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    Any experience on comparing tgt260.4 vs head pro tour 2.0?

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone has any experience in the above 2 racquets? I mean currently i am playing with the head tgt 260.4.. however now that tennisonly is starting to stock the pro tour 2.0 i was wondering weather or not it's worth to buy the pt 2.0? if you guys are familiar with both...
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    Wrist pain?

    Hey guys i just came back to tennis after a long lay off (around 2 years) because being busy with work and family.. However the past month i have started playing again(previously player d1).. however eventhough i have never had any wrist injuries in the past.. ive started to notice in the last...
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    head microgel radical mp grommets/headguard?

    hey guys.. and especially @dr325i who seems to be very knowledgeable about head racquets.. i was just wondering.. since last time i had bought a cap grommets for my microgel radical mp.. but it seems like i actually do prefer the feel of non-capped grommets.. however i think there had been alot...
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    Will midsize racquet make you play better?

    Hi guys!! As u guys might know i was growing up using pc600.. growing up i used to play in high division of "pennant" level in south australia but since life hit reality i stopped playing tennis and gave up on my dream of turning atp pro.. fast forward 15 yrs later now im in my 30s and been...
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    microgel extreme pro MP replacement?

    hey guys, how are you? im again and again trying to find a racquet that suits me.. while for a long time i was a pc600 user.. about 3 years ago i switched to the tgk 260.4 and also microgel radical MP.. however late last year i actually played with the microgel extreme pro and somehow the free...
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    Head Youtek IG Radical Pro grommets?

    hey guys... i was just wondering does anyone know which of the grommets currently can fit the head youtek ig radical pro? only reason i ask is that i am not really a big fan of the white ig grommets and was wondering if there are any other interchangeable grommets that fits the ig radical pro...
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    Prince phantom 100p power?

    Hey guys i was just checking the twu racquet analyser and saw that according to that site, the phantom 100p racquet is almost one of the most powerful racquet for its swingweight (infact on that site it said that its actually more powerful than the pure drive).. but in terms of the specs since...
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    Cap grommets for head microgel radical mp?

    Hey guys ive been using the search button trying to find which of the cap grommets of the prestige mp grommet sets would fit a microgel radical mp.. and it seems like only the old versions of prestige cap grommet will fit (though some claim that the graphene series prestige cap grommet fits)...
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    Capping microgel radical mp?

    Hey guys ive been using the search button trying to find which of the cap grommets of the prestige mp grommet sets would fit a microgel radical mp.. and it seems like only the old versions of prestige cap grommet will fit (though some claim that the graphene series prestige cap grommet fits)...
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    How much do racquets impact your stroke/serve speed?

    Just a question!! Ppl say that racquet and string technology has gone such a long way! But how much different does racquet impact the mph/kph of your shots and serves? For example if one was to hit as fast as they can with a head youtek ig radical pro vs babolat pure strike project one7 - what...
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    Question about youtek ig radical pro?

    Hey guys i just have a question!! Recently i have been using youtek ig radical pro.. however currently i am on a trip for a couple of months abroad!! So i need to buy a new racquet.. i have been seeing that the babolat pure strike 16x19 project one 7 had been getting top reviews!! So just...
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    Head Youtek IG Radical Pro grommet

    Hey guys I was just wondering if the Head Graphene & XT Radical Pro/MP/Rev Grommet Clear will fit the head youtek ig radical pro frame? thanks guys
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    value of prestige tour 600??

    hey guys.. i was just wondering.. i know the value of prestige classic 600 and pt10 are high right now even in the second hand market.. but little is known about the prestige tour 600/trysis (essentially pc600 with suspension grip).. i know the suspension grip is not very popular since it is...
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    Prince phantom pro 100p?

    Hey guys how are you? As previously mentioned i was a long time prestige classic 600 user!! And just recently purchased a head tgt292.1.. however i have noticed that with age playing with a smaller head and too much weight has taken its toll.. So im looking for a more powerful, lighter and also...
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    Wtb yonex rx37 or rx32

    Hi guys im looking for old racquets version that is hard to get (hardly can get them anymore in australia or indonesia).. i am looking for a pair of yonex rx37 or rx32 (prefer rx37) with grip size 4 3/4 shipped express to australia.. If anyone has these please pm me.. thank you guys!!! I...
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    racquets similar to prestige classic 600 for replacement?

