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    Did Zerev

    Fact IS, their best slams cannot be removed. Accept the reality!
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    Did Zerev

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    Chris Evert: Queen of Clay

    Justine was the best female clay court player from 03 to 08, but not as dominate as Evert was in her day, though Evert's competition on clay was rather weak except for Martina in 84.
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    Chris Evert: Queen of Clay

    No doubt Martina played great in that 84 FO final, but then, 84 was probably Martina's greatest year on tour. Still, Evert beat her in their next two FO finals. Overall though, Navratilova was not in the same league as Evert, Court, Graf or Seles as a clay court player
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    Each one of Fedovic has stayed at No. 1 more weeks than whole Spain!!

    It is the weeks at #1 that has the advantage in Dec, not YE at #1, which is determined when the playing season is over.
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    Re-assessing Evert's clay court legacy vs Graf.

    Ever? Lenglen and Wills were practically unbeatable on clay, whenever they played the French or World Hard Court Championships, which was basically the French before 1925. Actually both were unbeatable on any surface. No doubt though Evert was also nearly unbeatable on clay and, accomplishment...
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    Wikipedia blunder: The oldest RG winner ever was Gimeno at 34 years, not Vacherot

    True, I think he is also the oldest USO champion in the open era at 35 - 10 months
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    Djokovic in entry list for Belgrade 2nd Atp event.

    Novak is only playing Belgrade because it is in his country and he is trying to have a tournament there on a regular basis. Without him playing there, this year, there would be very little interest in the tournament in Serbia.
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    Nadal and Djokovic holding back

    TRUE! In their two very tough matches this week, both Novak and Rafa gave it their all in those matches. Rafa won his, Novak did not. Both though, were great matches.
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    Is Thiem suffering from depression?

    . I am pretty sure he has an injury problem, though like all of us, we just don't know. Hopefully, he will be back soon.
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    Nadal: "Don't give an Extra Slam to Novak!"

    This post is a joke, correct?
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    Did Ivan Lendl have the toughest competition among ATG?

    Lendl's advantage over Mac, Edberg, Becker is that he won many tournaments on clay, hard, indoor and a few on grass. True, he never won Wimbledon but then Mac, Connors, Edberg, Sampras and Becker never won the FO. Becker never won any clay court pro tournament. Wilander won slams on clay and...
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    Tsitsipas: Shapovalov is hyped

    I doubt that. If so, then perhaps he should speak Greek so he doesn't sound silly, sometimes.
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    Is Nadal Ill?

    Same is true with the Novak-Sinner match. Novak did win but Sinner's hard deep shots forced Novak to do a lot of running, sliding to make nearly impossible returns. All that effort, IMO, wore down Novak enough to make him lethargic vs Evans.
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    Defining Greatness

    Panucho's greatness is due to his great achievements. IMO, winning is what counts most not style of play or personality
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    Defining Greatness

    At 42 Rosewall beat the #3 player in the world, Nastase, in a 5 set final in Tokyo. He beat him the following year, in the same tournament, in a 3 set final. Ken won slams, one on grass the other on clay at 18 and his last two slams at 36 and 37. That is one of the ATG careers.
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    Defining Greatness

    So Michael Chang is the GOAT of the open era? Nonsense!
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    Rafa comments on Novak breaking weeks at #1 record

    Not at all. I do not think Nadal was disrespecting Novak's achievement. This is much ado about nothing, IMO.
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    Most intelligent tennis player ever? (tennis wise)

    Rosewall. Small guy with a weak serve yet won over 130 tournaments, slams at 18 and 37, 15 pro slams and reached 2 slam finals at 39, the second one 2 months before turning 40 and won 2 WCT finals at 36-37 vs Laver.
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    What does Djokovic need to do in order to become a legend?

    In the world of tennis Novak is a legend. Most people in the world do not care about tennis.
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    What does Djokovic need to do in order to become a legend?

    A couple more slams, more weeks and YE at #1. The sportsmanship award is a joke.
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    If Thiem wins one more Slam, will he have a better career than Roddick???

    Perhaps I am senile, as I have been following tennis for about 70 years or so. I realize it takes great talent and effort to become a pro, and to win even one slam. Still, when one cosiders the accomplishments of players like: Federer, Novak, Nadal, Sampras, Borg, Laver, Rosewall, Gonzales...
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    Sampras is basically forgotten !

    FYI, Djokovic won his first slam in 2008. We are now in the year of 2021, not 1990-1999
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    Sampras is basically forgotten !

    If Sampras with 14 slams is irrelevant, then: Connors, McEnroe, Edberg, Becker, and Agassi, all with less than 10 slams, must be totally insignificant players in tennis history. Your comments are due to either ignorance or stupidity. IMO, any player with more than 10 slams is a tier one ATG.
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    Sampras is basically forgotten !

    As much as I liked and still like Pete, the fact is that Novak's overall accomplishments are superior to Pete's. I do prefer Pete's game style and wished he could have played longer. The rest of your opinions in this post are total nonsense.