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    Love Means Zero documentary

    I just watched this docu on Nick Bollettieri's career as a coach and it's an interesting piece of work. It seems genuine, sad and kind of funny at the same time. It focuses most on his relationship to Andre Agassi but also to other players who were Andre's rivals like Courier and Becker. It...
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    Classic Agassi is GOAT!

    The good part starts from 0:55 - 2:21 Or here from 0:15 - 0:35 Only a GOAT can get away with it lol
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    They hated each other...

    ...yet they played doubles at times and were actually having a good time. I remember that match and another one in 98 when teaming up together again. It might have been lot of PR work but considering Agassi´s anymosity towards Becker just a few years earlier and what he said in his book it´s...