fluffs up pretty quick but neither me or my friend thought they lost any...
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    Wanted: Yonex E-Zone DR 98+ 4 3/8

    Hey Reuben, it's Matt L from Boise. I sent you a DM on Facebook about these.
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    Shapovalov's GOAT show colorway at Indian Wells.

    It's a custom Toronto Raptors PE. The overall style of flyknit or whatever it is will be out at some point but that colorway is a PE w/ the Raptors logo on the tongue.
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    Nadal is testing a new shoe at IW?

    Tough to tell for sure, but it kinda looks like the shoe a couple friends of mine who are Nike playtesters have been using the last month or 2.
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    Dunlop ATP Extra Duty

    ATP or the ATP Championship ball? Their naming for the new balls is stupid IMO. ATP Championship is the cheaper ball that I think is just their existing hard court ball with the ATP logo on it. My Walmarts definitely won't be carrying the the premium level ATP ball.
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    Changing Speed MPA grommets from 16x16 to 16x19

    Yes the arrows point up. I sold all mine awhile ago now but IIRC those side grommets have a little tab that is meant to fit under the end of the top bumper which is probably what the arrow is meant to help indicate
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    Dunlop ATP Extra Duty

    That's funny. I would rather play with Marathon XD any day over Wilson US Open (the 2 most common options in my neck of the woods)
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    Dunlop ATP Extra Duty

    Just curious if you guys have used the Dunlop ATP Extra Duty ball (the new premium one) and how you might compare it to Pro Penn Marathon XD. Also, the ATP is different from the AO ball right? from the description on TW it sounds like they use different cores but the same cloth. Thanks!
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    Asics Court FF Out of Stock?

    They’re being replaced by the FF2 which should be out by early April.
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    Adidas Solecourt Boost Official Thread

    Awhile back there were pics of a black one with grey dots. Think it was a march release
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    Adidas Ubersonic

    The 2 was narrower than the 3 in the forefoot. Just saw an email from an adidas rep to retailer saying due to demand and the difference in fit between the 2&3, the 2 was going to be made available again alongside the 3
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    Adidas Ubersonic

    The 2 is going to be rereleased by adidas
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    2019 Shoes

    Heard rumblings that Adidas is bringing back Ubersonic 2. Cited demand and the different fit of the Uber 3 as primary reasons. Didn't hear much in the way of release schedule, colorways, etc.
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    Wilson Clash and Clash Tour-First Hit

    Agreed, I didn't think there was really much difference between the 2. I played more with the Tour as it is closer in spec to my usual setup. The Tour would standout more if it were slightly thinner beamed or had a diff string pattern maybe. They're comfortable but I definitely prefer that...
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    Wilson Clash and Clash Tour-First Hit

    Hit with both Clashes for the first time last night as well. Agree with the assessment overall, especially about feel being potentially polarizing as it is pretty unique. Racquets excel at 75% swing speed and playing rally balls with good depth and spin. I thought control suffered on all out...
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    Asics gel court FF - being discontinued?

    There will be a non Djokovic FF2 hitting retail in April. Same shoe just no Djokovic logos. ASICS might sell on their own site before then.
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    2019 Shoes

    I like my pair except for the fact that I rolled my ankle pretty bad when the outsole stuck on a lateral transition. Seems to be a bit stickier than I prefer. Outside of that, they felt like a slightly firmer but more locked down Vapor to me. Every Vapor I ever owned had fit issues (sloppy...
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    Adidas Solecourt Boost Official Thread

    It's been interesting to see Adidas's tour pros switching in/out of these recently. Osaka went back to the womens Uber 3 at the end of AO, Zverev had on Uber 2 during Davis Cup today. Maybe the fit is just as divisive at the tour level.
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    Yonex E Zone. What does “DR” mean?

    17g has definitely become my preferred gauge with my DRs. I had to play thicker gauges for several years before I switched to the Yonex because I broke string so relentlessly in my Speed MP and TFight 315s. Having 8 mains through the middle on the DR seems to have improved my string life so I...
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    WTB: 2 Yonex EZone DR98 Plus, 4 3/8 grip; 7.5/10 or better

    Got a hold of 1. Still looking for 1 more!
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    Babolat PURE DRIVE VS 2019

    Specs were printed at the top of the hoop on the one I hit with this week. I thought it had better control than standard PD but I didn't really find it to be anything special. Was very fast swinging but felt a bit unstable against pace. Still feels pretty stiff and there really was no...
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    WTB: 2 Yonex EZone DR98 Plus, 4 3/8 grip; 7.5/10 or better

    Will consider a little bit lesser condition as long as structurally sound and not completely thrashed.
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    Adding silicone to a handle?

    I've used an ice cube tray lined w/ wax paper to make silicone molds before. Then I trim the cubes to the desired weight and insert them into the handle.