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    Do you let your racquet drop during the coin toss?

    I’ve been meaning to ask this for a little while now. It absolutely makes me cringe when I see people spin their racquet for serve or side and then let their racquet fall on the ground. I don’t know about you all, but racquets cost way too much just let them fall to the ground. If I do a racquet...
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    Which players give the most racquet claps?

    I watch more WTA than ATP, from my experience of watching, I noticed that some players habitually acknowledge their opponents good shots or making a good get. Can anyone add to the list of players (m/f) that show good sportsmanship with racquet claps? Naomi Osaka Serena Williams
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    Yet another Singles Stick Thread

    I know there are existing threads on TTW about singles sticks, but they’re outdated. I wanted to get a more current opinion and view point about them. Does anyone currently use them for their matches? They make collapsible singles sticks now that fit right in your tennis bag. Do you look...
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    Do you do change overs on indoor courts?

    Often times when playing indoors for the sake of time most players just stay at one end. Generally speaking it’s the same conditions on the each side. However when (at least for me) when you do switch sides, there’s a different feel, even look, from the other side of the net. It’s very easy to...
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    Luxilon Smart String play test?

    Just curious to know when and if you will be play testing the newest Luxilon string?
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    Don't Hold Back!

    I'm writing about my experience so I can share with others and maybe they can learn something from it. I had a tennis match today and I lost. Not easy to take an L, but I did learn something about myself today. Not to make excuses, but it's first week back to tennis after not playing for...
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    Anyone else watch live tennis on YouTube?

    Tennis Channel can suck it, they air repeats of ATP matches rather than play live WTA matches. WTATV isn’t available anymore in the US. So now YouTube is my go to for watching any live WTA matches.
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    This thread is for any players that would like to discuss the new Wilson Clash or Wilson Clash Tour. I just ordered mine (Tour Version) and I can’t wait to get it on the courts.
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    Pre-order Wilson Clash?

    Will the Wilson Clash be available for pre-order? Wilson reps say it will be available for sale on February 15, 2019. Will TW have it in stock?
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    10 minute Warm-Up Instructional Video

    This is one of the best instructional warm up videos I've seen. I'm pretty sure this is EXACTLY how the pros warm up.
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    Do you wear your wedding band when you play?

    I have a wedding band that’s white gold (nothing to fancy) but I bought a silicone band about a month ago. Its so much more comfortable and really enjoy wearing/playing with it. It doesn’t scratch my racquet and I can play without worrying about damaging it or injuring myself because I’m wearing...
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    Tennis Clinics and Tennis Lessons

    I’ve attended both and what I learned is that the clincs/lessons are only as good as the students or attendees. (Now of course the coach/instructor matters) I recently attended a 3.5 doubles clinic and I had to tell the instructor I wouldn’t be attending anymore of her classes (I’ve attended...
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    Addidas Play for the Ocean Collection

    I like the blue and it's for a good cause. Wish Ana was actually playing instead of just modeling.
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    Nike Melbourne Collection 2019

    What do you all think?
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    Interesting drill

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    WTA back on Tennis Channel

    With the end of WTATV being available in the USA, it’s nice to see that they’re showing WTA matches on tennis channel as stated. I wonder how many many matches will be televised in 2019?
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    Tag’s 2019 Ace Challenge

    I’d like to have an Ace challenge for 2019. Not exactly sure how to validate the serves or Ace count. I guess it would have to be on the honor system. Rules are simple, if it’s an actual match (not practice) and it’s ace serve it counts. You have to keep your own count and post here weekly...
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    I think I may have a problem...

    I’m addicted to tennis. Literally everyday I’m doing something tennis related, either playing, practicing, watching current/past matches, how to YouTube videos, reading something about tennis. I’m a student of the game, so I am constantly trying to learn, grow and improve. All things considered...
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    Is it rude to say "Come On" after a point?

    Just wondering what the rest the board thought about this. I know some of the pros say it, they even say it in different languages "Davay"- Russian, "Pome" Slovakian, etc. You get the idea. Does anyone else yell after winning a good point or a good serve/ace? Is it bad sportsmanship to the...
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    Do you have style on the tennis court? (Tennis attire)

    Just wondering if anyone else puts any thought into what they wear when they play tennis. Do you make a conscious effort to wear the same brand, matching colors, coordinate gear, hat, wristbands, etc when you play? Or do you just grab the first pair of shorts and T-shirt within reach?
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    Do you call foot faults on opponents?

    When I started playing tennis (recreational) again last year, I immediately noticed that almost everyone foot faults. I stood in disbelief that this is just commonly accepted. I played at tennis party last night when I made this same observation again. Almost everyone who plays recreational...
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    Why did you choose your racquet?

    This thread isn't about slamming other racquets or others for their choices. With so many different types of racquets on the market, I'm curious to know what influenced you to buy it? Was it brand loyalty, favorite player, suits your game, etc? For me I was looking for a more advanced...
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    What is Santa bringing you for Christmas?

    and by Santa I mean what are you treating yourself to this year for a Christmas present? Can be tennis or non-tennis related. I'll be picking up one of these. I'm sure it's great for singles matches, but I'm getting it more for tennis practice. Serves, placement, service speed etc. (It's...
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    Are line judges penalized for making bad calls?

    Something I’ve always wondered, I know it’s their job, but generally there can repercussions to doing your job badly. Do line judges get an allowance of bad calls a year/season? What about the contrary, are they rewarded when a player challenges and haweye show that they made the correct call?
  25. TagUrIt

    As of 12/30/18 no more WTATV in the USA

    WTF??? WTA TV will no longer operate in the US starting December 30, 2018 due to the new broadcast agreement with Tennis Channel. Any questions contact: with “WTA TV” in subject line. This really disappointing, especially since Comcast doesn’t offer tennis...
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    Newest Nike Air Zoom Zeroes

    I know there's and existing thread, but it doesn't reflect the new Zoom Zeroes. I wanted to create a new thread to discuss the new color schemes and peoples experiences, thoughts and comments with this shoe.
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    New Balls signal?

    I've noticed in matches that whenever new balls are about to be used, whoever is serving usually raises their hand with the ball to let the receiver know that there are new balls being utilized. Is this a rule or just sportsmanship?
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    No "Hawk-Eye" matches SUCK!

    I am completely acknowledging that I'm biased in this post. I was watching a match between Goerges and Kužmová and twice during the match there were questionable calls against Goerges that "The Hawkeye" system would have easily resolved. In a game where every point counts, it's a shame that...
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    Tall Female Tennis Players

    Only stipulation is to post them in tennis gear and their height. Julia Goerges 5"11"