    hi guys, i have been using prestige classic 600 since day 1 i've been playing tennis.. however having gone through alot of them, i am on my last pair of pc600 now.. i know they're still available and all but they're getting very expensive these days and i'm looking for a replacement.. i have...
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    Cracked racquet again????!?!?!?

    ok.. well ive had this done before repeatedly and it's starting to **** me off.. today i had a national business association cup in jakarta, indonesia.. and while i was playing i had my racquet snapped in the throat.. I've been previously played with head pc600 all my life and my last pair...
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    which color?

    hey guys.. i got these 2 midsized racquet (89.5") custom built bosworth spec'd to pc600 which plays like a pc600 too.. however i can't seemed to pick my favourite of the 2 frame.. in terms of color hahahhaha.. so if you were to choose which is the better looking out of the 2.. which one would...
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    what racquet is this?

    today i was shown by a friend of mine a racquet.. but it was unbranded and shaped like a bosworth.. it is about 90 square inch in the head.. and weighs around the 12 ounces mark.. after having a hit with it, it actually plays somewhat like a yonex (specifically rds001).. however the racquet is...
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    extended length racquet?

    hey guys.. as most of you know that ive been using a pc600 for most of my life.. ive been playing tennis since i was 6 yrs old and my prime was 2 yrs ago (i was competing in premier league competition (national b competition)) here in australia.. however since then i havent played much so im...
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    what head size do you use?

    hi guys.. im kind of fascinated by topic atm.. back when i was really young and started playing tennis, ps85, pc600 and pog mid was pretty much what most people are using.. and i grew up with a pc600.. but what i realised these days and especially on the board.. its that not many people actually...
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    Tennis clubs in Melbourne? for the aussies here :D

    hey guys.. how are ya? i just moved to melbourne recently and eventhough i did use to play pennant and premier league tournament in my active days; i havent played tennis for about 1-2 years regularly.. but i am thinking of taking up tennis again since i missed how fun it was.. however...
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    TGK237.1 vs prestige classic 600.. please help

    hey guys.. i was just talking to my friend today.. and he told me that he has some tgk 237.2's for sale for 200$.. i was wondering if they are worth it to buy? again i grew up with the pc600 racquets, and i love the feel of the pc600.. for all you experienced people, is the tgk a better or worst...
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    what is the weight of your weapon of choice?

    hey guys, i don't think i could find any recent post about how you set up your racquets.. so what is your current weight of your racquets, what are the balance and the set up? my current weapon of choice is a head prestige classic 600 @ 400 grams just about and 10pts head light..
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    classic show off appreciation thread? or what is your favourite racquet of all time?

    hi guys.. i just realised that after a couple of years that hardly any current weapon are par upto the classics (my 2 cents anyway).. so i want to just start a thread about the 4 classics that in my opinion are the 4 best sticks available in the modern stick era.. which is your favourite out of...
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    blacking out a racquet?

    i know theres alot of discussion about this.. and for some odd reason i couldn't find any old thread answering what i'm about to ask.. i want to black out an old racquet of mine that i don't use at all (a beaten up TT graphite).. however it is badly beaten that it's not funny.. and i want to...
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    modern prestige vs prestige classic?

    hi guys, its been a long time since im back on the board.. however ive been playing with a pc600 for a while.. and im currently using a pc600 leaded up to (well i don't know if my scale is wrong but it seems high) 380grams in weight (add 8 strips on 3&9 oclock, 4 strips on 2&4 oclock and...
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    speed and volleying..

    hey guys.. i've always wanted to have speed.. my fitness is very good i hardly get tired on the court.. however my problem is that speed isn't really my strength.. especially now that i've stopped playing tennis (been 2 yrs since i last trained fully) however after watching nadal and ferrer i'm...
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    looking for prince exo3 graphite 93

    hey guys i'm looking for a prince exo3 graphite 93 racquets, 9/10 condition or better.. please contact me on my post has been rejected even in the wanted sections i don't know why...maybe i didn't wait long enough... but i want this racquet badly!
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    Head, Prince, Yonex and Head for sale 4 3/8

    - Prince o3 Tour midplus 100 inch square, 9.5/10, unstrung, only been used once for 1/2 hrs... looking for $110 OBO - Wilson nCode n5, 9.5/10, strung with wilson synthetic gut, also only been used once for 1/2 hrs.. so in very good condition, looking for $100 OBO - Head flexpoint radical...