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  1. datsveryinterestin

    For Sale: Babolat Pure Drive Plus 1/4 9/10cond

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): 2018 Babolat Pure Drive Plus (27.5") Grip Size / Size: 4 1/4 Quantity: 1 Head Size (if a racquet): 100 Condition (x out of 10): 9.5 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): 5 hrs used *General Description (including any cosmetic...
  2. datsveryinterestin

    WTB: Babolat Pure Drive VS pair

    Hello, Looking to buy a pair of Pure Drive VS in excellent condition from someone who tried them and decided it wasn't for them. 3/8 grip preferred but 1/4 ok. Email:
  3. datsveryinterestin

    FS: 2 Babolat Pure Aero Plus 4 1/4

    FS: 2 Babolat Pure Aero Plus 1/4 Make: Babolat Model: Pure Aero Plus Grip: 4 1/4 Condition: 8/10 Details: racquets used for 2 months. Scuffing on bumper and a few areas where black paint has come off. Original grips. 1 is strung with Solinco Hyper G 17 1.20 1 is strung with Luxilon ALU power...
  4. datsveryinterestin

    FS: 2 Yonex vcore SV98+ 3/8

    For sale: 2 yonex Vcore SV98+ Quantity: 2 Make: Yonex Model: Vcore SV98+ (27.5") Grip: 3/8 condition: 8.5/10 details: Used for a month. Most of the wear is on the bumper guards. Scuffed uo but on clay court so not too deep. A few scuffs and scratches but no chips. Original grips. 1 is strung...
  5. datsveryinterestin

    Wanted: 2018 Pure Drive Plus

    Want to buy: 2018 Babolat Pure Drive Plus 1/4 grip preferred 9/10 condition also desired Email: falseguardian@yahoo.con
  6. datsveryinterestin

    For sale: 2018 Pure Drive Tour Plus 1/4

    For sale: Brand: Babolat Model: Pure Drive Tour Plus Grip size: 2 or 4 1/4 Condition: 9.5/10 Specific Time Used: Used for a couple hours General Description: no paint scratches at all. Only a few bumper scuffs. Strung with Luxilon ALU power. Price: $150 shipped to USA Email...
  7. datsveryinterestin

    Wtb: Yonex SV98+ long 3/8 grip

    Wanted: Yonex Vcore SV98+ 27.5" 3/8 grip Only looking for 9/10 no paint chips please. Email:
  8. datsveryinterestin

    manny is a great seller

    @manny is a great seller Great racquet as advertised Thank you! -Dats
  9. datsveryinterestin

    bleno567 is a great seller!

    bleno567 is a great seller! Racquet came fast and as advertised! Highly recommend! - Dats
  10. datsveryinterestin

    Demos= Guaranteed week of rain

    This happens every time I try to test racquets... Almost guaranteed week straight of rain. PDT+ PD+18 PD+15 PA+ PS100 PA19 SV98
  11. datsveryinterestin

    FS:(2)yonex vcore sv98 3/8grip 9/10cond

    For sale: Quantity: 2 Make/model: Yonex VCore SV98 Grip size: 3/8 Condition: 9/10 Detailed description of use: bought these to compare with the new VCore98 and thought I liked the extra power from the SV98. Used for 1 practice and 1 match. 2.5 hours split amongst the 2 frames. 1 strung with...
  12. datsveryinterestin

    wtb: 2018 Babolat Pure Drive Plus 3/8

    Looking for newest version blue Babolat Pure Drive Plus 3/8 grip size 9/10 condition or better. If you had also had a combo deal for a gently used blue Pure 12 pack bag... I'd be very interested! Email:
  13. datsveryinterestin

    FS: 2 Yonex VCore SV98 plus 9/10cond

    For Sale: Quantity: Two Yonex Vcore SV98+ (27.5") Grip size: 3/8 Condition: 9/10 Time Used: Used for 2 months, 10 hours on court. Details: scuffing on bumper guard. clean paint. Grips were replaced with Gamma Hi Tech. One is strung with yonex poly tour pro 1.25 other is strung with...
  14. datsveryinterestin

    2 Wilson Blade 98L lime green and 15pack bag

    For sale: Quantity: 2 Brand: Wilson Model: Blade 98L reverse lime green limited edition color Grip size: 4 3/8 Condition: 9/10 Detailed description: no paint chips, some sticky residue from previous lead tape at 3&9. A few light scuffs on bumper guard. Both strung with luxilon ALU power 16l...
  15. datsveryinterestin

    Yonex Vcore Plus versions?

