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  1. M

    Which non poly to hybrid with gut?

    I am currently using cream in crosses with gut. I have used velocity in crosses too and that locks but plays well for a long time. I see some like micro sheep. That is cheaper... I like. Could someone who has used a synthetic gut or something similar in the crosses with natural gut, let me know...
  2. M

    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    I'm 4 sessions (approx 8 hours) into my experiment with this string combo. Strung kevlar mains at 60 and Zyex crosses at 40 Lbs (in my Angell 95). Wow!!! Easy spin, with proper technique. Extreme control. Absolutely 0 discomfort. I can't recommend this combo highly enough. There were a few...
  3. graycrait

    Friction and stringbed tension.

    When I read posts about gradually increasing or decreasing tension of strings like in proportional stringing as you go out I wonder, "If after hitting a couple of hours won't the stringbed tension "even" out? Also, when stringing one-piece and you vary the tension between mains and crosses...
  4. D

    Prince Phantom 93P- Best string set up

    This is a great racket. It plays like an easier Wilson Pro Staff 90. What string, tension, and set up do you think works really well in the 93P?
  5. Keystoner

    Wilson Racquet Recommendation

    Aesthetics is important to me so I'm only looking at the options available as custom racquets by Wilson. I'm currently using a Pro Staff 97LS. Why--because at the time I got it, it was the only racquet available in the same all black cosmetic as Federer's RF97A. I love the all-black racquets...
  6. Gadz

    How far over the recommended tension range can you go?

    Hi, I am pretty sure this has been asked on this forum before, but I was wondering if you can go a couple of pounds over the recommended tension? For example I have a pro staff and the recommended tension range is 50-60 lbs. 23-27kg. If I was to string it at 62 lbs would this be ok? Thanks
  7. K

    Softest, most arm and shoulder/elbow friendly poly?

    I am in bad shape. Could you recommend a poly that is friendly to a bad shoulder and elbow, without compromising on the touch and power/control? i know, i am perhaps asking a little too much. Thanks in advance.
  8. M

    Logic for 2nd racquet

    50+ years old, intermediate (some people say advanced) level playing about 3 times a week on average, mostly clinics, round robins and games with friends. Although I currently own 6 racquets, I normally carry 2 in my bag. Racquet n. 1 is always the favorite one, currently a Wilson PS97, racquet...
  9. jonolau

    Thread on: STRING TRADES

    I would like to start a thread for those who own reels and would like to try out sets of other types of strings. It's obviously expensive to buy a whole reel of strings blindly or based on other peoples' reviews. This thread is for the benefit of those who want to do a playtest before...
  10. untetheredKite

    Dominic Thiem's new strings at Indian Wells

    I have noticed Dominic Thiem isn't using his usual Orange Rpm Blast and Natural string hybrid at Indian Wells. He is using some all white string crossed with maybe some Natural string. What are these new strings???? Pic...
  11. TimeToPlaySets

    Anyone use Ashaway MonoGut ZX ? @Shroud mentioned this as a soft gut-like string (arm friendly) that sorta plays like a poly. I might try this out, wondering how (un)common this one is.
  12. mnttlrg

    Your Favorite Multi? (comparing multi strings)

    I am just starting to try out some multi strings in my crosses (poly mains), and so far I've really enjoyed it. I hit with a lot of power / spin, but I hate having too much rubber band / trampoline effect and how it creates variations in response off of the string bed, so this setup has felt...
  13. TimeToPlaySets

    Is Kevlar even worse for TE than Poly?

    No one mentions Kevlar when talking about elbow destroying Poly. If Kevlar is the stiffest string, does it cause the most TE ?
  14. I

    Stiff poly with higher launch angle than Tour Bite

    I've recently switched racquets to the SW104 and found that my old go-to strings haven't worked quite as I wanted. I've been trying various strings and gauges, and I significantly prefer the stiffer poly strings. I had a couple of sets of Tour Bite 1.30 and have even found an ideal tension...
  15. 2nd Serve Ace

    New Phantom Pro (18x20) (320)

    TW has a new phantom pro for sale with a tighter string pattern and some more mass. Both of these are welcome additions for that frame.
  16. E

    Wilson Clash string setup and at what tension

    I plan on trying out the new Clash and was wondering what type of string and tension would go well with this racket. I’m a 65 yo 4.0 currently playing with the new Pure Aero and RPM Blast 17g @52lbs
  17. L

    kevlar-aramid main / S-gut-multi cross.

    hello, a friend who plays breaks quickly poly (scorpion weiss 1.33, silverstring and other poly, just lux 4 GS goes to 1h30, in 1995, my brother (who also broke a lot), used kevlar while riding on his rackets, with S-gut across, and suddenly, the life of his S-gut passed from 45mn to 10h. what...
  18. gmlasam

    Regarding Yonex Stringing Methods.

