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    Time to Replace Yonex RDis Mid

    Finally looking to replace and upgrade from these frames I have been using since 2008. Need some suggestions - looking for something a bit larger but otherwise similar in specs. Have tried a bunch of other frames - only one I truly liked was the Head Graphene XT Prestige Rev Pro Tennis Racquet...
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    Big College Coaching Changes Already....

    Top of my head resigned/not renewed: U VA Men's U VA Women's Tennessee Men's Tulane Women's Indiana Women's Minnesota Women's U Mass Women's St. Johns Men's UTEP Women's And it is only May 5th. Am I missing any other openings?
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    Boston College Men's Tennis

    Why are they not competitive season after season. Two conference wins in ten seasons. Is it funding, facilities, coaching, recruiting, support from administration? Two D1 wins this season. Obviously the ACC is a tough conference but there is such a gap between them and even the middle of the...
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    Stony Brook Men's Tennis Discontinued

    Being dropped after this season. Not totally surprising since all other America East teams have been discontinued over the last few seasons.