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  1. brian anderson

    how’s joker’s union going to go now?

    doubt many players will sign up to be led by a coward that ran away from his press conf after being defaulted. fearless leader my ***
  2. brian anderson

    i like beacon, do the big 3?

    sources in wimbly village tell me that only one of the big 3 indulge in porkish delights before their matches. which could it be?
  3. brian anderson


    so, what is this guy doing for the players? i recall the last player's counsel president moving everything forward in a positive manner for all; who was that guy? does djoker have a clue as to what he is doing at all? should high school drop outs actually be involved with business decisions...
  4. brian anderson

    Fed new shoe sponsor at wimbly?

    nike has bum rushed their fall gear out the door. last year fed walked onto wimbly with uni. is this the year he comes out wearing adidas shoes? vegas books have the odds at 6-1. thought?
  5. brian anderson

    djokovic parents out of cryosleep?

    saw djokovic parents on screen at today’s french open quarter final match. fortunately they were not wearing those awesome shirts with his giant head on them . i’m sure they were defrosted to give more interviews hoping injury on fed and nadal.
  6. brian anderson

    nick tells it like it is

    Nor can Kyrgios take much of Djokovic. "I just feel like he has a sick obsession with wanting to be liked. He just wants to be like Roger (Federer)," the Australian said. "For me personally -- I don't care right now, I've come this far -- I feel like he just wants to be liked so much that I just...
  7. brian anderson

    Nike Launches "Just Do It For The Dump" Campaign

    Per Nike Tennis 4U: "Nike officially launched it's "Just Do It For The Dump" Campaign in direct competition with Adidas' play for the ocean line of expensive clothing and shoes. Said CEO Phil Knight "Every one knows that the majority of our gear ends up in the dump, in fact given our poor...
  8. brian anderson

    Serena Williams

    joker by far has the worst post match crowd love maneuver. hand to his heart to each section of the stadium. makes me want to puke agassi’s was pretty lame too
  9. brian anderson

    Fed cincy outfit

    no thread yet on feds new cincy outfit? harkens back to the darth federer days minus the shoes of course
  10. brian anderson

    Air Zoom Prestige; thoughts?

    anyone give these a try yet? are they similar to the beloved 9.0/9.5?
  11. brian anderson

    Real OC Tennis, best league in So CAl

    has anyone ever played in global tennis network's real oc tennis? i played in their fall ladder and had a blast, great group of guys that is locally run. player party and sweet crystal trophies, just passing along the info if you are in OC and looking for about 200 players to hit around with ;)