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    Djoker vs RF dispute Didn’t know about this, did you guys?
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    Where is the cheapest shipping option?

    @TW Staff I was about to order at least 6 grommets but at the end of the cart, the only cheapest one is $56. I thought that was expensive. These grommets can’t be that heavy! Where is the world shipping thing? Can’t remember the name of the air freight? I always chose the cheapest one without...
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    painaway capsules Has anyone tried this? Does it help?
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    Uniqlo is bad.... No wonder they need to...
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    Replacement Grip Thickness

    Hi @TW Staff Can you please find out about thickness of this grip? TIA
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    X-One BiPhase 1.18mm

    What is the difference between squash and tennis string of X-One BiPhase 1.18mm? My guess is the same characteristics except squash string is thinner than tennis one, correct? I’m interested to try a squash string reel. TIA
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    Is 10m of natural gut enough to string the main only?

    Guys, Just wondering if a 10m is enough to string a pair of either Fischer Vacuum Pro 90/MS or Wilson Pro Staff 85 in mains only. TIA
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    PolyFibre Viper

    Did use search function to find what I have been looking for is not there. I’m not sure if polyfibre claim this viper is shock absorbing quality of this string or does it sound gimmicky to you? Thinking of buying one to test it out. TIA
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    Biotech Quick Replacement Grip Any review on that grip?
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    New tennis machine Didn’t know Andy Roderick can serve left handed???
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    Wilson Butt Cap L3 restocking

    Hi @TW Staff Are you able to restock L3? I’m in need of buying a pair of them. TIA
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    Purple drink

    Hey guys, I’m watching Novak vs Danii, and I saw Novak drink in purple. What kind is that? I know it’s sort of energy drink but what is it? TIA
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    Thickness of Pacific Gut

    Hi guys, Tried to google the string differences in mm between Prime and Tough Gut. Prime Gut Thickness 8.0G/17 8.5G/16L 9.0G/16 Tough Gut Thickness 8.0G/17 8.5G/16L 9.0G/16 9.5G/15L TIA
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    D WILSON PETITION: Sign below if you want Pro Staff 85 GROMMETS

    Why not sign a petition for 85 grommets for various models such as St Vincent, Taiwanese and Chinese made, even Classic 85 paint job. I need more 85 grommets, Wilson! Make it happen. Please sign, guys! 1. dnguyen
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    Which length of fairway grip for classic 85

    Hey guys, Just seeking anyone who has Wilson Pro Staff Classic 85 and the grip need some replacement. Planning to buy a new replacement grip and that would be fairway leather grip. Need to know which version: standard or double handed grip? So I can buy it the right way. TIA
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    Wanted: Wilson Pro Staff Classic (Stefan Edberg)

    If you wish to sell it to me, please email me Looking for either L2 or L3. Thanks, Dan
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    Has anyone bought this string? How’s the quality? Might be interested in blue one as I have been looking for thinnest gauge one.
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    How to cure this burping problem?

    Hi guys, Long story short, I almost died twice and also (almost) killed my own wife in bed by strangling. All this caused by cymbalta and I had to go cold turkey which I was not aware of because it was too late to reinstate cymbalta since I missed the windows of reinstatement which I can’t...
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    Prince tennis strings

    @TW Staff Could you please tell us where it is made from? Made in Japan? Thanks Dan
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    Which string is similar to Luxilon Timo 18?

    As the title stated, anyone know? There are so many poly strings. Thought someone here might tell us which one? Tia
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    Hi everyone, Has anyone tried this one? If so, how it is? Thanks, Dan
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    Duffle bag

    Hi @TW Staff Are you able to sell this bag? I would like to buy one. Thanks, Danny
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    Volkl Cyclone Tour 19 vs Luxilon Timo 18

    Hey guys, Has anyone tried these strings? Both of them are 1.10mm. Which has more comfortable, more spin, and more power. Durability is the least of my concern. It will be strung crosses with natural gut mains. TIA
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    Hybrid question for Fischer vacuum pro 90

    Hi guys, I have half set strings. They are Babolat VS Touch 1.30mm and Ashaway Kevlar 1.10mm. Should I put Touch at mains but according to people here, it should be crosses instead? I will use low tension. Is Kevlar should be around 40lbs to prevent future arm problem? Please advise. TIA
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    Proserve machine

    The price is even expensive than ace attack. I very much prefer ace attack over proserve any day. Hope to get one.
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    Lacoste restocking?

    @TW Staff The white top seems sold out? Any plan for restocking? I meant restock the medium size = 4 TIA
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    Half set strings

    @TW Staff As the link above, can I purchase them? Thanks, Danny
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    RacquetArts: Stencil ink - any good?

    As the title stated, has anyone know about this quality of racquetarts stencil ink pen? Will it last long before wearing it off from time to time? TIA.
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    Fischer Logo Stencil

    hey guys, I hope you might have a copy of that. If so, please send me one at TIA
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    Singles Sticks

    as the thread title stated, can anyone recommend me to buy these? I want to improve my serve and reduce double faults. I saw the timber sticks which has been used by Wimbledon but I don’t need timber. I also saw aluminium sticks, it should be ok to buy, yes or no? TIA