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    another fail for college tennis...
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    Pac-12/SEC Showdown

    this weekend Pac-12/SEC Showdown.. what do you think? USC and UCLA head to Athens, Georgia this weekend for Pac-12/SEC Showdown where they will play the Florida Gators and the Georgia Bulldogs
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    most improved..

    besides Steve Johnson of USC, which former or present college player, in recent years, improved more than a noticeably difference to be considered most improved ?
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    Does anyone thinks USC can win NCAA?

    Does anyone thinks USC can win NCAA? back to back tough matches... if they do win it,my hats off to all their players and coaching staff...
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    Where do college players end up after college life is over ?

    Where do college players end up after college life is over ? Besides those who try the mini curcuit and/or become assistant coach for a few years,then up coaching tennis some where.. Where do they go,what do they do after that?
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    Unfortunate news out of New York

    this is from ZOO tennis... after reading ,I'm shaking my head ,like this can't be true... USTA should be ashamed of themselves for this... I know those two girls are there in New York and were given credentials for the USO, practicing there for the whole week ,they were told this yesterday ...
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    I would like to see NCAA college tennis drug test the players ..

    if NCAA college tennis drug test, it would be interesting to see which teams would still be on top... It would surely turn some rankings upside down..
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    ITA sigles ranking

    anyone here knows how the ITA rankings work ? last week Henrique Cunha was dropped a few spots and he didn't lose any matches .. he even beat #2 Jenkins 6-4.6-0.. :confused:
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    Pac-12 might as well be the Pac-2 when it comes to men's tennis.

    ''Pac-12 might as well be the Pac-2 when it comes to men's tennis'' original post by ''automator'' got me wondering .. why are so many players staying in SoCal rather than going to Stanford or Cal ? next year .. .going to UCLA .. Gage Brymer Irvine CA Joseph DiGiulio Newport Beach CA M...
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    Battle for the West...

    So this new year looks very interesting .. who's going to win the battle for the west coast .. here are some contenders... Men's side: USC UCLA Pepperdine Cal-Berkeley Women's side: UCLA USC Stanford
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    OZ Open and Frenchmen.. where are the Americans

    I'm watching the Aussie Open and seeing Frenchies everywhere... what is the French Tennis federation doing so right ? can the USTA copy ? it looks like France and Spain even to some extent Australia are putting up some decent players for the near future..
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    why line-judges ? when there's 'hawk-eye'

    I'm watching the US open and I see that the major courts have ''hawk-eye'' .. so why do they need lines-judges at all ?? can't they just set it 'sound-off 'when the ball is out ? get rid of challenges ...
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    Johnson vs. Sock...

    nice match up tomorrow .. who's gonna take this?? .. it looks like this can be a start of nice little American players rivalry for years to come..
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    USC,the team to beat... let's play match ups..

    USC probable lineup.. 1. Johnson 2. Nguyen 3. Sarmiento 4. Gomez 5. Hanfmann 6. Quiroz or E.Johnson or Vives or Wang 1. Hanfmann/Johnson 2. Nguyen/Sarmiento 3. Gomez/Quiroz let's go ... any team better than this ? right now(on paper) actual results may vary...
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    tennis is getting soft.. I've always love R.Lansdorp views,, he doesn't sugar coat anything... has anyone seen any of the Florida tennis camps train their 10 and under kids exclusively using these 'soft' tennis balls? so why are there so...
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    USC is making some noise again..

    USC is making some 2012 noise .. looks like they may be in a position to compete against all those powerhouse recruits VA has..I had a feeling they would do something big like this.. they did it last year with Gomez .. looks like a new Spanish speaking armada ...
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    are our college programs really a stepping stone for pro tennis??

    are our college programs really a stepping stone for pro tennis?? in other sports I would say yes ,but the more I watch college men's and women's tennis I have to really say no.. I can't foresee any college players today making any kind of dent in pro tennis.. I hope I'm wrong but the pros...
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    Murray has a pain in the butt..
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    gut/poly hybrid .. gut mains or poly mains.? why?

    gut/poly hybrid .. gut mains or poly mains.? Why? benefits of the way R-Fed strings it with the gut being mains or using poly as mains.. anyone here has tried both ways and felt a difference?
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    USTA site ,no rankings ??

    USTA site ,no rankings ??.. what happened to this?
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    more rain = Roddick USO winner..

    the last time USO had this much rain,Andy Roddick won the USO.. maybe lightning (rain delays)will strike twice..
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    who the ""next"" American ? Sock,Harrison,or S.Johnson ??

    who the ""next"" in line to lead American tennis? Sock,Harrison,or S.Johnson ??
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    Li Na

    what's going on with Li Na ? I was hoping we have new player challenge to be #1 but seems like she can't get out of the 1st round .... women's tennis is ... ''what's the word?'' .. Wimbledon champion is out in the 1st round also?
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    breakout year..

    which player and/or school are you looking for to have a 'breakout year' in the upcoming season?.. some of my favs.. Texas A&M ... Utah .. and UCSB...
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    T.R. RPI rankings ???

    T.R. RPI rankings ???.. what does this means ?? the top players in the graduating seniors have changed .. the new top #1 in girls and boys just finished a tournament and they lost way early ... what happened .. I hope college coaches don't use this to recruit their players..
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    no American Golf and Tennis..

    why is Tennis and Golf so dead in America? it seems like the whole world has caught up and passed America in Tennis and Golf .. maybe in everything else too ... what's happening to America and our youths .. America used to be the leader of the world in almost in everything .. now we have no...
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    Kalamazoo... things only @the ZOO..

    hey yall: I'm going to Kalamazoo this year... the question is ,"what is there to do there? what should I go see besides the tennis? ...
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    Jack Sock turns pro.. Jack Sock turns pro.. and is going to Kalamazoo next month .. I want to see him win the tournament ,but I think he cannot do it.. there's going to be a lot of experienced college players there who will give him...
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    congrats Bjorn Fratangelo

    congrats Bjorn Fratangelo for winning the French Open boys junior .. first American to win there in a long time..
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    USC college tennis Dynasty ??

    with the three-peat .. can this be the new college tennis dynasty?...