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    Prince Tour Pro 100

    Phantom Pro 100P is a bit stiffer than the 100 and also worth considering. Your son may well be grateful for the change when he actually tries one out :-)
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    Wimbledon staff eat food from bins!

    This really is the whole issue. Here in the UK we don't run sweat shops, we have employment laws and a minimum wage that employers must comply with but if you are low paid you are still low paid and have to cope somehow. The problem is *not* that they are only allocated £11-50 per day for lunch...
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    Two Phantom Pro 100P's (16x18) purchased and strung up with Kevlar/ZX . For these I've upped the tension and differential a bit at 65/45 after massive pre-stretch and they play just great. Right from the first hit last night they were responding really well, super comfy, loads of feel and...
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    Prince Phantom Pro and Phantom Pro100P

    I've returned the three demo Phantoms and purchased two of the PP100Ps. Absolutely lovely rackets. I find them similar to my old Tour 98 EX03 ESP rackets for balance and power, surprisingly I'm even getting similar spin but the racket is even more comfortable with much more feel and control...
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    Middle Aged Fat Guy Seeks New Racquet

    Sure I have a recommendation. Don't. Don't get any poly, ever, as a recreational player. Certainly not until you have been playing regularly for at least six months and are absolutely sure you aren't going to get a T/E reoccurrence. I know this is hard, but sometimes it is time to stop buying...
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    Yes, I think you don't always need a big differential for open rackets. I've been using thoroughly pre-stretched either 60/45 or 55/45 in Tour 98 ESP rackets and with the open pattern these have been great. I can however (no surprise here) confirm that 55/45 in a Phantom p100p with 16x18 that...
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    Prince Phantom Pro and Phantom Pro100P

    I'm sure that's right, and I'll probably end up with a bit of weight added to whichever racquets I go with. However the problem with mixing the P100 alongside the others isn't that it doesn't swing easily but that, at the same weight, it swings quite a bit quicker than the others and it takes...
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    Prince Phantom Pro and Phantom Pro100P

    I'm demoing the three Phantoms currently. Initially I tried the P100 and PP100 expecting to prefer the ported version as that's what I have used for years but no, I much preferred the feel of the PP100. Both of these are with stock strings. So I have now ordered in the PP100P as well, this...
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    MonoGut ZX for a Cross

    Whereas I applaud the sentiment I think this is asking for a higher standard of written English than exists today. Actually, I'm not sure it has ever existed for a sizeable proportion of the population. But it is indeed refreshing to see such an example when it appears :)
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    Trying to understand how racquets w/ similar specs can (apparently) be so different..

    What I did in a similar position (only after a 35 year gap) and having no idea what modern racket would actually suit me was to get large 107 head racquet to provide large sweet spot and which wasn't too powerful (that was the hardest thing to find actually) and which was also ridiculously...
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    Does using 90 sq in get easier?

    :) I grew up with 65" as well and remember the incredibly good feeling from middling it but also the uncomfortably large percentage of shanks. Trouble is I then took a 30 year layoff before taking the game up again so coming back I picked a 107 to cover up my incompetence a bit and I have to say...
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    Help dudes, the best racquet I ever played with gave me TE!

    Here's another bit of unpalatable advice as well. If you want it to heal, and stay healed, don't just give it time to heal but after *ALL* pain has gone give it another 25% of the time it took to clear up before you play again. Sorry. Also check that you have not got any tight/locked...
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    Prince Classic Graphite 107 vs POGOS

    No. I haven't got an infinite amount of time and money to blindly try every stick available without attempting to apply some sort of intelligent selection.
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    Defeating a Slicer, any suggestions?

    I'm currently playing with a crowd where more than half the players are oldies that almost exclusively slice, produce ruthlessly unplayable extreme cross-court low slices on anything sitting up in mid court and can rally without any unforced errors for ever - or at least for a lot longer than...
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    The Pros are going to have to start playing with wooden racquets again

    Negative bans such as that tend to be inherently flawed as there would be endless discussions on 'just exactly what is a poly string' and an endless succession of new chemical variants that were sort of 'poly like' in characteristics to get round the ban. Mandating natural gut in top level...
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    Tell me a clever way to stop this guy breaking rules

    How about, the first time it happens in a game, just say politely and with a smile 'I prefer to see where my balls are landing from a shot, would you mind letting them fly even if they're going out please?'. Just say it casually and friendly - there isn't any need for it to be an issue.
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    Why are used tennis rackets almost worthless?

    Consider that last year's or sale rackets go new for perhaps 70% of list price or so. Say the life of a hard used racket is four years, that makes a 1 year used racket worth 25% less than a new old model one i.e. 53% or so. Then consider the new sale racket comes with a 12 month warranty and...
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    When making a frame switch. Once you go ( fill in) you never go back

    Maybe it is just what you are used to and changing in either direction can be a bit difficult? I'm currently moving the other way and finding the transition from 58 to 66 not as comfortable as I expected - despite helping out a bit with the string.
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    Tennis serves and returns.

    Your serve is too good :) I remember when I suddenly developed a really good (by our standards) serve back in school and would stand there and admire winner after winner. On the rare occasion one came back properly I was invariably left for dead watching it in astonishment. Fortunately it...
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    TW Reviews: New Prince racquets

    It would be nice if someone with a copy posted it up somewhere else that TW didn't have to censor?
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    Why are some rackets suggested for 4.5 players or above?

    I don't think there is any chance of finding the 'right' racket without having demo's available, nor having definite opinions of what you want from a racket and relying on other folks preferences - we just all like different things and rackets feel so different to each other. Who do you play...
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    ***** Prince EXO3 Rebel Club *****

    New member here Add me to the club please. New European, presumably the same as the Japanese, 105 coming my way once it's been strung up with Xcel :)
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    How do you know when to buy a new racquet?

    I can recommend taking your Tennis holdall to work as well as having it delivered there :) Mind you I'm expecting a bright yellow Rebel soon and there's no way that isn't going to be recognised as something new.
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    So, Babolats are such "arm, shoulder, breakers" why aren't we seeing these issues on

    Best to stop right here. It's now only one step to pointing out that it is quite possible to design a non-deterministic evolutionary system that produces objects not explicitly intended or themselves designed. Which brings us back round to a circular argument :)
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    So, Babolats are such "arm, shoulder, breakers" why aren't we seeing these issues on

    Agree on the swingweight, but try this: a) Hold short piece of wood, have friend hit wood tip with hammer. b) Hold long piece of same type wood, have friend hit tip with hammer. Which one hurts your wrist and hand the most?