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  1. Terenigma

    Who are Djoker's best friends on tour?

    Murray for sure, rivalry on the court aside they have always been very good friends since kids and i've seen plenty of interviews where they do good natured jokes with each other to try and put each other off during the interview. I also think he's quite good friends with Dimitrov for the same...
  2. Terenigma

    Ronnie OSullivan says Federer would have 40 Slams if it weren't for Rafole

    This is being very kind, especially at the Australian open which has him face Murray 3 more times in the final and you assume he wins all 3 yet think he will lose 2014 to Wawrinka? Ridiculous assumption given how well Murray plays there and Wawrinka was still his pigeon at that period of time. I...
  3. Terenigma

    Nadal to miss Miami Open due to knee injury

    So he'll be ready for Monte Carlo which is a clay event? But he will skip Miami which is on hard? Interesting. :cautious:
  4. Terenigma

    24-15 or 23-16? Poll included

    He was playing well at the Australian open too and before the match had a good chance to win the final too. :unsure::unsure::unsure::unsure:
  5. Terenigma

    Nadal's right knee is increasingly fragile

    Sadly there is no wheel in the world big enough to cover all of Nadal injuries. On the plus side tho, maybe by the end of this year i will be able to post a picture of the human body with 2-3 red arrows pointing to the areas of the body Nadal has yet to be injured.
  6. Terenigma

    Nadal's right knee is increasingly fragile

    Nadal has been so unlucky with his injuries. I really feel for him, it's horrible how many different ones he has had in his entire career...
  7. Terenigma

    2019 Indian Wells F - [4] Federer vs [7] Thiem

    Federer in 2. Something like 6-2 7-6. I just don't see what Thiem can do to him here unless he comes out and actually shows the level of tennis his age should demand. I'll be impressed if Thiem manages to take a set, let alone win.
  8. Terenigma

    2019 Indian Wells SF - [7] Dominic Thiem vs. [13] Milos Raonic

    RIP Raonic. Well played Thiem i guess but i just wish Raonic could actually push past these final stages of tournaments. His game is not as limited as people think and he's shown before that he can play incredibly well against the best players but he just seems to drop mentally at the wrong...
  9. Terenigma

    2019 Indian Wells SF - [7] Dominic Thiem vs. [13] Milos Raonic

    Now or never for Raonic. No point playing passive, he needs to break. Hopefully he manages to get some play on the Thiem serve but i'm not that hopeful. I would say Federer would destroy Thiem in the final but he's still Old Federer so who knows? [Edit] since when was the combination of Old and...
  10. Terenigma

    2019 Indian Wells SF - [7] Dominic Thiem vs. [13] Milos Raonic

    What... like... just.... what? Also everything about your statement is just... what. No he doesn't look like Jar Jar Binks and IF he did, there would plenty wrong with that lol
  11. Terenigma

    who out of the top 10 in the 2004 year end rankings can zverev beat consistently and comfortably?

    Gaudio, Coria and i would put a strong argument for Nalbandian. Don't know why people are so sure he would beat Henman, he was a LOT better than his record shows and i think his serve and volley and net play would completely own Zverev.
  12. Terenigma

    2019 Indian Wells SF - [7] Dominic Thiem vs. [13] Milos Raonic

    Dammit Raonic, why you play so well then fall apart against garbage opponents? Thiem is going to get destroyed by Federer, you at least have a chance to win.
  13. Terenigma

    2019 Indian Wells SF - [7] Dominic Thiem vs. [13] Milos Raonic

    God i love that video. ATP Harlem shake where two of the most perceived boring players in the game (Murray/Raonic) come to life.
  14. Terenigma

    2019 Indian Wells SF - [7] Dominic Thiem vs. [13] Milos Raonic

    Cmon Raonic! It's your time, don't let this ballbashing dustbunny beat you.
  15. Terenigma

    Monfilina visited by police

    It's sad but true, i remember the James Blake incident all too well...
  16. Terenigma

    Something in Kyrgios that you can't dislike him totally

    I can't stand him personally and his tennis isn't that great to watch either. Murray likes him but I feel like Murray can get on with everyone so that doesn't say much. Him beating Nadal was very amusing tho! Especially the salty response he gave after to attack him lol
  17. Terenigma

    When did the Weak Era Begin?

    Why would i apply it to 2014-2016? Those years still had good players reaching the late stages of tournaments. It's not like they got to the final without playing a top 20 player. Also Berdych/Tsonga/Ferrer ARE important names because outside of the Big 4. They are the players who consistently...
  18. Terenigma

    When did the Weak Era Begin?

    In my opinion? The first one began around 2002-2003 and ended around 2007. Reasons for this was a lot of the big names and strong players were getting old and retiring and it left a void of average players whilst good players Hewitt and Roddick benefited greatly from it. Federer benefited too...
  19. Terenigma

    Is this Zverev's true level?

    He's still got plenty of time because noone else is stepping up to dominate the tour.
  20. Terenigma

    Federer : Novak did not have the time to meet us even upon being asked

    This. However if Federer asked and Djokovic had no time for his opinion then it opens up a whole new line of questioning, the way the transcript is put makes it sound like he tried to contact him on the day of the decision which was obviously far too late to have any input in the final decision...
  21. Terenigma

    Mental Blocks (No Big 3,please) in History-

    Lopez and Murray is horrendous. He couldn't touch Murray on the important points and i believe he's only won maybe 2-3 sets against him in 11 matches (All losses)
  22. Terenigma

    Bringing back a ball toss on serve should be a fault

    I actually agree that it should be a fault but it would be awful to introduce to the sport because it would cause too many disruptions. It's just one of those things that on paper should be introduced but in practise just wouldn't work, same with the let rule of it counting. Sounds good on paper...
  23. Terenigma

    The match that hurts you but you can never stop watching again and again

    I don't really re-watch any full tennis matches. I actually find it kind of weird to go back and watch a match over again other than the occasional highlights and the only full match i have ever sort of re-watched was the classic Nadal v Rosol 5 set Wimbledon match where Rosol dismantled him in...
  24. Terenigma

    Active players who can't stand each other

    Murray and Del Potro do not hate each other. I say it over and over again when people who know nothing think they still have an issue. Del Potro was one of the first people to message Murray when he got his serious hip injury and wish him well and luck to get back to full fitness and they have...
  25. Terenigma

    Ivo Karlovic: ''Djokovic is the best''

    Dr Ivo vs Djokovic = 2-1 (Winning and he even says it should be 3-1 because of qualifiers) Dr Ivo vs Federer = 1-13 (Losing) Dr Ivo vs Nadal = 0-5 (Losing) Dr Ivo vs Murray = 0-7 (Losing) Yet he says that Djokovic is the best. So once again, we start another debate on if we judge the peak and...
  26. Terenigma

    Where would tennis be if Federer never existed?

    Obvious things would be: - Hewitt would be on 4-5 slams - Roddick would be on maybe 4-5 slams - Nadal would be absolutely dominating the GOAT debate at first with easily 20 slams+ - Djokovic would be hot on his heels and most likely be on 20 slams+ too - Murray would be on 7-8 slams - A bunch of...
  27. Terenigma

    A.Zverev is the modern version of Andy Murray

    He's really not. They are on completely different paths and have no similarity whatsoever in the game or the way they are playing or the results and titles they have achieved early on. Terrible comparison.
  28. Terenigma

    Motivated nick saves tennis

    Not to play it down too much but this event is a 500 and he beat a couple of good players for sure but call me when he's winning a Masters or a Slam. Good win for him but let's not get too excitied just yet. He's not saving anything.