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  1. rrortiz5

    Close up and clear pictures of ATP serve grips.

    Wow is that almost an eastern backhand grip for Djok's serve?
  2. rrortiz5

    Slice baby slice - only if you can learn it well

    I don't normally interact with the wildness of this forum very often but I feel like sometimes posters here don't even play tennis in actuality. There's a lot of mental simulations and not much actual matchplay besides @Curious. If anyone doesn't think a deep xc slice on a neutral rally is a...
  3. rrortiz5

    Yoshihito Nishioka

    If he improved his serve and return I feel like he could be up to Goffin standard.
  4. rrortiz5

    Emulating Rafa's forehand

    If you take out all the extra movements in the takeback along with the wrist extrension throughout I think if I had to choose a pro it most looks like it would have to be Taylor Fritz.
  5. rrortiz5

    Hand fed or Racquet

    That thing looks dope. Where can I buy his forehand?
  6. rrortiz5

    Hand fed or Racquet

    I'm a big fan of hand feeds, mainly because I have a lot of trouble convincing someone to feed me balls for an hour straight. Side bar: any ball machine users out there know how configure the settings on theirs to simulate hand feeds? Maybe situate the machine on same side of the net as...
  7. rrortiz5

    WTB: Babolat Pure Drive GT (2009) 1/4 or 3/8 grip size

    Hey StringGuru I appreciate the offer but I'm leaning towards buying the standard length sticks if possible.
  8. rrortiz5

    WTB: Babolat Pure Drive GT (2009) 1/4 or 3/8 grip size

    Hey y'all, I can't help but prefer my old pure drive to the newer versions. I'm not sure if it's in my head or if there's actually a different but it just feels like a more solid racquet. I'm needing to buy one that's in good conditions that's usable, the newer the better. You can message me...
  9. rrortiz5

    Interval training or long distance running for tennis stamina?

    THIS. I had a full rupture of my achilles 10 years ago and it was 100% due to lack of stretching lower back and hamstrings. Also mine tore on a day where I was about 2 weeks into 5x a week workout regimen (sprinting and weightlifting) with being out of shape prior to starting. Listen to your...
  10. rrortiz5

    Jolly's Kick Serve Challenge

    Any thoughts on Thiem’s open stance serve from the deuce side using “closed stanced techniques” as seen in his training video?
  11. rrortiz5

    High FH volley moving forward

    I normally end up directing puffballs up the middle and get punished or I put too much slice on the ball and goes straight into the net. Can’t wait to get past 3.5 spaz status.
  12. rrortiz5

    Shapovalov at IMG Academy - court-level view

    I’m really starting to think people are just parroting what they see other posters saying. Where does the IMG/Bollettieri hate come from? I’m really asking I don’t read enough on the forums to know where it started. What coach/academy can claim a part in more grand slam winners than...
  13. rrortiz5

    Throw that ball challenge

    Finally a challenge where my baseball background comes in handy
  14. rrortiz5

    Jolly's Kick Serve Challenge

    Wow what a serve, the rhythm on it is awesome. Can’t imagine double faulting in break point with a motion like that. Source: I’ve double faulted on match point
  15. rrortiz5

    Prince overgrip same feeling as Babolat VS Original overgrip

    I’m a little confused on the question but there is something about the babolat VS original grips that I’m willing to go out of my way to buy them. They’re great.
  16. rrortiz5

    Best hat to wear backwards?

    Do what El Shapo did and buy the youth size of the Nike featherweight hat and max out the adjustable band. The bill is a lot smaller than the adult size and looks less ridiculous.
  17. rrortiz5

    ReopeningWed's 5.0+ Video Diary

    I'm partial to this statement. A guy on my league team was recently bumped to 4.5 after it was discovered he played college tennis for a d2 school. When we practiced and during a cooperative rally he would actually let loose on a couple of balls up the middle I definitely wasn't capable of...
  18. rrortiz5

    Jolly's Kick Serve Challenge

    Thanks GOAT, keep up the good work.
  19. rrortiz5

    Jolly's Kick Serve Challenge

    What up y'all, it's been nothing but rain lately over here but luckily I was gifted this beautiful afternoon sunshine to film some serves. @J011yroger Another foot or two of space woulda been nice! Lining up that close to the hash made it feel dang near impossible to get the ball out wide.
  20. rrortiz5

    Tips on my game please!

    If this is what a 4.0 looks like in New York id love to spend a year over there dominating the 2.5’s.
  21. rrortiz5

    I have the strokes. I know the game. I just can't win.

    Don’t know if this is old or not, but dude... get match play in. I know there’s a lot of anti USTA/NTRP practice junkies here but the only way you feel good during matches regardless of your level is for the match play to not be so foreign. Most my matches are won because of opponent errors at...
  22. rrortiz5

    For Fun - Forehand comparison videos with Wawrinka

    You know these comparison videos look really helpful. I agree with what everyone says about legs/torso/off-hand and everything but I think those are symptoms and not root cause. IMO your hips are very stiff. The hips don’t look to be relaying the power coming from the legs. If you compare the...
  23. rrortiz5

    Simplest forehand techniques

    I’ve been thinking of going full on wrist laid back “WTA-style” forehand for a while now. I mean if it was good enough for most pros when they were in the early stages of their careers it should translate to 3.5/4.0’s. At the very least help with feel and incorporating legs and body. Nishi and...
  24. rrortiz5

    Topslice serve toss

    Will end up being mostly slice IMO
  25. rrortiz5

    Anyone ever add luggage straps to their ball machine and carry it like a backpack?

    Hey y’all hope everyone’s enjoying their Sunday. I recently acquired an older generation silent partner and have been trying to sort through the logistics of charging it/carrying it etc. to make the process more convenient. The park next to where I live is one that requires me to carry this...
  26. rrortiz5

    My road to 4.5 USTA rating

    Dfw aka Sandbag Central, coming from a sour 4.0 petitioning for 3.5
  27. rrortiz5

    CBD Oil

    Buddy of mine said it was very effective on his patellar tendonitis. His PT wasn’t deabilitating but very painful until the CBD oil and couple weeks rest.
  28. rrortiz5

    Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

    I have flat feet. So much so that it led to a total Achilles rupture 10 years ago. I’ve recovered since and the combo I found that feels very stable to me is Asics Gel Res with spenco total support insoles.