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  1. alinefx

    The original 40-15

    Guess it had to end in 2019 the way it did because it started the same way.
  2. alinefx

    All black Cage 3 Rafa FO 2020

    Rafa eschewed the cage 4 for an all black Cage 3. Almost as good looking as his Court Ballestic 4.3 all black that he won the 2013 US open with. Is this a PE or is it available somewhere to purchase?
  3. alinefx

    Nike Air Tech Challenge - 2020 Agassi

    Great (almost) mid shoes with 1990 Lava paint job. Great to see an Agassi Endorsed shoe back after 17 years
  4. alinefx

    “Kerber doesn’t count because”.... latest Serena excuse

    Wow she’s a sore loser On her 2018 loss to Kerber:”I mean, Kerber doesn’t count because, like, I was exhausted. My baby was eight months, and that’s tough”