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  1. Ace of Aces

    Bringing back a ball toss on serve should be a fault

    You can really mess your shoulder up chasing a toss that’s too far back. As long as you get it off before the 25 sec it really doesn’t matter what happens before
  2. Ace of Aces

    Is Serena’s Serve ATP quality?

    There are a few clay specialists on the ATP with worse serves but it’s a shot that would have to be backed up with a world class ground game and not a shot that will win many free points in the men’s game
  3. Ace of Aces

    Frances Tiafoe Is An American To Root For

    His tendency to play an overly defensive style is more of a problem than anything right now
  4. Ace of Aces

    Frances Tiafoe Is An American To Root For

    His forehand used to look even stranger. He’s really changed that shot in the last few years
  5. Ace of Aces

    2018 Delray Beach - ATP 250

    For someone who has all the pop of Tiafoe he can be incredibly passive at times
  6. Ace of Aces

    (4) David Goffin vs (6) Tomas Berdych Rotterdam QF

    Berd still too traumatized from the last meeting to try again yet
  7. Ace of Aces

    Adrian Mannarino brings two racquets to court in his small Nike bag

    I think he’s the only pro using the 2013 one. The older models are pretty common on tour so they supply multiple pros when they keep making them. It wouldn’t make sense to keep production going for one man.
  8. Ace of Aces

    Blade 98S (18x16) string breakage

    I played with the Steam 99s for a couple months a while ago but moved away from it because I was breaking 15l poly in a 2-3 hours of hitting. Recently hit with a Blade 18x16 (the 2015 one) and really liked it but I'm concerned about the strings. To those who have used both, did the blade get...
  9. Ace of Aces

    Djokovic injury

    Looked more like rust than injury really
  10. Ace of Aces

    2018 Australian Open - Men's Singles - General Discussion Thread

    If Rublev had any type of serve he would be dangerous
  11. Ace of Aces

    Grand Slams should alternate days between men's and women's

    The problem is someone who makes time to go see it in person is almost always going to be more interested in one than the other. This would make it where they only get to see half the tennis they would have otherwise over a few day period. i.e. someone who went for a weekend may only get to see...
  12. Ace of Aces

    Putting Tennys back in Tennis

    Tennis wins when Tennys wins
  13. Ace of Aces

    Question about the Babolat Aero Storm

    There was a heavier and a lighter version pre-GT. The GT rackets have tour written on the heavier frames, but I think the specs printed on the racquet are the only way to differentiate the pre-GT weights.
  14. Ace of Aces

    People ask - Dunlop delivers a Pure Drive 98 (sort of)

    sounds like a Radical Pro with better feel
  15. Ace of Aces

    Fed admits "Rafa is better than me."

    Only Rafa is talented enough to be stung indoors in the winter
  16. Ace of Aces

    Sock Raquet Specs?

    Assuming the 313 swing weight is unstrung that should be a low 340s strung swing weight.
  17. Ace of Aces

    Sock Raquet Specs?

    He was testing out different weight setups last year and the last one I remember had a low 340s swingweight, a 312 g static weight, and around 2 points headlight strung. That may be different from what he is using now though.
  18. Ace of Aces

    Atlanta 2017 ATP General Discussion

    Isner has been on fire. Won every set played with only one tiebreak needed since the start of Newport.
  19. Ace of Aces

    Atlanta 2017 ATP General Discussion

    Is he the first American to win on the main tour as a one hander since James Blake?
  20. Ace of Aces

    'Federer has lost a step or two' LOL

    Taking the ball early means you don't have to move as far as someone playing well behind the baseline. It is how Agassi extended his career.
  21. Ace of Aces

    One simple change to make Sock an elite player

    His serve is as good as anyone who is not a tree when on. His problem isn't power. It's percentage. It's not that unusual for him to serve in the 40-50% range for a match. He takes pace off of his serve when he is missing them. He has a big second serve, but he double faults more than average...
  22. Ace of Aces

    2016 Paris SF - [9] Marin Cilic vs John Isner

    Isner has made masters finals before. It didn't make 2012 or 2013 weak did it?
  23. Ace of Aces

    Prince tour 98 for $49 any good?

    It's a different paint job of the rebel 98 which received positive reviews. They just had different testers on the two reviews.
  24. Ace of Aces

    limited edition frames are pointless and bad business

    If you don't like it don't buy it. It's not like there is a shortage of normal priced frames.
  25. Ace of Aces

    Wilson Burn, What went wrong

    I personally like the Burn 100. Would have switched to it if I wasn't happy with my Pure Aero.
  26. Ace of Aces

    Bonjour from Babolat: Part Deux

    Babolat, how long will the Stars and Stripes pure aero be around? I am planning on picking up a couple with holiday money this Christmas if they are still available.
  27. Ace of Aces

    Tired Of Mac's Yackin'...?

    He makes a ton of statements that are either extreme exaggerations or lies. He is a sensationalist who says controversial stuff just to get attention.
  28. Ace of Aces

    Could Serena Williams Win A Point Against Federer

    As good as they are, ATP pros are not machines. Federer would make an error or leave a ball short eventually against any WTA player if they played long enough.