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    College tennis is not a big money loser

    What I’ve been saying for a long time on here to combat the popular notion that college tennis is a huge liability and strain on athletic departments. Finally some numbers to back it up. LSU athletic department as you can see. Tennis is a money loser, just like every sport is minus basketball...
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    First computer rankings of the 2020 season released

    Always very fun to look at these and the weirdness. By conference in top 50 (in 25) 11 SEC (5) 10 ACC (5) 6 Big Ten (3) All 6 Big 12 (3) 5 Pac 12 (4) 5 Ivy League (4) (all in top 28!! Wow!) 4...
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    Another college tennis scandal Charlotte coach Jeremy Feldman in hot water this time
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    2019 Men's National Indoors

    The draw has been released Off the cuff predictions: 1 Ohio State > 16 Tulane 4-0 8 Virginia > 9 Stanford 4-2 12 Illinois > 5 Texas 4-2 4 Florida > 13 USC 4-2 3 Wake Forest > 14 Columbia 4-0 6 UCLA > 11 Notre Dame 4-1 7 North Carolina...
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    No-Ad rule change revisited

    It has now been a few years since college tennis changed the format to no-ad and shortened doubles. Looking back over the time period, what has been the impact of it in your opinion? A few years ago, seemingly out of nowhere, a narrative started that college tennis was in trouble or that it was...
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    Best college tennis rivalries

    What are some of the best in college tennis? Often tennis rivalries are different than the traditional basketball/football rivalries. They are defined by the mix of players and coaches. Obviously the consistently best rivalry in men's is USC/UCLA. Always a top 10 matchup and very close...
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    First 2018 ITA computer rankings

    Released today Dartmouth all the way up to 14th Arizona State makes a return to the rankings to 20th Western Michigan at 31st Several mid major programs round out the top 50, a surprisingly large amount. Several P5 conference teams missing.
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    Who will be the next 1st time ATP #1?

    the next player who will be a unique #1? Federer and Nadal look to have a stranglehold on the position for a while, but who will emerge eventually?
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    2018 ITA kick-off weekend

    The kickoff weekend is upon us. here are the sites on the men's side the toughest regions are... 1. Cal, Stanford, Oregon, Tulane - 4 good teams, 1 of which will go 0-2 on the weekend. 2. North Carolina, South Carolina, Michigan, Drake - UNC is going to be near impossible to beat but SC/...
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    Michael vs Martin Redlicki in Winnetka

    they are facing off in the final round of qualifying for the Winnetka challenger. The last time I remember college tennis brothers facing off was Tripper vs Reid Carleton in the ACC tournament when Duke played Wake Forest, when older brother Reid won in 3 sets and Tripper hurled his racket to...
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    2017 men's NCAA Tournament

    Bracket was just released what do you think of the draw?
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    First computer ITA rankings of 2017 released The rankings 1-50 (I still wish they did 75) What strikes me about these rankings is the amount of highly ranked...
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    Tennis revenue vs other college sports

    Case study from Mich State and Florida as you can see from the numbers tennis does not make very much money but it does not lose nearly as much as many other olympic sports. And in that way it makes you wonder why tennis is often one of the first sports on the chopping block when schools cut...
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    John Roddick to UCF

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    1st computer rankings of the year!

    This is when the rankings get serious so I figured this was worth a new thread. Here is the new top75: 1. North Carolina 2. Virginia 3. Ohio State 4. UCLA 5. Wake Forest 6. Texas Tech 7. Texas A&M 8. TCU 9. Oklahoma State 10. Oklahoma 11. Illinois 12. Cal 13. Southern Cal 14. USF 15...
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    NCAA 2015-2016 General Talk

    I did not see a thread for this season. Here is an article I wrote about some early season teams that are improved from last year and some that are down from last year. This year should be pretty interesting. We had a lot of top teams pushed by underdogs in the opening weekend. Maybe that...
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    Tulsa All-Americans

    I feel like we should be discussing this no? all the draws I love this event. I love how many players enter and the pre-qualies and everything. Things are about to really heat up tomorrow.
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    2015-2016 best newcomers

    The top 10 according to the ITA 1Mazen Osama Alabama 2David Volfson Cornell 3Sameer Kumar Stanford 4Enzo Sommer Washington 5Filip Kraljevic Mississippi 6Tommy Mylnikov Texas Tech 7Michael Genender Stanford 8Liam Caruana Texas 9Alexandre Favrot Clemson 10Hugo Di Feo Ohio State
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    Individual Tournament, Sudden Death Challenge

    This will be just like the team event challenge. This will be interesting and I'm not exactly sure his it will go. It will be more unpredictable than the team event. Same rules apply. No repeat selections. So save the big dogs for later. Because of the unpredictable nature of the event...
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    How do you like to view college tennis matches?

    What is your preferred viewpoint?
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    Sean Karl passes away

    lost his battle with cancer today according to several on twitter. RIP
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    Singles and doubles individual NCAAs selections

    released today The bracket won't be released until much later but we know who will be in the draw.
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    NCAA tournament bubble watch

    remaining schedules in parentheses Safe zone 35 South Carolina (@14 Kentucky, @26 Vanderbilt) 36 Purdue (69 Indiana, 16 Penn State, 1 Ohio State, @Michigan State, @50 Michigan) 37 Texas Tech (@24 Oklahoma State, @4 Oklahoma, 56 TCU, 7 Texas) 38 Drake (@ Illinois State, @ Bradley, 73...
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    First computer rankings of the year released

    always a great time of year. Huge shifts. Teams misplaced, it's a lot of fun Team rankings
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    2014 Blue Gray Classic

    This is a well run event that happens each year in Montgomery. I attended this event two years ago, the last time Clemson was in it. Some cool stuff about this event is that the players of each of the 16 teams (8 men and 8 women) stay at host families in a nice area of Montgomery as opposed to a...
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    Small D1 Conference tennis

    This thread is for all the smaller conferences in D1. This year I will be going to quite a few matches at UIW, including this friday vs UL Lafayette which I will watch closely. UIW is now in the Southland, which is usually dominated by A&M-CC. UIW actually has a few decent home matches this...
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    2013 Fall Southern Intercollegiate Championships

    in Athens. The draws are out there are 3 levels of singles draws depending on level of play. The seeds for the top flight. 1. Ryan Lipman 2. Ben Wagland 3. Nathan Pasha 4. Gonzales Austin 5. Hunter Harrington 6. Hernus Pieters 7. Becker O'Shaughnessey 8. Austin Smith
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    Individual and doubles bracket

    Anyone know when these are coming out? I'm looking forward to the draw.
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    2013 Bracketology

    I drew up some brackets for fun just now based on the rankings and potential regional spots. I tried to do what the selection crew does, keep in ranking fair and also regional. My last team in was Michigan State as I think they will slip past SDSU and Columbia in the rankings based on their...
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    Former UCF player arrested for intent to purchase "a large quantity" of Molly Sebastian Salzmann, former top 15 player in Florida.