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    Oversize rackets - specifically Head Speed Xt PWR

    I was hitting with a buddy the other day and he had a bunch of Demo's. For fun, I tried a couple and found that I really like the Head Graphene XT Speed PWR. Played a set of doubles with it and found it has a huge sweet spot, lots of power, great spin, very stable and light weight. I...
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    local league, need a better ranking system

    I organize a summer doubles league and keep track of wins/losses and scores. we play one set, winners move up losers down a court. Typically we play 3 sets each night. there is a wide range of skills... mostly 4.0, but more and more 4.5s, plus a few 3.5 players. We are a small town... my list...
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    what tension for full bed bab. vs 17g gut in yonex?

    What tension should I string a full bed of Babolat VS 17g gut in my yonex vcore 310? I've been playing with technical fibre 17 and 18 g strung at 54/56, 55/57. I actually like it better when it breaks in and loses a bit of tension after a few sets. I was going to go lower with it, but My...
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    Get ready for first round tourney/usta matchplay

    I tend to get tight before the first round or a tournament, sometimes my game comes around during the match, sometimes not so much. Anyone else get that tight feeling, and play sub-par? I have a bit of a routine i do before matches at my club... including a sauna, getting on the treadmill or...
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    New yonex with built in grommets?

    Did I see a new Yonex racket with rubberized grommets along the top and bottom to work as a built in vibe dampener? Any reviews? Also, would this help if I'm breaking a lot of strings around the frame on miss-hits?
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    Multi vs Gut durability?

    Does a good natural gut last much longer than multi? I went to a very soft multi (technifibre xone biphase 17g and 18g) which I like very much for feel, control and power. However, I'm breaking them in 3-5 sets. The 17 is actually breaking as bad or worse than the 18, (it breaks on the...
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    Volley goes out to lunch.

    I'm a 4.0 player, and for the most part I volley pretty well. but every once in a while I get on a streak where none of my volleys will go over the net and in. When i'm close, they drop in the net. When I'm coming in, they sail long or further wide than I had aimed. Sometimes this happens in...
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    Wilson NXT Pro 18 guage

    On the advice of a local pro, I had my yonex tour g 310 strung up with Wilson NXT Pro 18 guage. (About the same time, I added 5g of weight at 2 and 10). Loved the feel of it right away during a 1 hour drill. It is soft, but not mushy with plenty of power. I felt like I was playing really...
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    Prince Tennis Racket Bag - Green, white, black.

    Prince Tennis Bag (6+ racquets). Green, white, black. Quantity: 1 Size: Large Condition :7 (out of 10) *Specific Time Used: 8 months. *General Description : Good condition, few blemishes... but one of the zippers sometimes does not work. Price: $25.00 Shipping: Included Seller's...
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    won my first real tournament ever!

    I won my first ever real tournament (Traverse City Summer Splash, USTA mixed 7.5) this weekend. I played great for 3 straight matches on Sunday... serves, volleys, overheads, and return of serves all just rockin! I was able to get in the zone and manage to stay there through most of each...
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    FS: (2x) Babolat Aeropro Drive, 4 1/4, 7/10, $90(ea)

    FS: (2x) Babolat Aeropro Drive, 4 1/4, 7/10 These are one year old, in good condition with some cosmetic wear and tear but no cracks/flaws/problems. Strung recently at 62/64 with poly/synth gut. $90.00 each (+shipping) Contact by email at:
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    Seeking string advice..

    I don't know much about string, but am about to restring one of my rackets, so hoping for some advice. I'm a 4.0 player, just been back in the game for about a year. I play more doubles than singles, and serve & volley a lot even in singles (mostly to compensate for lack of baseline...