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  1. steenkash

    Is there even a point of the French Open this year?

    Nadal is on a hot streak, and will probably destroy anyone in his way. Novak is not playing his best tennis, Thiem is not playing his best tennis and Roger, well lol, he is not even in the picture.
  2. steenkash

    How much prize money is Nadal getting fit his Monte Carlo title?

    Sure monte Carlo pays a lot
  3. steenkash

    How do you think Nadal feels about delaying his trophy presentation by a week?
  4. steenkash

    Most intelligent tennis player ever? (tennis wise)

    Who is/was the best at crafting points and implementing the right tactics.
  5. steenkash

    Match of the century who wins

    Serena vs Roger age 42 What's the score? Serena in 3?
  6. steenkash

    Let's Play a Little Country Related Game

    1) Where are You From 2) Your Country's Best player 3) Your Country's Favourite player 4) Your favourite player
  7. steenkash

    Are there any ball-boy/girl who became a top player story in tennis?

    I know for football, Sneijder, Tevez, Gerrard, Guardiola were all ball boys and become renowned players, any for tennis?
  8. steenkash

    Most unfriendlt WTA - Missing anyone?

  9. steenkash

    Best and Worst (or most annoying) commentator?

    1) Best: Jmac 2) Worst: that south African one
  10. steenkash

    What do you think snapped for Novak in 2011

    I remember, he was always my favourite player, and I was disappointed everytime he would lose in a final, and how much closer Murray was reaching Rafa and Fed versus Novak. And then something in Novak just unleashed, and now he is up there with Nadal and Roger as 3 of the best players tennis has...
  11. steenkash

    Who are your list of most athletic looking player, and least athletic looking player

    Most: Nadal, Novak, Gael, Tifoe Least: Federer, Daniil, Goffin I mean, in the end as long as they have a low bf etc, it does not matter, but just curious on your thoughts
  12. steenkash

    Players you thought would get multiple GS after their first win

    Del Potro Wozniacki Ivanovic Roddick Ferrero
  13. steenkash

    Worst serve in the history of tennis?

    1) El Pequeño Diego 2) Wobbly Dimentieva 3) Murray's second serve Bonus - Kyrgios underserve Any more?
  14. steenkash

    What is the biggest upset at a GS final for you?

    For me it has to be Stan obliterating Novak in 2015 FO, That was Novak's best season ever, and best chance to win the Grand Slam
  15. steenkash

    Who has the GOAT defence

    As question states. These are terrible names, I know.
  16. steenkash

    Murray vs Warwinka

    Which 3 time GS winner do you prefer?
  17. steenkash

    Why do you think the US Open is so unpredictable (Mens)?

    If we look back from 2010 US Open - 6 people who have never won the US open before, went on to win Wimbledon - 2 people who have never won Wimbledon before, went on to win FO - No comment AO - No comment
  18. steenkash

    Why do North American players put a lot of emphasis on the serve?

    If we look at history, and if we look at the top-ranking players today, I've noticed North Americans are often renowned for having a big serve. Isner, Raonic, Querry, Roddick, Sampras etc.
  19. steenkash

    Best Forehand of all time?

    as question suggests
  20. steenkash

    Who is the best returner of all time

    As the question suggests.
  21. steenkash

    What are some quirks you notice about pro players

    I dont just mean playing style Obvious ones Nadal - adjusting shorts, Novak - Sarcastic head nod, Murray - that thing where he reaches for his back, Federer adjusting his hair
  22. steenkash

    How do you think non-big four/three players think about being compared to them all the time?

    Must be annoying really. I mean, in a lot of interviews these guys are made to say how good the big-3 (before-4) are etc. E.g. when Stan won his Grand Slams, they asked him 100 questions about his compatriot Roger, must be quite annoying tbh
  23. steenkash

    Will a British player win a grand slam again in the next 10 years?

    1) Muzziah Mount to return from the dark 2) Kyle the Kid Edmund to breakthrough like he was destined to 3) Katie Babelter to win it for the Brits
  24. steenkash

    Who is your favourite one slam champion?

    For me, it has to be Goran, and also Ana Ivanovic.
  25. steenkash

    Why do you think the WTA has seen a more diverse range of champions vs ATP

    2020 AO - Kenin FO - Iga USO - Osaka 2019 AO - Osaka FO - Barty Wim - Halep USO - Bianca 6 different champions last 2 years, 4 of whom are new champions, men's with only 3, with 1 new champion.
  26. steenkash

    Daniil fans, honestly, what made you think that he would beat Novak?

    No, I don't mean this in a sniping way or mocking way, genuinely want your thoughts on why Daniil was your favourite for the final. I will admit from my side, as a Novak fan, I was not that worried, as I've seen this before, for example when Nadal didn't drop a single set at AO 19 and was...
  27. steenkash

    Which players have an ugly, but very effective shot?

    I think Novak's forehand is kind of ugly, but then he hits passing like the one against Federer in the 2019 Wimbledon final.
  28. steenkash

    Which great player never recovered from the "yips"

    I remember Coria was the King of Clay until Nadal destroyed his confidence and he was never the same again.
  29. steenkash

    Who thinks the ATP World Tour Finals should have stayed in London?

    Had a large fan base, great tournament and great atmosphere, wont get that with Italy, better off exploring Italy as a country.