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  1. rrortiz5

    WTB: Babolat Pure Drive GT (2009) 1/4 or 3/8 grip size

    Hey y'all, I can't help but prefer my old pure drive to the newer versions. I'm not sure if it's in my head or if there's actually a different but it just feels like a more solid racquet. I'm needing to buy one that's in good conditions that's usable, the newer the better. You can message me...
  2. rrortiz5

    Anyone ever add luggage straps to their ball machine and carry it like a backpack?

    Hey y’all hope everyone’s enjoying their Sunday. I recently acquired an older generation silent partner and have been trying to sort through the logistics of charging it/carrying it etc. to make the process more convenient. The park next to where I live is one that requires me to carry this...
  3. rrortiz5

    Most improved player of the year: Marco Cecchinato or Tsitsipas?

    Thoughts on who will win the award?
  4. rrortiz5

    I played the #1 ranked 3.5 in Texas

    Some highlights of a practice match from this week, got to get out there on the courts in the heat of the day. There’s always been something off about my forehand footwork and the way I contact the ball. Been told a couple times I should practice my strokes in a chair to keep my center of...
  5. rrortiz5

    Forehand so bad I get wrong-footed by the ball machine

    Just watched Tennys Sandgren push Cilic to 4 sets, man that guy was spent by the end of it. He's got a good game for a challenger circuit caliber player, I remember watching a vid of him on Matt Lin's channel and his opponent fell face first over the net. Anyways.. In all seriousness, great...