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    Volkl tuners - V Sense 10 325g

    Looking for any results that you folks may have found with tuning your VS 10 325g into a mildly heavier, more stable layout. Even if it didn't bring any improvements, I'd appreciate any feedback. I grabbed a pair of these on clearance to perhaps take the place of my older Organix 10 325g's. I...
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    Hamburg line judges lost a bet.

    Anybody here feel at least a mild wave of sadness when you saw those outfits that the line judges are wearing? They look like children with parents who dress them funny. Normally I don't get distracted with stuff as superficial as this, but I actually know a couple of people who do that work...
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    Sloane... love her, but UGH!!!

    Anybody know whether she maybe has some sort of hellish situation going on behind the scenes? I see a talent that could absolutely be on top of the world for more than a couple of solid weeks at a major, but I also see a kid who hasn't made the decision to put on her big-girl britches and work...
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    Prince Phantom Pro 93P - compare to NXG mid?

    I was psyched to see that Prince came out with that Phantom 93 and then I recalled how much I enjoyed their NXG mid a few years back. Checking on whether anybody has sampled both and can comment on one vs. the other. The NXG was a 92" gummy bear on a stick that was an easy and ultra-accurate...
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    Think I saw Serena leave her trophy on the court...

    Looked like she and Angie gathered their gear after the ceremony and Serena left her finalist hardware right there on her chair. One of the ball kids might have grabbed it and followed them out to hand it off. Anyone?
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    Easy dealing with sunmin77

    The title pretty much says it all. He conservatively rated the racquet he sold me (it was in great condition!!) and he shipped as soon as I paid him. I won't hesitate to deal with Sunmin in the future. A-Plus!!
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    Keys/Kerber match?... Anyone?... Bueller?...

    I'm fine with both of these sluggers, but I was sort of bummed out when the match never showed up through the course of the day's replays here in the lower 48. No dvr here, but I expected to see a little encore showing somewhere. Then I read about what a non-event it was - 51 minutes worth of...
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    Carina Witthoeft... Hell-O slugger!!

    One of the only things that's kept me watching occasional WTA matches these days (years?) has been Aggie Radwanska. Love the dimension and creativity in her game - first saw her playing up close at the US Open some years ago when she was brand new to the tour. Now we see I think WAY too much...
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    Strycova vs Azarenka and going to Plan B

    Ashamed to admit that I was talking to the TV at the end of that match, but maybe I should have screamed good 'n loud, since Melbourne is really far away. I just know they can hear me... Down a set and serving at 3-5 in the 2nd, Strycova had been outgunned in baseline exchanges throughout the...
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    Explanation for France's Blunder?

    If anybody can offer any sort of inside info as to why France went with that doubles lineup, I'd love to hear it. Otherwise I'll have to assume that Clement or somebody in the command structure just decided to be, well... French! I know I'm guilty of Monday morning quarterbacking now that...
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    Steve Johnson string change?

    Anybody catch that comment during his match with Bautista Agut yesterday at Indian Wells? He was apparently having some arm issues and his coach had him switch to a different string, but they didn't identify the old stuff or his new setup. Whoever was in the booth added that after the switch...
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    Any dirt on Ryan Harrison?

    I'll usually take what comes from one player or another, but I'm not seeing anything encouraging from this dude. Just wondering if anybody has any inside info?
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    Smooth sailing with PaulMan

    Solid seller! Very prompt responses to my inquiries, which included sending several pictures of the gear I wanted to see. Paul was also quite patient, since I didn't have regular access to a computer. It took a little while to get our deal squared away, but once we did and I got my payment...
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    Volkl C10 and Yonex RD Ti 80 sharing a bag...

    So I brought up these two frames in another post and one of our pals, ciocc, asked for a comparison, but we didn't want to hijack that thread. If anyone else can pitch in, have at it. About me: age 46, serve & volley upbringing, but much more of an all-courter now. My level floats between...
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    tennis347 - easy deal

    No issues with Ken. He responded promptly when I asked for pic's of the racquet he was selling and he shipped to me without delay.
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    Easy deal with "lookitsakyauk"

    Pictures were already posted on a link, so I sent a money order and Andrew shipped the frames to me without delay. I was even happy to find that the racquets were in what I consider to be better condition that his rating. Chalk up a very positive reference.
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    Heard USTA nearly had a riot on their hands Fri.

