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  1. tlm

    Some Set Play Video

    Here are some points from a set I played yesterday. 4 Play all
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    Hitting Lower Trajectory-Video

    I've been working on hitting a lower trajectory for when I have an open court. I still hit high looping shots when rallying but need to improve putting ball away.
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    Poly Main with Rip Control Cross

    Anybody using rip control cross with a poly main?
  4. tlm

    Anyone Tried this Tennis Trainer?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried this training device, it looks like it could be helpful...
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    Slow Motion Video

    Here is a short clip of some ball machine hitting in slow motion. I posted some practice video a week ago and I received some good tips. Some pointed out that I am jerking my head up early to watch where the ball goes and the video clearly shows that's true. Also the lack of bending at the knees...
  6. tlm

    Some Hitting With Ball Machine Video

    I have been working with the ball machine a lot lately trying to improve backhand and learning to hit it down the line. Plus working on hitting sharp angled forehands.
  7. tlm

    Video Of Some rally Points

    Here is a clip of a game of 21 with drop feeds that I played against a very good hitting partner. You can tell that he is taking it easy and working on his back court game, plus he lets me start most of the points. This is a good practice game because you play a lot of points in a short time...
  8. tlm

    Video Of Some Point Play From Today

    Here is a clip from some points I played today against a much better player. This guy can kick my butt even while taking it easy on me. My Edited Video
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    Afternoon practice Video

    Here is a short clip of practice today with my wife. My Edited Video
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    Playing indoors vs Outdoors

    Went indoors last night for the first time since early spring. It is amazing how much easier it is indoors compared to outdoors, to me it is like night and day. So much easier to swing away aggressively and keep the ball in. Much easier serving also you can hit harder serves and hit at a...
  11. tlm

    Forehands In Slow Motion

    Here are a few forehands I hit in Slow motion. I know I use a strange technique and there are many things I could improve. I know to that I do arm the ball to much at times but some say that I only use my arm and it is going to fall off and on and on. But to me watching in slow motion it...
  12. tlm

    Practice Video

    Here is a short practice video of some hitting with my wife. I have been working on attacking more and hitting a more penetrating shot off weak short balls. I think I hit a few forehands with some shape like shroud is talking about. My Edited Video
  13. tlm

    Practice Video

    A short video of a little practice with my wife yesterday. I have been taking lessons and my coach says that my forehand from the backcourt is good enough believe it or not. But he wants me to hit across the ball more when I get in the court to attack. He said if the ball is short and at net...
  14. tlm

    Playing Some Tough Points : Video

    Here are some points from yesterday, I am the old guy in the near court playing my younger opponent who is getting better everytime I play him.
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    Old Guy vs Young guy video

    Here are some points from me playing my friends son. This kid has really improved I used to beat him most of the time but I believe those days are gone. He is a junior in high school and has been really working on his game. He works out with the local college coach and in the fall he would go...
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    Hitting Through Forehand Video

    Here is a clip of some rally practice and I am trying to hit through my forehand more, plus get more depth and lower trajectory.
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    Getting Schooled by 4.5 Player Video

    Here are some points from yesterday playing my buddy who is a strong 4.5 level player. He can take it easy and still give me fits. I play him almost weekly, just to let some here know that I do play against some higher level players.
  18. tlm

    A Couple of Forehands in Slow Motion

    Here are a couple of forehands I hit during point play. As far as technique goes is one better than the other? What would be some mistakes in my mechanics that stand out?
  19. tlm

    Another Hitting Winner off Back Foot Oscar Wegner Style

    Here is another example of hitting a good shot off back foot. I thought that my backhand slice was out at first so I was caught flat footed. Then I ran up to fast and had to adjust back some to be able to hit the shot. But this forehand shows that a good shot can be hit off back foot while...
  20. tlm

    Video Of a Few Points

    Here are some points from a set me and my friend played last week.
  21. tlm

    Rally Practice Video

    Here is some practice from today before we played a set. I used a better camera so it should look much better than that last fuzzy video. I am starting to get the hang of the two hander but still have a long way to go. I am not that confident in point play so I still slice a lot but I am...
  22. tlm

    A Few Points From Tonight

    Here are a couple of points from some hitting tonight. We were not playing very consistent tonight.
  23. tlm

    Mixing Head Gravity?

    Has anyone tried mixing the head gravity triangle shaped main with a different x's than the one that comes in the hybrid set? I really like this string but do not care for the thin springy x's, I need something a little stiffer and less powerful. I really wish that I could just purchase the...
  24. tlm

    Video Of Some Points

    Here is a clip of some points from tonight. I am in the visor playing against my buddy who is a little rusty but we still had some pretty good points.
  25. tlm

    Practice Video hitting to corners

    Here is another practice video, this is towards the end of our hitting session were we worked on hitting more to the corners and being more aggressive. Hopefully this will be more in line with a couple of posters who think it is really weak to hit down the middle of the court...
  26. tlm

    Practice Video

    Here is a little rally practice from tonight, I am in the near court.
  27. tlm

    Hitting Winner While Pulling back Video Oscar Wegner Style

    Here is a clip of me hitting a winner while pulling back and to the side. First is in regular speed and 2nd is in slow motion. This clearly shows what Oscar Wegner is talking about when he says that you can get good racket head speed while pulling back.
  28. tlm

    Trying to Use Shoulder turn Video

    Here are a few forehands were I am trying to use more shoulder turn. Let me know what you think. The 3rd and 4th shots are slow motion of the first 2.
  29. tlm

    Extreme Grip on 2 handed backhand

    Has anyone else had good luck with using a western style grip on the 2 hander? It's probably just my strange way of hitting a tennis ball. But I am really trying to get a solid 2 handed backhand. For some reason I seem to hit the best when I have the racket really closed on the take back...
  30. tlm

    Video of me playing 4.5 all court player

    Here is a clip from yesterday of me the one in white shirt playing against a good 4.5 player. This guy is a very good player and can kick my butt, even though he is probably only playing about at 75%.