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  1. Elektra

    Would you be a Dominant champion, a Specialist champion or a Peak (Unpredictable) champion

    You guys are probably saying what does this mean, let me lay it our for you. There are three different types of champions in tennis nowadays, the dominant champion, a specialist champion and a peak champion. What do they mean? Dominant champion- you are a consistent champion, you dominante the...
  2. Elektra

    Dragonball Fans: Since we like to compare tennis players to Dragonball characters would you say that Novak Djokovic is the Lord Beerus of Tennis

    Tennis fans who happen to be also Dragonball fans, we have made threads on comparing tennis players to Dragonball characters. People like to compared Fed to Goku and Rafa to Vegeta and vice versa. If you have watched the new Dragonball franchise you would know that Lord Beerus is the almighty...
  3. Elektra

    Did anybody notice the McEnroe brothers do a heel turn on RAFA while they were on commentary

    I thought they were huge Rafa fans. When I was watching the match I noticed the McEnroe brothers praise Medvev like crazy and paint Rafa as some beaten down old man.
  4. Elektra

    The fact that the crowd got behind Medevev are the fans open to the changing of the guard and ready for the new generation

    Medvev has become a new crowd favorite of the US Open and I don't remember a young player even being as charismatic and playing with the crowd like he does. I know the media tried to build up Grigor but he was not original and too much of a Fed clone. Sascha is not charming enough, Tiafoe does...
  5. Elektra

    Would you say that US Open is Nadal's best home away from home grandslam

    Each player of the Big Three has a grandslam they feel connected to more then others in terms of atompshere. For example, Federer is it is Wimbledon, Djokovic is the French Open since he lives in Monaco but would you say for Nadal it is the US Open. Nadal does dominate the French Open but I...
  6. Elektra

    US Open is proving the be the hardest grandslam for the Big Three

    I am not being bias but the US Open is proving to be by far the toughest test in tennis. There was a time it used to be the French Open due to clay surface but as more money, sponsors, growth, investment in the grandslams continue to happen, the US Open is proving to be the most lucrative and...
  7. Elektra

    Is Uniqlo doing the job Nike did for Federer's brand? Will Uniqlo be able to immortalize the Federer brand once he retires.

    When Fed cut ties with Nike and decided to sign with Uniqlo to Fed fans they believe it was Nike's loss and not Federer. Nike is a brand that has been years before Fed and is the legacy apparel brand for people in deciding their sportswear. Nike has played a role in immortalizing athletes and...
  8. Elektra

    Would this year's US Open be the most competitive then previous years

    The way it is looking so far both Djokovic, Federer and Nadal are both pretty healthy this year so therefore there is possible chance they have reserves left in the tank for the largest and last grand slam of the year the US Open. This year is proving to be the most competitive going into the...
  9. Elektra

    Would you say that Wimbledon crowd are now the Jekyll and Hyde fans

    Each grand slam and its crowd is distinct and different in their own way. Aussie Open is known to have happy fans. French are known to be the snobbish and hardest fans to please. US Open is known to have the most passionate and jovial fans who love effort. Wimbledon always achieved praise for...
  10. Elektra

    The Royals are not even hiding their bias anymore.

    Novak has won his fifth title and the royals have to do their duties in congraulating the champion. In watching this video, they looked angry and dissapointed. Prince William was not friendly or personable and had a second delay in shaking Novak's parents' hands.
  11. Elektra

    Novak looked like Goku and Federer played like Vegeta

    Dragonball fans after watching this match, I am convinced now that Novak is Goku now and Federer is Vegeta. Goku has all the skills but he has heart and mental toughness that helps him when his back was against the wall. Goku's will to fight comes from the fact that he loves his friends and...
  12. Elektra

    Roger Federer= The Establishment and Djokovic= The Outsider

    When watching the Wimbledon I am convinced this match was not about tennis but about nationalism. The way those fans were reacting it was more like a football match then a tennis match, I have never seen a disrespectful group of fans. When framing the narrative a lot of people want to make you...
  13. Elektra

    North American hard court season the most competitive season right now: Are you ready?