    Anyone go to the Open yesterday (2nd Fri.)? Apparently they were honoring the tickets from Wed. the 7th (rain out) and anyone who showed up with tickets for yesterday in hand were not allowed in. Really! Big long line - no announcements about what's going on - ticket holders get to the gate...
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    Racquets: Donnay, Fischer, Redondo, Yonex...

    1) Fischer M Comp (95"): $60, 4 5/8" grip, in very good condition (8.5-10) with only routine scuffing around the bumper guard and top half of the hoop. No gouges, etc. Original black rubber Fischer grip. Strung with 16 gauge syn. gut at approx. 56 lbs. 2) ProKennex Redondo MP: $70, 4 5/8"...
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    Jarmila Groth following the Sam Stosur curve

    A few years ago, I saw Sam in a televised match, maybe against one of the Williams sisters, and was sure that she'd be knocking heads with the top ten in no time. To my surprise, it took her a little longer to really believe in herself and emerge as one of the top talents in the women's game...
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    Maria... I Sooooo Want to Cheer for You.

    Miss Sharapova made one heck of a splash when she first showed up in the bigs, won Wimbledon, and later earned a US Open title to prove that she was more than just a flash in the pan. She was sidelined with that serious shoulder issue and after surgery, her grit has made me a believer. She's...
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    Yonex MP Tour-1 Mid... Anyone care to comment?

    I've been hitting with the softer frames in my stockpile and I recently put my pair of MP Tour-1's back in the bag to accompany my Volkl C10 98's. Not sure just what's different with Yonex gear in general - my theory is that their isometric head shape makes for a slightly different sweet spot -...
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    Wasserott - solid deal

    I decided to sent him a racquet so that he could look at it and then pay me. Our deal went off without a hitch - very positive reference.
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    Good dealings with Shawn James

    No issues - I sold him a frame and he was right on top of e-mails, etc.
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    PK Redondo Midplus (98), 4 5/8", 8-8.5/10

    Nice frame with nothing more than some scuffing on the hoop. I strung it myself with 17 ga. syn. gut at 58 lbs. Photos available - inquire via e-mail: $65 includes shipping to lower 48 and I don't use Paypal (sorry). I'm not looking for too many trades, but I'm open...
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    (x2) Yonex MP Tour-1 mid, 4 1/2"

    I have two of these frames, plus a full set of extra grommets for each. Condition of both is 7.5-8/10: both have typical scuffing on the headguards and a few small flecks taken out of the finish on their hoops. No gouges or signs of abuse and both frames also have fresh grommets installed...
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    Fischer M Comp, 4 5/8", 8.5-10

    Racquet is strung with rather fresh 16 ga. LaserFibre syn. gut at 55 lbs. Wear includes mild scuffing on the headguard and a few flecks of the finish on the hoop. No finish gouges or chewed up grommets. $70 includes shipping to the lower 48. Pic's upon request. Please inquire to my...
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    Yonex RQiS 1 Tour, 4 1/2" grip

    Racquet is in great condition with one significant chip in the finish at 4 o'clock that can be seen in the pictures I have available. Looking for $70 shipped in the lower 48. E-mail for inquiries and pic's:
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    FS: ProKennex Ki5 PSE, 9/10, 4 5/8"

    This racquet is in great shape - I picked it up a while back to try it out and it didn't replace anything I already use. It has one chip at around 4 o'clock on one side. Strung with 16 ga. syn. gut at approx. 58 lbs. with minimal use. Only minimal scuffing on the bumper and the previous owner...
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    FS: (x4) Volkl C10 Pro 98, 4 5/8"

    I have a total of four of these frames up for sale. Three have a 4 5/8" grip and the fourth has a 4 1/2" grip built up to 4 5/8" with a heat shrink sleeve according to the previous owner. All are the yellow & black, post fishscale generation. 1&2) These two came together in a deal and are...
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    Nice deal with afm223

    Received a bunch of pictures as soon as I requested them, so no mysteries with the frame I was looking to buy. Even though the timing of our deal was a bit tricky and took a little extra time, John kept me updated with a progress report - no worries on my end and he gave me a real bargain.