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    better career/whom would you rank higher overall?: Lendl vs Connors

    I think its extremely close. there are good reasons for picking one over the other for either player. i'm curious to hear TTW members' opinions.
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    Defining Greatness

    Ultimately tennis greatness is judged by results (with a caveat that the slams and masters and titles you win should be judged against the level of competition). so results adjusted to the level of competition and surface variety. but besides the level of competition and surface variety there is...
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    Lendl vs Borg in their prime at the AO rebound ace

    IF Lendl and Borg both faced each other in their prime at the AO when it had rebound ace, who would win most of the encounters, best of five? It would be an amazing match regardless of the winner
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    Who would win in US Open? Jim Courier vs Andy Murray

    Assume both men are in their prime, and this took place on the fast us open hardcourts before it slowed
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    Nalbandian vs Tsonga

    I was thinking about Tsonga. IMO his game is better suited for the fast hardcourts, grass, and indoor surfaces of the 90s. Ppl talk about Nalbandian being a great underrated talent. but i think tsonga had a bigger game and was as talented as nalbandian. discuss
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    is federer's game what you get when you combine some aspects of becker's game and edberg's game? Discuss

    there is a claim that sampras was federer's idol and he modeled his game after him. but i think fed's main idols whom he moulded his game after was becker and edberg. ofcourse he adds his own unique flavour to it. discuss
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    2000 wimbledon SF Pat Rafter vs 2011 Wimbledon Final Djokovic at wimbledon (fast grass)

    assume they play on the fast grass, with fast tennis balls, best of five set match. Who would win the majority of the matches? As crazy as it sounds, i'm going with Rafter.
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    1999 Sampras vs 1980 Borg at wimbledon

    Assuming both had graphite racquets. best of five set match. on the pre 2001 grass. before they slowed it down.
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    1989 Boris Becker vs 2000 Marat Safin at the Paris Masters Indoors (Carpet)

    best of five set match when paris masters was still being played on carpet. if they had multiple encounters who would lead the h2h? assuming safin didn't have a meltdown and played focused :)
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    1995 Sampras vs 2006 Federer at the US Open (fast courts)

    I'm talking about the us open pre 2008/2009, before they slowed it down like molasses. best of five set match. Who would win the majority of encounters? My pick is sampras by the skin of the teeth.
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    1995 Andre Agassi vs 2007 Roger Federer at the old AO rebound ace

    best of five match. if they faced each other multiple times who would win most of the encounters. I go with federer but I would say it would be very close. I don't think even 2007 federer would run roughshod over 1995 Andre Agassi at the australian open
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    1992 Courier vs 2019 Djokovic at Roland Garros.

    Assuming they played multiple times there, who would win the majority of encounters? My pick is Courier
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    Kyrgios should have been a serve and volley player

    His temperment, his movement, his game, his talents all suggest he should have been a serve and volleyer. his forward movement is better than his lateral movement he has good touch and feel of the ball and has a huge serve. his coaches should have made him switch to a one handed backhand early...
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    Dream matches you would like to see

    I wanted to ask TTW members to list some of the dream matches between two players that they would have liked to have seen (and what surface and conditions they would have liked to seen it in) but not possible now because one or both are retired. I'm requesting dream match suggestions that are...
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    Best Match of 90s and 2000s

    There was a recent thread about best match of 2010-2019 era. So I wanted to get the opinion of others, what is the best match of 90s and best match of 2000-2010 era. For me it's 90s: Becker vs Sampras YEC 1996. 2000s: Federer vs Nadal, Rome 2006
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    Who Would win? Sampras vs Lendl (both in their primes).

    IMO it would be Sampras. But a very tight close match regardless of who wins.
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    Better Serve? Richard Krajicek or Andy Roddick?

    I wanted to get others' thoughts on this. I think Krajicek had the overall better serve
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    Rafter or Edberg? Who was better?

    I know edberg's achievements are more. But I'm asking who would have won most of the encounters if they had faced each other during their prime, divided evenly between the three surfaces, hard, grass, and clay.
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    Safin vs Nadal - Roland Garros Final

    IMO, a healthy non injured Safin, had the game to beat Nadal in a French Open final, moreso than djokovic or Soderling. With Safin you have a guy whose power in his groundstrokes rivals soderling and exceeds that of djokovic. Safin in his prime was a much better mover and shotmaker than...
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    Who has better touch, variety and artistry? Shapovalov or Felix Auger?

    I'm just wondering who has better touch and variety and who has the more aesthetic game.
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    who out of the top 10 in the 2004 year end rankings can zverev beat consistently and comfortably?

    I think the nextgen are much worse than fed's so called weak generation. So I picked the highest ranked member of the next gen and created this thought experiment
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    Revival of serve and volley

    Has anyone read this article?: This is a great analysis of how a serve and volleyer can succeed at the top level of today's game (win slams etc). It challenges the conventional wisdom of putting most of the blame on...
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    Federer and Lundgren

    Is there animosity between Federer and Lundgren? When Federer mentions his past influences and coaches he mentions Peter Carter, but he never mentions lundgren or talks about Lundgren
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    Edberg vs Courier

    I wonder why edberg had a losing head to head against Courier. Edberg was an infinitely more talented shotmaker imo. Courier had a very basic meat and potatoes game. Was it a matchup issue? Some input from TTW members please
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    worst one slam wonders

    Who do you guys think is the worst one slam wonder? My pick is Gaston Gaudio. He was a journeyman who had one good run, Coria basically gifted him that final. He never did anything big before or after that and faded away shortly after. Other Contenders: Peter Korda: Some might say Peter Korda...
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    old wimbledon grass

    was pre 2001 wimbledon grass slightly faster than or waaay faster than halle today?
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    The McDonaldization of Tennis

    Slow courts, surface homogenization and bigger balls have created the Mcdonaldization of tennis. Mcdonald's produces cheap standardized food that comes on conveyor belts. they don't bother about quality or creativity because its working for them, they still sell enough to make huge profits...
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    Trivia Question

    Who's the only player to beat Fed, Nadal, Djokovic, Sampras, and Agassi?