    Now that Wimbledon has ended, the North American hard-court season is now the most critical season of the year. Playing on hard courts equals the level playing field for most of the players. This year is going to be the most competitive. Djokovic is feeling the chance to win it again at...
  14. Elektra

    Is it me or does the French Open feel less like a grandslam then the other slams

    I have watched the Grandslams for a long time and each slam comes with a different feeling, atomsphere etc. The French Open seems to be the less exciting grandslam in terms of atomsphere. To me it reminds me more a large tennis tournament, however the vibe seems off. Does anybody feel this way?
  15. Elektra

    Which young generation player male and female do you think will be the most bankable and marketable player in the future of the sport

    Marketability is very important in a sport like tennis, the ability to draw sponsors and advertisers is the lifeblood in the trajectory of the sport. The players, their disposition and their credibility matters in their marketability. We have a young generation coming up and sooner or later...
  16. Elektra

    What nickname would you give to each grandslam

    The Australian Open has taken life of it's own since it has expanded their infrastructure and is known to be the "happy slam" one of the main reasons is players coming in tennis season fresh, healthy and looking reset their season. Another reason is that Australia Open is the biggest...
  17. Elektra

    Sloane Stephens gave scope on Serena and will her image be tarnished after US Open meltdown

    As a long time Serena fan I can easily say that behavior at the US Open was bad and embarrasing to watch. She has been trying for the last five years to turn a new leaf, soften up her image and also show more maturity. What we saw from her was a spoiled petulant child not a mature woman. Her...
  18. Elektra

    Naomi Osaka and marketing possiblities the best since Li Na and Sharapova

    Naomi Osaka is really the future and what I mean by that is that Naomi brings forth possibilites to the sport of tennis in a marketing and money stand point. Tennis has been wanting to open the doors in getting tennis popular in Asia and that has opened with this girl Osaka. She brings...
  19. Elektra

    After this year's US Open spectacle a changing of a guard is needed

    I am Serena fan and respect everything she has done in her career and hopes she continues to find success post tennis career. After seeing that spectacle this afternoon I think it is time to say that a changing of the guard in tennis is needed and is here. Naomi Osaka is truly a star and should...
  20. Elektra

    Do you think Roland Garros has been dethroned as the hardest grandslam

    Seeing the conditions of the US Open this year, do you think the US Open is now the hardest grandslam and the grandslam of mental toughness and attriction. This year's US Open exposed the babies and brave in how they handled the conditions and the speed surface.
  21. Elektra

    I am so tired of this its hot and humid stuff.

    I have never heard so much complaning about heat from the players and when they decided the become tennis players this what they signed up for. Part of the sport is playing in different elements. You have construction workers, engineers in work out in hot sun all day for half the money. You...
  22. Elektra

    What is so annoying about Serena's new fame as a mother

    I love Serena Williams but tired of the media. What is so annoying about Serena's new fame as a mother is how the media overhypes everything. They act like she is only woman to ever give birth to a baby and the only woman to ever come back to sports after being a mother. You have women on the...
  23. Elektra

    Changes Novak Djokovic would make to tennis

    Novak was asked about the changes he would make the tennis and he said ending Bo5 at grandslams. To make it more television friendly and millenials don't have the attention span to watch a long match. Also end the shot clock What do you think?
  24. Elektra

    Which season is more important European clay court or North American hard court season

    Which lengthy season is more important for the players in securing points, ranking and momentum in your opinion the clay court season or North American hard court season. Clay court seasons after Miami and ends Roland Garros North American starts a couple of weeks after Wimbldeon with Atlanta...
  25. Elektra

    Anybody ready for North American hard court season.

    To me, North American hard court season is like the calm after the storm of the rigorous European season. The hard court season is the final resolution and the final stamp to one's season. I have a feeling North American hard court season is the going to be the best season yet. The players are...
  26. Elektra

    Do you think Serena Williams should end her partnership with Patrick Mouratoglou

    I say this not because she lost to Angelique but because Patrick is too dominering and controlling over Serena and he seeks being a glory hog to Serena's accomplishments. I thought that when Serena got together with Patrick, they were a temporary partnership to help Serena recharge and refocus...
  27. Elektra

    After all of this I believe women should go Bof5 QF and beyond

    I am not a sexist,but I call the truth like I see it. The men are just showing out more and more and showing why they deserve more money then the women. Bof5 is labor intensive and requires more mental concentration, strength and heart then doing Bo3. Don't get me wrong women's tennis is...
  28. Elektra

    Roger Federer's Uniqlo $30 million dollar contract has been exaggerated

    Some important details about the split between Roger Federer and Nike and the start of the Swiss player's co-operation with Uniqlo have emerged. According to the Sports Business Journal reporter Daniel Kaplan, Federer's earnings are fewer than what the media had earlier reported...
  29. Elektra

    What do you think it takes for the WTA to be in same respect level as ATP

    This notion of women's tennis less interesting then men, is a myth cause women's tennis is interesting when you have the right competition and players pushing each other. To me I don't think the women are working to push each other the way ATP players are doing. People were as equally...
  30. Elektra

    Tennis writer exposes blatant favoritism and conflicts of interest in Australia Open

    A tennis writer/critic writes a piece exposing the blatant favortism and conflicts of interest in Australia Open. The decision making, the lack of closing of the roof during Monfils vs Djokovic match and conflicts of interest in Federer getting prefered treatment...