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    Nadal withdraws from Paris 2018

    Quentin Moynet‏ @QuentinMoynet 2m2 minutes ago More Officiel : Nadal forfait pour Bercy
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    del Potro's patella is fractured, 2018 may be over for him

    Disappointing. He is in a splint, surely there is no way in hell he plays again this year. We'll see, but I think his 2018 may be over.
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    The Federer of 2010/11 has returned

    Donskoy. Haas. del Potro. Goffin. ALMOST CILIC IN A SLAM FINAL. del Potro AGAIN. Kokkinakis. Anderson. Break points. Set points. MATCH POINTS. 89 matches, 9 losses. 4 with match points. I don’t know what this is. I don’t know why this has come back. I don’t know how to explain it. 2014 was...
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    Can Fed right the wrongs of 2015?

    Honestly looking at his Halle-Wimbledon-Cincinnati-USO form... I mean, the guy was unplayable until he froze and saw Djokovic at the other side of the net. Taking him out of the equation for a second, in that stretch in particular he dropped sets to Kohli, Groth (tie-break). That's it. 2. All...
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    No clay for Fed 2018

    Next up Halle.
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    Nadal withdraws from Bercy QF Unfortunate, but really silly for him to even turn up to Paris. He'd played all previous 8 Masters this year, so it would have been perfectly fine for him to rest until London. Now, let's hope it's nothing serious.
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    Norman splits with Wawrinka

    The greatest coach of all time, no question IMO. Took a relative top 20 player to a 3-time slam champion, and world number 3. Put belief in him that I don't think even Stan had himself. Will be interesting to see what he does in 2018 now.
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    Nadal withdraws from Basel

    ...but will play Bercy.
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    Murray out of US Open

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    2016/17 Court Speeds (Cincinnati slower than Miami)

    Not a fan of court pace moaning but here are some facts. Shanghai, Paris, London are from 2016. It was clear that Paris and London were sped up considerably from previous years. 2017 is Indian Wells onwards. What stands out is Miami now being Medium-Slow, although humidity probably meant we...
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    Federer will play Montreal

    I know there is another thread, but he's confirmed he is playing. Niceeeeeee
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    Bigger for Federer: #20 or World Number #1?

    At this moment of time, would Federer rather win #20 at the USO, and not get to #1 this year, next year or ever again, or would he rather get to #1 this year, and stay there for a while, and never win another slam? For these scenario's to happen... Option 1: he doesn't play Montreal, Nadal wins...
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    If you had to predict the rest of 2017...

    ...right here, right now, how would you? You've seen the first 5 months pan out, with RG, Wimbledon and the US Open still to go. I don't wanna see no troll-ish here. Be real, and unbiased. I'll start... RG: NADAL - I think he'll beat Djokovic on his way to winning; either the final or SF, then...
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    Who's The Best Player in the World on Clay Right Now?

    It’s no longer the days of Nadal dominance of the surface, so I think this title is up in the air, and has been since he last won the French. It’s tough to pick so let’s look at some stats... I’ve chosen to highlight Nishikori, Djokovic, Wawrinka, Federer, Nadal & Murray, as they’re the only...
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    Why Federer Doesn't Need Clay for YE#1

    I've done some calculations, and winning Miami was actually pretty big for Fed. If we compare 2017 to 2014 (when he last got 9,000+ points), then it's easy to see clay doesn't matter. In 2014 he finished with 9,775 points, and with the climate of the tour right now, that should be enough to be...
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    Fedr 2009 vs. Djovak 2016

    Slams: Fedr 2 - 2 Djovak Masters: Fedr 2 - 4 Djovak Top 10 wins: Fedr 15 - 21 Djovak YE Rank: Fedr (1) - Djovak (2) Overall Titles: Fedr 4 - 7 Djovak Other things to note is Fed's extra 1 slam final, Djokovic's extra 3 Masters finals. Djok also reached the London final, Fed didn't. Both won...
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    Nadal is bald...

    He has been covering his head with a hat, but it's pretty obvious...
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    30 Controversial Opinions.

    Long time, long time. I decided to take a break from the whole place for a while, I actually didn’t think I would come back, but here I am. So before I start, just a few things... - Congrats to Novak fans on his beatdowns of everyone the past month. I actually enjoyed the final two sets vs...
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    2016 Australian Open 1R: [5] Rafael Nadal vs Fernando Verdasco

    Tuesday, 19 January 2016... Deserves a thread, no? Rafa leads the H2H 14-2... Last meeting: 2015 Hamburg - Nadal won 36 61 61 Repeat of the 2009 semifinal epic... This will be tight... Reeeally tight in my opinion. Could easily be a five setter.
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    Why does Federer play Djokovic better in SF's...

    as opposed to finals? Is it mental? Is he tight knowing there is a title on the line? That I don't understand because surely he knows if he beats Djokovic in the SF's, he'll still play for a title in the next match? Or is it his tank has nearly emptied by the time a Sunday arrives? All...
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    Why is Federer's Masters 1000 record 'mediocre'?

    I couldn't think of another word instead of mediocre. It isn't really, considering he is the third most successful player at this level, but... + His finals conversion rate is a joke. 24-18 is quite bad (all of this is by his standards). + A 77% win rate - which has actually risen as he has...
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    Federer apparently injured

    Looks like a re-occurrence of the Paris injury v Isner. Requested Thursday start and didn't practice Monday or Tuesday. ''ROGER...
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    The day Mirka told Roger she was pregnant...

    Haha has anyone heard about this? Presumably he was in no mood to hang about. Sorry delPo...
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    Big Three following up 3-slam year

    Here is an interesting fact that I saw on twitter. The last years that the big three won three slams, they reached three slam finals the following year and lost 2. Fed 2007 - wins three Fed 2008 - three slam finals, loses two Nadal 2010 - wins three Nadal 2011 - three slam finals, loses two...
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    It's easier being 19 (Nadal) than 34 (Federer)...

    It's much easier being a 19 year old who's stamina and endurance is very high (Nadal for example), than to be a 34 year-old who has experience but can't go 5 sets. Just my two cents after seeing many comments over the past 12 months, but what's your guys' opinion?
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    When will Djokovic's slam QF streak end?

    I'm looking at his record right now - he hasn't lost before the quarters of a slam since the French in 2009. So that is 26 slam quarterfinals in a row. I think Federer's record is something like 36, not 100% though. When he had the Semi record, it was surprisingly ended by Wawrinka, like...
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    Full 2016 Predictions Thread

    It's hard to do without draws, but just for the fun of it, and you can revisit it next November. You can name up to two players who you think will win an event, or who won't win it etc I'll start... AO - Djokovic (Murray doesn't reach final) Indian Wells - Djokovic (first non-Djokerer final...
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    Which RG Loss Will Djokovic Regret the Most?...

    ... If he never wins it? Let's face it, he isn't getting any younger and might not ever win it. 2009 - Nadal had lost 2011 - had set points in the first and served for a fifth 2012 - won 8 (?) games in a row and had genuine momentum 2013 - lol, need I explain? 2014 - worst claydal up until that...
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    Who would have won these theoretical matches?

    They have to have been realistically close to happening (i.e one round away, two max). You must take into consideration their overall form throughout the tournament, and just imagine had they beaten who they had to to reach the other guy (i.e again, Federer wins 3rd set vs Tsonga Wimbledon 2011...