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  1. malbaker86

    Indian Wells to host the US OPEN? Maybe, if NY is still locked down

  2. malbaker86

    Has it hit you yet that this upcoming decade the Big 3 will retire??

    I've come so use to seeing them playing and playing at a high level that it JUST hit me that we're entering the last decade that they'll be playing tennis. Time flies
  3. malbaker86

    Who wins it first: Murray wins the AO or Djokovic wins the FO?

    Both of them are knocking on the door to winning the slam that has eluded them the most. Based on how they both perform at these slams respectively and going out on a limb, who would you pick first out of Murray winning the AO or Novak winning the French????????
  4. malbaker86

    Nadal Quiz: Let's name ALL of his 5 set Grand Slam matches

    I'll help you out with how many at each grand slam and the year: 6 times at the AO: 2005: 2005: 2007: 2009: 2009: 2012: 2 times at the FO: 2011: 2013: 8 times at Wimbledon: 2006: 2007: 2007: 2007: 2008: 2010: 2010: 2012: 1 time at the US Open: 2004:
  5. malbaker86

    Fed, Nadal, Djoker: Who wins the career Grand Slam TWICE?

    It's hypothetical but very possible for the top 3 to win a career GS twice so who do you think will do it? Basically i'm going off the slams that Fed and Nadal have won since completing their respective career GS. Fed: 30 years old - Since winning the FO in 09 he's won Wimbledon and the...