    Hi TW, Any info on when/if yonex will have vcore 98 plus and 100 plus models?
  16. datsveryinterestin

    Wanted: Yonex Vcore SV98+ in 3/8

    Wanted: Yonex Vcore SV98+ in 3/8 Looking for 2 of them. Email me at :
  17. datsveryinterestin

    For sale: yonex vcore SV 98 plus 3/8 9/10

    For sale: Yonex Vcore SV98 PLUS Grip size: 3/8 Condition: 9/10 Detailed description: used for 2 hours of light rallying. (Too heavy for me) No scratches on frame or bumper guard. Strung with Poly Tour Pro at 54lbs. Comes with orange yonex carry sack. Price: $159 shipped to usa Email...
  18. datsveryinterestin

    Yonex SV98+ out of stock 4/5

    Hi TW, I've been eyeing the "Vcore SV 98 plus" and wanted to order for 2 weeks but the date for 3/8 grip size keeps getting pushed back from 2/24 to 3/5 to 4/5!! Do you know why it will take so long to get more in stock? Thanks! Also is the SV98 coming in "cool black" colorway in USA? Plus...
  19. datsveryinterestin

    FS: 2 Wilson Pro Staff 97LS in 9/10 cond

    For Sale: Quantity: 2 Make/model: Wilson Pro Staff 97LS (black) Unstrung Specs: 10.2oz 23mm beam 18x16 string pattern grip size: 4 1/4 Head size: 97 Condition: used for 2 weeks. A few light scuffs on bumper guards of one while the 2nd one is even cleaner. Original grips. No paint chips...
  20. datsveryinterestin

    FS: 2 yonex vcore sv98 9/10 cond

    For sale: Quantity: 2 Yonex Vcore SV 98 Gripsize: 3/8 Condition: 9/10 Detailed description: used for 4 hitting sessions for 8 hours total . One is strung with Yonex Poly Tour Pro 1.20 and one is strung with Yonex Poly Tour Pro 1.25. No paint chips and will upload photos later that details the...
  21. datsveryinterestin

    FS: 3 Babolat Pure Aero & 12 pack bag 9/10

    Selling: Racquets: Babolat Pure Aero Plus Quantity: 3 Gripsize: 3/8 Condition: 9/10 Description: rotated all 3 for a month being super careful not to let racquet touch the court whenever possible. So the frames are very clean with minimal wear (just a few light scuffs) on the bumper guards. I...
  22. datsveryinterestin

    for sale: 2 Yonex Vcore SV 95 in 9/10cond 3/8 grips

    for sale: quantity: TWO Racquet: Yonex VCORE SV 95 grip size: 3/8 condition: 9/10 specific detail/time used: used for 2 hours total. strung one with Yonex poly tour pro 1.20 and one with VS GUT/RPM Blast hybrid!!$!$ no mods.. original grips. no paint chips.. a few small scuffs on bumper...
  23. datsveryinterestin

    For Sale: 2 Babolat Pure Aero VS 3/8 9/10cond

    Quantity: 2 Make/model: Babolat Pure Aero VS Grip size: 4 3/8 Condition: 9/10 Details:. I bought these racquets on a whim to compare to my Pure Aero Plus racquets. I took them to the practice wall a few times. And hit with a practice partner for 30minutes. These racquets are way too demanding...
  24. datsveryinterestin

    Wanted: Babolat Pure Aero VS 3/8

    Looking for 1 or 2 Babolat Pure Aero VS (Not VS Tour) in 3/8 grip size 9/10 condition preferred. Email :
  25. datsveryinterestin

    FS: (2) Pure Aero Plus 3/8 9/10 cond

    Selling 2 Babolat Pure Aero Plus Grip 3 (3/8) Condition: 9/10 Details: used for 2 weeks gently. Strung with RPM Blast 15l at 55lbs. Both racquets were used equally and have a few bumper scuffs and a few scratches on the sides. 6grams of Lead tape at 12 on the hoop. Price: $165 for 1 or $320 for...
  26. datsveryinterestin

    FS: yonex ezone xi98 9/10cond 3/8 grip

    For sale: Brand: Yonex Model: Ezone XI 98 racquets Condition: 9/10 Details: tested for 1hour hitting serves and groundstrokes. No paint chips. Light scuffing on headguard. Original grips. I have leather grip and Yonex Poly Tour Pro 1.20 if anybody wants to try the pro setup. I switched back...
  27. datsveryinterestin

    16l tour bite too powerful 16g not what

    So I've finally gotten around to trying Tour Bite. I use a Babolat Pure Aero Plus. (Just switched and still getting used to the frame) I am a hard hitter and big server but going for too much too soon, inconsistency, and overhitting are my weakness. I love the spin Tour Bite gives me. But in...
  28. datsveryinterestin

    Wanted: Babolat Pure Aero Plus 3/8

    Looking for a Babolat Pure Aero Plus in 3/8 9/10 preferred Email : false guardian AT
  29. datsveryinterestin

    FS: 2 yonex ezone xi98 8.5/10

    For sale 2 Yonex Ezone XI98 Grip size 3/8 Condition: 8/10 Used for several months Bumper in good condition but lots of scuffs A few pin sized paint chips. Original grips. Price $120 each shipped to us let 48 Email: falseguardian AT
  30. datsveryinterestin

    Deep thoughts on my Serve... or how a big hitter came to love the SLICE

    Finally, I realized (after over 10 years of stupidity) that the SLICE serve is so important. 1) it makes good players with quick reactions have to move their feet so they can't just tee off even on a 120mph serve. <serve has not been timed so it could be 105... all i know is they don't come back...