    I mistakenly posted "Why Yonex Recommend 5% Less Tension on Crosses?" in the racquet section, but here was the question: I went to the Yonex site to find some info on why Yonex racquets should have the cross strings tensioned 5% lower with the main strings and there was non. Where did this...
  19. Pro_Tour_630

    THE CLASH equals TRASH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just had to come out of self imposed exile to report on the worst frame every promoted. Yes the clash was so TRASH I could not even begin to write a review. Anyone comparing it flex to that of PT630 or PT57A is clueless. They are not even close. The Clash is a lobotomy on its own...
  20. TagUrIt

    Official Wilson Clash thread

    This thread is for any players that would like to discuss the new Wilson Clash or Wilson Clash Tour. I just ordered mine (Tour Version) and I can’t wait to get it on the courts.
  21. X

    Prince Spectrum Comp 90

    That's right, a blast from the past (sorry Andy!), the Prince Spectrum Comp 90! My question to the forum is that I have one unstrung at 335g and 8 pts headlight and it swings like a massive club! It swings almost the same as a Wilson Ultra II that I have, which is 375g and 6 pts hl stock. Is...
  22. C

    Only cotton in handle to dampen a racquet?

    I like the balance but want more dampening. Already tied a rubberband. Rubberband helps only a little. Won't consider silicone or blue tack in the handle because of the weight. If I put cotton and only cotton into the handle, stuff it a bit tight, can the cotton change the feel? The cotton...
  23. F

    Mid-life string crisis

    Hi all, I am a 38 years old player (R6/R7 in Switzerland, US equivalent NTRP ~4.0) and I play tennis since about 5 years including tournaments with license. I use (3x) Head Youtek Extreme Pro (350g strung, 310 mm balance point, grip L5). I like to play aggressive with spin, sometimes serve and...
  24. M

    Hyper-G with Ashaway ZX pro

    Just strung my daughters V-core Pro 100 with this combo. HG in mains @ 57 and ZX in crosses @ 59.5. Hoping it’s a good set up. Moving from Hyper and Revolution set up.
  25. G

    Can I lower the launch angle for a racket through strings/stringing?

    How can I lower the launch angle of a racket through different string combinations, string tensions, etc? Both rackets in question are 16x19, 100 inch with 6 mains through the throat, so I get that they are open patterns...just looking for suggestions to dial it down a bit and and understanding...
  26. marxknight

    Is this racket legit?

    Found this racket, what are your thoughts on it
  27. liftordie

    Your softest hybrid setup for spin and control

    Hi, I created this thread to let you post what hybrid setup are you using right now in 2018. But ONLY setup with great comfort, spin and control. And WITHOUT natural gut. Please give us also your tension and sorry but I would have answers from 4.0 level players minimum and who are spin players...
  28. graycrait

    Zyex mains Poly crosses

    I've been fiddling with Zyex several years. Lately with Zyex/Zyex, but have started using low RA rackets (<62). If you have a stringer, some Zyex and some poly laying around, try stringing it up in a low RA racket if you have one and tell me what you think. Not for the ATP circuit but for a...
  29. K

    Babolat Pure Strike 16X19 Project One 7 string help

    I'm purchasing the Babolat Pure Strike Project One 7. I would like advice on the following: 1) Best control multi full bed and tension 2) Best poly/gut hybrid and tension I am coming back from a 2 year layoff. I'm a chronic string breaker with history of elbow problems years ago. I prefer to...
  30. donnayblack99

    Prince Phantom 93P 14x18 vs 18x20... let's discuss.

    So, I'm interested in the differences in feel, control, power, etc. between these two. I've played the POG for years and thinking about making the move to one or the other... let's discuss your impressions.