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  1. Steve Williams

    wide at mid foot

    Diadora Speed Star K Elite AG have a wide midfoot. I own a pair myself.
  2. Steve Williams

    Prince Phantom 93P- Best string set up

    I tried Laserfibre Supreme 2 mains with Head Lynx Crosses (lime green) at 48/44. Looks good and plays well for me. Next time I think I could drop a few pounds to 46/42. I’ll keep dropping a few pounds until I reach what I feel is the optimum. I have a set of cream that I might try as well as...
  3. Steve Williams

    Roger's Forehand • Three Frame Analysis

    I looked at that ‘I’m on your side’ vid in which the coach says the new forehand technique takes pressure off the player’s left knee. However, the player’s landing after his leap in the air seems to put a twist of the left knee right back in there again.
  4. Steve Williams

    Prince Phantom

    I put on a leather grip and overgrip, vibration dampener, 2x2g lead strips either side of the strings at the tip, and 8g lead putty in the butt cap.. That works out at 11 points head light and a total strung weight of 353g.I have Laserfibre Supreme 2 in the mains and Tourna big hitter Silver in...
  5. Steve Williams

    Prince Phantom

    I just started using a Phantom Pro 100. I have to say I really like it in all respects.
  6. Steve Williams

    Laserfibre Official Account

    Would you describe Laserfibre smooth as a ‘soft’ copoly. How would it compare with Vorso in this regard? Vorso is listed on the TW stiffness scale as 181. Smooth is not listed.
  7. Steve Williams

    Head Velocity

    At the moment I’m liking Laserfibre Supreme 2 mains and Velocity crosses in a Yonnex DR98 53/50
  8. Steve Williams

    Slice slice baby.

    Great view of a very beautiful stroke. I notice he his racket comes at the ball on it edge and then turns at a late stage -- almost like a serve in reverse. I'd say that would be tricky to time properly.
  9. Steve Williams

    Yonex Fusion Rev 3

    Too narrow in the mid foot area. See posts above.
  10. Steve Williams

    Yonex Fusion Rev 3

    I hope they are better. These shoes didn’t work for me in the end. I bought a pair of Diadora S Star K Elite AG and they fit my feet the best of all the shoes I’ve tried.
  11. Steve Williams


    I have Laserfibre Supreme 2 mains and Velocity crosses in my Yonex DR 98 at the moment. 53/50. It feels pretty good.
  12. Steve Williams

    Yonex Fusion Rev 3

    Good luck. I hope they are meet your requirements.
  13. Steve Williams

    Yonex Fusion Rev 3

    I’ve now worn these Fusion Rev 3 shoes a fair bit. They are comfortable in the toe box for my wide foot, sturdy and supportive. However, after several hours of playing I’m getting pain on the outside of my left foot. These shoes do seem narrow in the mid foot area. That might be a problem for...
  14. Steve Williams

    "must have" for each type of string

    Laserfibre Supreme 2 is the nicest multifilament I’ve tried for a while.
  15. Steve Williams

    Mike Bryan's prescription glasses

    I use my normal glasses with eyewear retainer to stop the sliding. For example:
  16. Steve Williams

    Yonex Fusion Rev 3

    I do get the same size in SFX and they do feel slightly wider in the toe box. They are also wider in the heel area. In fact I can wear them with thick socks and ankle braces. They are perhaps too loose in the heel for me.
  17. Steve Williams

    Yonex Fusion Rev 3

    Yes, I wear the same size. I'd say both about the same for width and length. Maybe the Yonex is very slightly wider but it's hardly noticeable and I might be wrong. I put some Superfeet Carbon insoles into the Fusion Revs and they feel great on my feet. Having said that, see my comment above...
  18. Steve Williams

    Zenzo Shimizu Apparel

    I like this guy's style
  19. Steve Williams

    Yonex Fusion Rev 3

    I'm not familiar with those shoes. The SFX is certainly the most unstable on the 3 shoes I now have. The Yonex is pretty good though.
  20. Steve Williams

    Yonex Fusion Rev 3

    I played for 3 hours today in the new Yonex Fusion Rev 3. Two sets of singles and 2 of doubles. THE GOOD NEWS: 1. No blisters (yippee!). I was worried but it worked out OK. In fact the shoes were a confortable fit in the toebox and got more comfortable the more I played. 2. They were light...
  21. Steve Williams

    Yonex Fusion Rev 3

    That's pity. It's annoying when a shoe you have depended on gets discontinued.
  22. Steve Williams

    Yonex Fusion Rev 3

    Here is a picture of the heel of the Adizero Defiant Bounce. It has a kind of bulbous base. Maybe that helps the shoes not to roll over. The Babolat and Yonex Heels are below for contrast. I'm not sure if this is significant but the Adizero has least support but feels most stable and least...
  23. Steve Williams

    Yonex Fusion Rev 3

    I'm obviously not a shoe expert but it's not as if the bootie construction actually gives support to the ankle like an ankle brace does. However, the Yonex shoe definitely has less space in the heel area than, say, the Babolat SFX so there is less movement there. For me the stability has more to...
  24. Steve Williams

    Yonex Fusion Rev 3

    Reading between the lines on the Yonex website, I think you can assume that the Eclipsion2 is intended to have more support than the Fusion Rev because Yonex marketing says the Eclipsion2 is "especially for tour competitors" whereas the Fusion Rev would suit "avid club players". I am an avid...
  25. Steve Williams

    Yonex Fusion Rev 3

    I tried some Vapour X on in a shop but they were too narrow for my feet. It was a struggle to get them on and when I did they pinched just about everywhere. So these are a bit wider fit – but snug.
  26. Steve Williams

    Yonex Fusion Rev 3

    OK but I may not be as rapid or violent as you might be. I'll let you know after Friday. I've never worn Eclipsion 2.
  27. Steve Williams

    Yonex Fusion Rev 3

    At the moment, in the wild only means in my house. I won't be able to play in them until Friday – too much work to do :( The quality seems very good. They look great. Here are some pictures.
  28. Steve Williams

    Yonex Fusion Rev 3

    I just received a pair of these in the mail from Tennis Warehouse Europe. They only had the clay ones in stock but I play mostly on artificial grass anyway so they should do fine for that. I tried them on in the house. First impressions: they are a snug fit on my feet. Not as roomy as KSwiss...
  29. Steve Williams

    Is this the start of TE ? Sometimes it is easy to overextend one’s arm while serving or trying to do a one handed backhand like Wawrinka. That would also affect the area you indicate in your picture. That might heal reasonably quickly. But the general advice would still apply...
  30. Steve Williams

    Comfortable Shoes