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  1. superman1

    Microloading dumbbells

    Any good ideas on how to do this? 5 lb increments are too much, that's 10 lbs total to your lift and there's no way to progress that quickly. I know they have magnetic plates but those are way too expensive, and they apparently don't work on the dumbbells with rubber caps. We have 2.5 lb plates...
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    This Roddick Djokovic video has new meaning In case you missed it, watch at 4:45. I know someone posted this before but they just posted a snippet, this is the whole thing. I tend to think now that Andy thought he could joke around with Djokovic all day because of Djokovic's sense of humor, but...
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    So I was reading an interview with Alan Aragon where he mentioned that he doesn't like the idea of regular folks using pro bodybuilders' techniques of bulking and cutting - fattening up and looking awful for months, then cutting down, looking good for 2 weeks, then bulking up again and gorging...
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    New Michael Jordan video

    I just thought this was awesome...especially what he says about Kobe:
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    Front Squat form

    I just made the permanent switch from back squats to front squats as my primary squat. Less spinal compression, easier to go deep and therefore is easier on the knees (I've had some problems with my left knee). So the only problem is that my wrists hurt like hell after I rack the bar. They get...
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    Thanks Ano

    I go to the gym 3 times a week and do a full body workout, and every single time I plan to do cardio afterwards, but then am so tired that I just put it off and say I'll do it the next day. And I never do. So in bulking, even though I've gotten a lot stronger, I've ended up putting on more fat...
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    Bent-over Two-Dumbbell Row vs Bent-over Barbell Row

    Which one is better? I've always thought dumbbells are better for most exercises, but most people seem to use the barbell for the row. Dumbbells are also a lot easier to handle.
  8. superman1

    Ron Paul is a racist/homophobe

    I think this deserves its own thread: He says he didn't write any of it, but at one point the writer says, "I frankly don't know what to make of such advice, but even in my little town of Lake Jackson, Texas, I've urged...
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    Andre Agassi highlights It also features some current players - Federer, Nadal, and Blake. So let's just say it's a video of current players, featuring a former player named Aga-something as a sidenote.
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    Sampras and Agassi - a conversation

    This is the only time I've ever seen these two hanging out and talking: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3...
  11. superman1

    Ivanovic plays a tiebreak against Agassi

    This was on her website: "Yesterday I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I was expecting to play in a charity doubles match with Andre Agassi, Goran Ivanisevic and Justine Henin. Instead I played singles against Agassi!!! It's hard to describe how I felt. I was so excited...
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    New Sampras vs Ginepri videos

    These are short, but HOLY CRAP!! Sampras is incredible!
  13. superman1

    Davydenko's wedding photos on

    What's wrong with these pictures? :) It's a shame there isn't one of her carrying him over the threshold.
  14. superman1

    Watch out Rios That's Agassi hitting a few balls yesterday. He played an exo against James Blake. Blake won in a 3rd set tiebreak. It's a shame that back went out. He could have been playing top 10 level tennis into his 40's.
  15. superman1

    2 great Agassi vids - for all those boneheads who think that tennis prior to 5 years ago was a primitive sport played by small, weak girly men, check this vid out. That return of serve is brutal. Those groundstrokes...good lord. And Ivanisevic showed that he was much more than...
  16. superman1

    Best Match of 2006 - The Poll

    A copy of the other thread. But my thread has a poll. So it is better. I choose Agassi/Baghdatis.
  17. superman1

    Serena Williams punk'd I don't know if you've all seen this, but she definitely handled it well. For a supposedly horrible person, she's actually a very decent person.
  18. superman1

    Roddick and Nadal practice in Shanghai

    Wow, Nadal is wearing a t-shirt. And...his body looks a lot different. He's got a huge left arm, a fairly defined right arm, and a pretty average chest. Weird. Check out the caption for that picture...
  19. superman1

    Sampras/Agassi rivalry clip Pay particular attention to what happens at 2:40. What does that remind you of?
  20. superman1

    Chakvedatze d. Dementieva

    Anyone catch this match? I thought the ball striking was awesome for a WTA match. Very clean stuff. I'm impressed with Chakvedatze. She appears to have a complete game, no weaknesses that I can see. I expect good things from her. She screamed at herself a few times, but the fact that she...
  21. superman1

    Hewitt looking scared in Argentina

    Entering the practice courts At least big Flipper is there to protect him. I hope Hewitt kicks ass over there. I'm not a big fan of him, but no one likes a bully, or two, or 20,000.
  22. superman1

    Navratilova wins 176th doubles title at Rogers Cup Christ Almighty, now she has 353 tournament titles in all. Steffi has more Grand Slam singles titles, but I've got to give the GOAT nod to Martina.
  23. superman1

    Clijsters d. Hingis

    Only saw 2 points of the match because I went out to play tennis, but looks like the first set was very close and then Hingis lost hope in the second set: 7-5 6-2. Here's an SAT analogy: ATP ranked #3 and below : Federer :: Federer: Nadal :: Nadal: Blake :: Safin: Gonzalez :: Henman...
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    Agassi vs Malisse

    Anyone else following the live scores? They traded a bunch of breaks in the first and now Agassi is up 7-6 (10) 3-0. This win over the X-Man will be Agassi's biggest win this year. Let's hope the US summer hardcourts and the intense heat will light that spark in Agassi once more.
  25. superman1

    Interesting stat - Fastest to 8 Slams

    Borg, as usual, is way ahead of everyone. You can also see that Federer's progress has not been that much faster than Sampras'.
  26. superman1

    The new top 10

    1. Federer 2. Nadal 3. Nalbandian 4. Ljubicic. 5. Davydenko 6. Blake 7. Ancic 8. Stepanek 9. Robredo 10. Baghdatis Nadal is 2000 points above Nalbandian and 2000 points below Federer. Ljubicic is 60 points behind Nalbandian. Blake is 10 points behind Davydenko and 200 points above...
  27. superman1

    Another Reason to Dislike French Crowds

    From Nadal's blog: "I got my trophy and when I was having my briefing before getting the trophy I had mentioned to Benito of the ATP that I would talk a lot about Roger, so I did. I gave my speach in Spanish. When in the second sentence I said how great Roger is people were booing. I didn't...
  28. superman1

    Andy Roddick's blog

    Anyone else read this? It's quite a bit more entertaining than any blogs I've seen on atptennis. And I found this funny: Ask Andy Out of your friends, who is the most fun person to play practical jokes on? What is the best prank you’ve...
  29. superman1

    Klippermate clamps

    I just got a Klippermate and I'm having some trouble with the clamps. I put the two strings in the clamp and squeeze it, but it doesn't hold the strings, it just snaps back open. I've tried tightening the bolt at the bottom, but it still doesn't seem to be able to grip the strings. What am I...
  30. superman1

    Adding lead tape to 3 or 4 different spots

    I'm looking to get my Aeropro Drive to 12 oz or slightly higher, but I don't want to change the balance much. And I want stability, that's probably the most important thing. So I'm thinking add some weight to the 3 and 9 positions, and then also at 6 o'clock to increase weight but not change the...