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  1. NatF

    Higher quality slam final?

    Aggregate level of both finalists with some other factors if you want.
  2. NatF

    Higher level?

    I picked what is considered prime for both at both events. Edit: Supposed to Nadal at USO versus Djokovic at Wimbledon.
  3. NatF

    Better year 2008 or 2015?

    Which year was stronger? The tour and touch on individual opponents the number 1 faced. Taking a break for pitting Fed fans against Djokovic fans for a bit.
  4. NatF

    Hypothetical Djokodal 2011 French Open Final

    What does the 2020 French Open final say about a potential Djokodal match on Chatrier in 2011?
  5. NatF

    If Andy Murray had Kyle Edmund's forehand...

    ...would he be an ATG?
  6. NatF

    Davis Cup YouTube showing Hewitt vs Federer 2003 SF

    Just in time to see Rusty's comeback :whistle:
  7. NatF

    PS5 Launch Event

    Did anyone else catch this last night? They had me at Ratchet and Clank.
  8. NatF

    Rafael Nadal vs Paul-Henri Mathieu - 3rd round | Roland-Garros 2006 Upload

    French Open YT uploading an a beast of a match this time. Highly recommend for those haven't seen it, insane hitting - reminiscent of Soderling a few years later.
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    Good tennis.
  10. NatF

    First mention of the Big 4

    34:40 I do tell a lie, the first time I heard this mid 00's quartlet mentioned as the Big 4 was back at the AO of the same year. Anyone remember any other historic Big 4 mentions? Did Brad Gilbert coin the phrase or are there even early references to a group of four players being a "Big 4"...
  11. NatF

    Andy Roddick calls 2015 Federer post prime *Tennis world in shock*

    "...It's a hard ask to ask Roger to stay in the prime of his career for 15 years you know...the post prime version of Roger is still good enough to win Grand Slams but you start going 13, 14, 15, 16 as far as years you're seeing prime Novak..." :unsure::whistle:
  12. NatF

    Monfils 2020 Roland Garros Champion

    Without spectators, Monfils will finally stop showboating and reveal peak tennis. Focused Monfils will dominate the clay and win the FO this year.
  13. NatF

    Notable players and their H2H against slam winners

    Picked the 10 most notable slam winners from the last couple of generations, Ferrero should probably be included will update later. Massive lol at Cilic. 1) Federer: 201-103 (66.12%) - 65.47% 2) Nadal: 138-75 (64.79%) - 65.18% 3) Djokovic: 144-81 (64%) - 68.53% 4) Hewitt: 89-78 (53.29%) - 47.37...
  14. NatF

    Best shots from every year at the Monte Carlo Masters, 1990 - 2018

    Some insane points in here. Mad respect to anyone who can name all the players.
  15. NatF

    Murray getting hip surgery

    Eurosport just announced this. Guess Wimbledon is out with Murray hoping to return post rehab. Fingers crossed.
  16. NatF

    Limit the number of aces in a game?

    I've thought about it and this is the only way to save tennis. After the atrocious 1994 Wimbledon final between Ivanisevic and Sampras (two glorified serve-bots who could only manage one rally over 6 shots), the tennis establishment took note and slowly transitioned to make the game more...
  17. NatF

    If Federer had ugly game instead of pretty game he would be considered a more accomplished Ferrer.

    Discuss. I think this actually a compliment, as everyone knows Federer is just a poor mans Santoro.
  18. NatF

    No. of GS titles when beating a former champion at that slam

    Federer = 8 slams, 11 total Wimbledon 2004 USO 2004 * Wimbledon 2005 USO 2005 * USO 2006 USO 2007 Wimbledon 2012 AO 2017 * Nadal = 7 slams, 7 total FO 2007 Wimbledon 2008 AO 2009 FO 2011 USO 2013 FO 2017 USO 2017 Djokovic = 10 slams, 11 total AO 2008 AO 2011 Wimbledon 2011 USO 2011 * AO...
  19. NatF

    Djokovic's second best surface is grass

    Disgust .
  20. NatF

    Mury GOAT steps in to save Wimbledon
  21. NatF

    My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) Anime

    Anyone watching this? So good, already near the top of my favourite anime after only 45+ episodes.
  22. NatF

    Better player Berdych or Zverev?

    or o_O
  23. NatF

    Fedr #1 again again

  24. NatF


    No more of this horse crap. "Well Fed had an extra days rest and is the establishment favourite since 2004." That game cannot be played anymore. This is for all the marbles. Let's not forget that Federer has a 12 time slam winner in his half of the draw. NO MORE EXCUSES. I don't want to hear...
  25. NatF

    Peak, Old, Baby, NAME - it doesn't matter, only form matters

    * emphasis on name was intentional I'll begin by saying that I do believe those factors mentioned in the thread title matter, but only in terms of being factors that affect form - they do not by themselves dictate the form of a player in a year, tournament or especially match. This was partly...
  26. NatF

    Big 3 - Records against the top 10 in slams

    So I am a Federer and Nadal fan yada yada yada Federer; AO: 20-9 (69%) FO: 8-11 (42%) Wim: 17-5 (77%) USO: 16-6 (73%) Total: 61-31 (66%) Total outside pet slam: 44-26 (63%) Djokovic; AO: 17-5 (77%) FO: 8-10 (44%) Wim: 7-4 (64%) USO: 11-7 (61%) Total: 43-26 (62%) Total outside pet slam...
  27. NatF

    Rest in peace Pancho Segura

    BBC just broke the news during the WTF final. A legend who sadly few will have ever seen or even heard of. There's a lot of fighting on here but hopefully we can come together to celebrate the life and career of Pancho.
  28. NatF

    The GOAT moment

  29. NatF

    Meles: "...we're in one of the great transition years..."

    To paraphrase @Meles this is one of the great transition years between generations. Enjoy it folks :D