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  1. romdj

    FS/FT PD 2012 L5 , Volkl C10 Pro L5

    Couple of Racquets for sale here. Pretty much a clearance as I know now what my preferences are. If you're looking to trade, my current racquets are RF97A L4 and Pure Strike Tour 18x20 L5. I like many racquets that have a high SW, so I'm open to offers. Shipping from Belgium, I'll be quite easy...
  2. romdj

    RF97A Grip 5

    I have some grip 4s but would like to get a #5. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  3. romdj

    Big and sturdy Bag selection

    I currently have a 15 years old Nike bag which is cool but it only has 3 slots for racquets. The neat feature was that the racquet section had dividers which is great, everyone has its own compartment. Right now I've gone from 3 to 5 racquets and there's not enough room anymore. So I'm in the...