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  1. mmk

    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    Michaella Krajicek
  2. mmk

    Stretching protocol before hitting

    Yep, I don't do the stretch against a painted wall, there is a carpeted rise between the main floor of my club and a stretching area that I use.
  3. mmk

    Stretching protocol before hitting

    At my club I get on an elliptical for 10-15 minutes to make sure my muscles are warmed up, then toe-touches, achilles stretches (), and sideways and linear groin stretches (added these after a guy on an adjacent court tore his). I don't have to bother with upper body stretches - I don't have...
  4. mmk

    So, any pros using the over hyped super amazing Clash?

    The first time one of my daughters heard Straight to Hell she said "Oh, these guys copied MIA". I miss Joe Strummer.
  5. mmk

    Shoes to cope with Achilles Tendonitis

    I had a really tight/sore achilles tendon for a while, using kinesio tape helped. I no longer need it, as the tightness/pain went away after a few months.
  6. mmk

    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    She evidently knows which side of her bread is buttered.
  7. mmk

    What job did you dream about as kid ???

    Astrogator. The first place I can remember living was Hampton, VA when my dad was stationed at Langley AFB, and I would occasionally see the Mercury astronauts on the base. I figured by the time I was out of school we'd be well into the Solar System, if not beyond. Of course, we haven't had a...
  8. mmk

    Thinking of purchasing machine - opinion on particular brand

    If the table, base clamps and clamps are in good shape, you'd probably be able to sell the parts on the bay and make money.
  9. mmk

    Need Book Suggestions

    Richard K. Morgan is dark and fictional: Thirteen (or Black Man in the UK) Thin Air Market Forces Plus his Takeshi Kovacs novels.
  10. mmk

    Should there be a minimum wage for tennis players?

    Tennis is not a job that people pursue out of necessity, and there are plenty of other jobs available, so no. I do understand that the #500 NFL player, or the #500 European futbol player makes significantly more than the #500 tennis player, but market value rules. Not to say that the governing...
  11. mmk

    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    Minimum investment required
  12. mmk

    What happens to the souls of people who can't do left turns?

    Worse are the drivers who after a snow only clear a small portion of their windshield, and nothing else. I watched an idiot who did this have the snow on his roof slide onto his windshield while he was in traffic. To heck with their souls, they shouldn't be allowed to breed.
  13. mmk

    Calling Let when your opponent falls down

    I've fallen after slipping on har-tru line tape, and have had opponents do the same. No let asked for, none offered, nor expected.
  14. mmk

    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    Harald Leemann
  15. mmk

    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    And she is not yet 18
  16. mmk

    A burger is a burger

    All beers are identical
  17. mmk

    In-N-Out Burger

    The DMV also has BGR, and if you want a truly awesome burger, go to the Capital Burger grill across from the DC convention center. Make sure you're hungry.
  18. mmk

    In-N-Out Burger

    Five Guys is okay, I much prefer BGR The Burger Joint.
  19. mmk

    Guess how much my emergency appendectomy cost? *invoice*

    My youngest sister was on a Caribbean cruise with her husband and daughter when she had appendicitis. The ship's infirmary couldn't operate, so they got off at Atlantis and she had the operation there. They had to pay for it as her insurance wasn't accepted there, IIRC it was around $27K...
  20. mmk

    RIP Mark Hollis-Talk Talk

    I still occasionally queue up Life's What You Make It
  21. mmk

    Official Wilson Clash thread

    Okay, but in his mind's eye was it Joe Strummer or Mick Jones? Or maybe Paul Simonon smashing his bass.
  22. mmk

    Clay inhaleation (sp).

    Good first word for a spelling bee
  23. mmk

    Clay inhaleation (sp).

    I went to a college that produces mining engineers, and I had a professor who was working on ways to reduce coal and hard rock dust in mines to bring rates of black lung and silicosis down. From what I remember, the size of particulates is important - above a certain size they get caught up in...
  24. mmk

    Finally got one of those threatening scam calls

    My company occasionally sends us (fake) phishing attempts to find employees who are not paying attention and falling for them. I've got a young engineer working for me who has opened the attachments in these three times. We got one last week, and I ran over to his office and told him DO NOT...
  25. mmk

    Tennis Warehouse: Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 Playtest

    I tried the 2.5s and had the toe jamming issue as well under similar conditions. No problem with GR7s. Other than the toe jamming issues, the Wilsons were very nice. Maybe the extra grip from the Wilsons caused the problem, as I had the same problem with Barricades which I felt had similar...
  26. mmk

    Finally got one of those threatening scam calls

    It does make you wonder
  27. mmk

    Finally got one of those threatening scam calls

    This crap should be a capital offense
  28. mmk

    why no covers for hardcourts? As a coach it is frustrating when it rains for 30 mins and then the courts take an hour to dry.

    I don't know about covers, but in college we had big squeegees, 3 to 4 feet wide, to get water off the courts quickly.
  29. mmk

    Latest Colonoscopy Guidelines

    I had my first colonoscopy at 48 due to family history, nothing found. My second was at 53, and the doc said that he took out a polyp, but didn't think it was anything to worry about. Three days later he called and asked if I was available for surgery that afternoon or the following morning as...