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  1. imonfire

    The Road To Super Bowl LIII (Feb. 3, 2019): The Best Or Nothing Under The Mercedes Dome

    You should have watched the conference finals instead.
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    Murray To Retire At Wimbledon

  3. imonfire

    2019 Grand Slam winners predictions

    AO: Zverev RG: Thiem Wim: Djokovic USO: Thiem
  4. imonfire

    2018 Basel Final: [1] Federer vs Copil

    There we go. 99th. Btw, I haven’t watched Fed since USO, aside from poor service he seemed much more passive than usual, anything wrong with him?
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    The most famous celebrity named Roger?

    "Roger Federer": 26,700,000 results "Roger Waters": 20,500,000 results "Roger Moore": 4,520,000 results "roger that": 1,820,000 results "Roger Rasheed": 22,100 results
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    Wimbledon introduces Tiebreaks in the Fifth

    I'd be happy if the other slams did the same (tiebreak at 12-12 in the 5th).
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    New forum - Thoughts?

    It's much better at 90% zoom (press CTRL key and scroll down once).
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    Anyone who knows a way to watch full Laver Cup?

    Doesn't Amazon Prime offer 50% off to new subscribers in Europe for the first 6 months, like it does in other regions? If yes, that's a pretty good deal considering all the content you get and the ability to cancel anytime.
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    Serena's outburst led to "segregation" in Australia...

    Hehehe I wonder what kind of treatment Fognini would receive from you.
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    2019 GS predictions

    Nole, Thiem, Murray, Shapovalov
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    Did Novak waste chance at GOAT?

    Did Fed waste a chance at undisputed GOAT?
  12. imonfire

    A new major winner next year.

    I hope the Big 3 are all healthy, Delpo keeps up his current form, Murray and Wawa somehow become competitive again, and that another Next Gener wins a Masters till the end of this season. I'm really looking forward to the AO, it can be massive.
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    2018 US Open F - JM Del Potro (3) vs Novak Djokovic (6)

    Delete. I don't care about this post.
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    2018 US Open F - JM Del Potro (3) vs Novak Djokovic (6)

    May we all have a great end of season, with several matches between a healthy Big 3, Murray and Wawa raising their levels and going deep into tournaments, Delpo keeping up his, and continued growth for the Next Gen.
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    Congratulations on # 14 Djoker

    Congrats Nole, 2018 player of the year, and to all of your fans. That was some seriously high level tennis, well done.
  16. imonfire

    2018 US Open F - JM Del Potro (3) vs Novak Djokovic (6)

    I'm calling it GG. All the drama aside, as much as Naomi dominated Serena yesterday, that was a better match than this.
  17. imonfire

    Serena Williams

    hmm Serena should keep him. She's just returned to the tour and made 2 slam finals, a slightly better form will lead to titles.
  18. imonfire

    Throwing Uncle Tony under the bus

    Did you really not get it or are you just joking?
  19. imonfire

    Serena Williams

    If it was Djokodal final, I'm sure it would be a mix of Serena and men's slam final threads by now.
  20. imonfire

    Serena Williams

    I agree rules are often silly, I'm also fine with players breaking rackets and I'd be fine with allowing on court coaching in tennis. Once it is currently not allowed, as soon as one coach does it, the player can benefit from it even if the coach's behavior is not under his/her control, so as...
  21. imonfire

    Serena Williams

    So kicking a baseball coach out has no impact on the rest of the team or the match? Why is the coach even there in the first place anyway? If a player or coach in a team sports get punished, that also affects the whole team. It should be similar in tennis.
  22. imonfire

    Serena Williams

    Kicking a coach out in soccer has a clear negative impact for the whole team, for at least 2 matches. If you just kick the tennis coach out of the court, the player can still benefit from the received coaching. Other than that, a single or double warning in general has little to no impact on...
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    Serena Williams

    To me, that would have escalated the situation faster, and Ramos being somewhat silent and quietly accepting a lot of what she said in the first changeover was a way to let her speak her mind and try and calm her down. After a heated discussion, players generally do cool down on their own...
  24. imonfire

    Serena Williams

    Everyone except trolls and haters would be siding with Serena if it was a "one mile an hour over the speed limit", and by the way where I live you get a fine if you go 10%+ over the speed limit. Ramos could exercise discretion and not give her the second warning for breaking a racket, but IMO...
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    2018 USO Womens Final : ThisMama Serena Williams vs Japanese Queen Naomi Osaka

    Stop. Serena called him liar and accused him of robbing her - after that, he gave her the game penalty.
  26. imonfire

    2018 USO Womens Final : ThisMama Serena Williams vs Japanese Queen Naomi Osaka

    It is irrelevant whether she received coaching, he is not allowed to give her tips even if she is not looking.