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    USTA rating algorithm

    I think the USTA is doing things right for the most part. I love the system, and it makes tennis a pretty unique recreational sport.
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    USTA rating algorithm

    Hmmm, I'd counter that even in a normal year (let alone in 2021 where ratings were frozen, so players had two years to improve), having a 4.0 team with a top-8 average of 4.02 is not unusual. If a captain has Nationals aspirations, wouldn't he recruit players in the 3.95-range, and is it that...
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    USTA rating algorithm

    Agree with @schmke. The "problem" is that it's so much easier for captains in larger areas to cherry-pick 15 of the top players for one team, than it is to form a super-team from a smaller player pool. It isn't that your players aren't strong 4.0 players, but it's just inherently more...
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    Radical Team Building

    Gives you a chance to play spoilers, and cause her to waste thousands of dollars! Will also give you a chance to face Nationals-level competition in your local league...she's bringing Nationals to you, ha.
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    Legal serve question with center hash

    Not having looked at any rules.... I have to believe what you're doing is legal. The baseline and the center hash mark should be viewed as the same -- cannot have your foot land across the line prior to making contact with the ball. Players toss the ball and make contact over the plane of both...
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    My Wife's UTR is Plummeting!

    Hmmm, this makes me feel good about my 4.0 men's team's chances of doing well this year.... our top six UTR ratings for doubles are 6.74 to 7.02. It does fluctuate wildly from day to day (upwards of 0.20 points either direction), for no apparent reason. For singles, the UTR is all over the...
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    Battle of the Genders

    Fair enough. I am turning 50 this year, while the other players in this challenge are 12 to 15 years younger. I suppose @BallBag has the edge in speed (and assuredly in power). Will be a fun event to see contrasting styles.
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    Battle of the Genders

    She must have barely survived getting bumped at end of 2019. Killed it in 2020, even winning most of her 4.5 matches but didn't get bumped because of USTA's decision to freeze ratings. Killing it again in 2021.
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    Battle of the Genders

    That makes sense and I'd agree. Just not in this particular instance...the 4.0C lady ran track in college. I'll be the least proficient in court coverage among the four players, and I'm not slow (just old).
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    Battle of the Genders

    Holy crap! Just looked up as well. 139-4 in singles for the 4.5C lady; a mere 34-1 for the 4.0C lady (for the entirety of their USTA careers). I'm at 69-31; the other 4.0C dude is 49-28 (but has played up at 4.5).
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    Battle of the Genders

    Alas, I've played all of these opponents in MXD already. Lost to both ladies and squeaked out a win vs @BallBag (and he crushed everyone at a recent men's doubles scrimmage I was part of). So they know my style.
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    Battle of the Genders

    The next time I visit Vegas, will try to hit her up, fo' sho!
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    Battle of the Genders

    Fun proposal that I texted to some of the most prolific singles players in our Section. One set vs each other, round robin. @BallBag (one of the top 4.0 men in our Section; 3.87 TennisRecord rating; 7.20 UTR) 4.0C lady (will have the best record in our Section at year-end, no doubt; 4.19 TR...
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    Best route to competitive play?

    If you prefer singles, see if there is a singles ladder in your area. Then you can play a variety of opponents until you find your appropriate level. I did that when I first got started, before playing USTA league. If you join a USTA league as a 3.5S, the drawbacks are (1) there are only two...
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    Dynamic DQ and strikes

    I believe you are a "4.0D" now, still subject to dynamic disqualification (so no practical difference from 4.0S). In the Section where I play, flex league match results do not contribute to dynamic DQ calculations. "In a single calendar year" means 2020 and 2021 are different periods, no?
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    The Carnage Begins: S rated players from 2020 getting DQed in 2021

    Yikes....this scenario is one that the USTA and experienced captains should have anticipated. It sucks for those players who started league tennis in 2019 (or even late 2018 but didn't play enough rated matches to qualify for a C rating) and have improved significantly. Those players should...
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    USTA 4.0 or 4.5 ?

    Hmmm, looks like I'm in the minority here but I think playing and being at least competitive in 4.5 matches (let alone winning them) will count as strikes. If you want to enjoy success as a 4.0 and help your 4.0 team advance to postseason, I'd steer clear of playing up at 4.5 as a self-rated...
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    Which would you rather be?

    Strongest, for sure! As a 4.0M, I avoid playing 8.5 combo or 8.5/9.0/9.5 MXD because I don't like being the weakest player on the court.
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    Seeking responses from 4.0s, please? 3.0 having better success playing 3.5 Leagues. Why?

    Yes, the criteria for increasing rating is directly tied to games won vs. games lost vs. expectation. The quickest and easiest way to get bumped up, IMO, is to forego playing 3.0 and play exclusively 3.5 matches. Even though you'll likely lose more than you win, players have a tendency to not...
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    2021 USTA League Nationals schedule is out

    MidAtlantic is starting up Adult leagues shortly.
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    10 best cities in the U.S for tennis

    Yup... 90 mins in AA, DC, MTL, NoVa, and PG leagues, I believe. You pretty much have to win the first set in those leagues. (Personally, I play at a quick pace and rarely time out even in 90 mins)
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    your biggest lead blown or meltdown

    Experience playing big matches, past success coming back from deficits, ability to change strategies and continually adapt if the initial approach isn't working.
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    your biggest lead blown or meltdown

    I've lost at least two matches where my partner and I bageled our opponents the first set. I lost a Regionals match where my partner and I was up 5-0...we lost 5-7, 2-6! I lost a MXD Nationals semifinals where my partner and I were up 4-1; lost 4-6 (due to rain, we played just one deciding...
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    10 best cities in the U.S for tennis

    For USTA league play, I'll throw the DC metro area into the mix (if you don't mind playing indoors for half of the year). Within 50 minutes of my home, I can play (and have played) in the following USTA leagues: Anne Arundel BTP Carroll Cattail Columbia Ass'n Coppermine DC Frederick MCTA MTL...
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    USTA Expired rating question

    This player could self-rate above their last rating; just can't self-rate below their last rating. So this 3.0 can self-rate at 3.5 if desired.
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    USTA Nationals in Orlando - Anybody Know Anything?

    Congrats on qualifying! The National Campus is amazing (I just returned from there a couple of days ago). There are hotels/restaurants just a mile down the road. (I've always gone with a group so opted to rent a house, but was 25 mins away.) I went to the 18+ NTRP Nationals in 2019; I...
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    Soft vs hard game and why do we win?

    Kudos to being able to change your game and still find ways to win! I think the keys to winning are (1) not making UEs, (2) hitting your spots to force weak replies, (3) anticipation, and (4) setting yourself up to hit winners. I think you can win a set/match without hitting more than 75%...
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    Have you hit your peak?

    I started playing tennis competitively (meaning scores were recorded somewhere) when I turned 40 in 2011, playing in a singles ladder. I was at my physical peak then, but had no doubles experience and wasn't match-savvy. Played USTA the following year as a 3.5, playing exclusively singles...
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    What would you do?

    Since this was a league match, I think it should be entered as a retirement by your opponent; your win. It could impact league standings (and affect other teams), so you should take the win. Not a big deal.
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    Opponent Acts Like He Wants to Fight!

    Getting hit is part of the game...even if done intentionally, I don't see a cause to complain to the league coordinator. And tennis is a gentlemen's sport; actual fights never happen, right?