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  1. brian anderson

    Federer with ON Tennis shoes Dubai

    wow this cat is just guessing and guessing. how about some lottery numbers for the powerball this week? daddy needs a new pair of shoes!
  2. brian anderson

    Djokovic out of Madrid

    he looked and moved like he was older than fed last week
  3. brian anderson

    New Balance Lav V2

    all this testing? do they even listen to the reviewers?
  4. brian anderson

    Where does the Sampras forehand rank?

    as much as i hated pete his ruining forehand is one of the best shots ever. too bad agassi never figured that out
  5. brian anderson

    New Solecourts?

    does adidas even make shoes anymore? tw is bare
  6. brian anderson

    Novak on his father words...

    totally wrong “dad,will u shut the f up? ur costing me endorsements with this jealous rage that has been burning since fed didn’t pat ur head when he walked by you when i first started playing “
  7. brian anderson

    Is Murray in your consciousness?

    no he’s a bore and glad he’s washed up
  8. brian anderson

    Vollaix review

    red and black beards showed up today. way to go brian top quality and the design is simply great. thanks for bringing these back to life. will be buying several more with matching shorts next time!
  9. brian anderson

    Vollaix review

    just bought 2 red beards and 2 black beards. would buy more for back stock but the wife would notice. will have to sneak in extras in a month or so. looks great bryan!!
  10. brian anderson

    My all time fave “ tennis” shoes !

    yeah that ad really matches pete’s personality
  11. brian anderson

    Vollaix review

    brian is truly an artist. well done brian. thanks for bringing these to life for all of us that couldn’t get the original! sign me up for several of each for my collection!
  12. brian anderson

    Federer with ON Tennis shoes Dubai

    mug du jour. sweet
  13. brian anderson

    Federer with ON Tennis shoes Dubai

    worlds best avatar
  14. brian anderson

    RF's Uniqlo kits

    exactly. 6am it’s there. 8am gone
  15. brian anderson

    RF's Uniqlo kits

    thanks for the heads up all. scored the shirt in both colors.
  16. brian anderson

    Federer with ON Tennis shoes Dubai

    because fed told them too, dummy
  17. brian anderson

    Federer with ON Tennis shoes Dubai

    it can't be too hard to reverse engineer a vapor by a world class company like "On"
  18. brian anderson

    RF's Uniqlo kits

    US site has restocked as of 6am ca time
  19. brian anderson

    No one ACTUALLY believes Wawrinka could have defeated a healthy Nadal in the 14 AO Final, right?

    7 years later? timely. u show up to play then ur healthy enough to win or lose. move on
  20. brian anderson

    ON (The Roger) tennis shoes

    earth. all’s good here. stocks waay up. free money from the feds. spend it on on shoes. china economy doing great. fyi. no global anything.
  21. brian anderson

    ON (The Roger) tennis shoes

    more preaching on how to live ur life. what to buy. what’s too expensive and what isn’t. global recession? where? mars?
  22. brian anderson

    RF's Uniqlo kits

    so now if u don’t post about the kit then it’s assumed u didn’t buy it? wow. sorry i’m too busy with work, wife, kids and playing to post about every stupid shirt shorts or shoes i buy; thank god
  23. brian anderson

    How would rate Agassi of the USO 05 final?

    if there was a day off in between the semi and final like these guys have now he would have won
  24. brian anderson

    Federer Outfit Doha 2021

    thanks for posting!
  25. brian anderson

    #18 feels so good

    immense frustration caused by his own pigheadedness. now he can play up the “i was in so much pain but still won please like me” angle