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  1. NickJ

    Andy Murray left Under Armour?

    I haven't got any Lacoste either . . . !
  2. NickJ

    Balance Board?

    Made my own. Printed off the template with all the Pts Head Light/Heavy on it from somewhere on internet, piece of rod from the shed. Job done. Looks as amateurish as it sounds but it does what it's supposed to. Certainly saved me the extortionate amount of buying one from Amazon or wherever.
  3. NickJ

    Vintage Prince CTS Thunderstick

    I had a Thunderstick 90, incredible to serve with, just couldn't do anything else with it! Got rid of it before I started collecting. Wish I'd have kept it, it was fun!
  4. NickJ

    New Ezone Range Due Soon??

    All good points. Not reduced in price on TW US though . . . . Perhaps you're spot on in that not selling well here in EUR. I'm still using my DR98 but didn't consider the 'new' Ezone as read reviews it was stiffer and at the time had an arm issue so needed a flexy frame.
  5. NickJ

    New Ezone Range Due Soon??

    I only ask as on TW Europe they are selling the current green model at a sale price. This is usually the sign that new models are due to be released. Anyone confirm please? What's the 'normal' life-cycle of a frame/design, 2yrs? 3? I can't remember how long the Ezone has been around after...
  6. NickJ


    Thanks for the like!
  7. NickJ


    Are you Michael??
  8. NickJ

    The most comfortable racket you've played with?

    Clash is being advertised as 'most flexible' and I've said on another thread, I've been told it will be 50 RA.
  9. NickJ


    Someone answered my question on Wilson FB page when i asked the RA, they said it was 50.
  10. NickJ

    Best items you found at thrift stores (Goodwill)?

    I used to work at the British National Championships and one of my 'colleagues' tried to pass off a can of 4 signed Tim Henman Slazenger tennis balls to give to a group of girls, one of which he fancied! He got a new can, opened it and signed each ball before taking it to the public area and...
  11. NickJ

    Best items you found at thrift stores (Goodwill)?

    Could ask him?!
  12. NickJ

    Best items you found at thrift stores (Goodwill)?

    Completely agree, could be exactly that. Guess I'm just wary when it comes to celebrity autographs and no actual proof it was signed by the person it's saying it is! From my untrained eye the racket does look like a St Vincent, there's a hint of the red primer, to the top left of the throat...
  13. NickJ

    Best items you found at thrift stores (Goodwill)?

    Courier used a Tournagrip on top of whatever was underneath. If this was signed for a fan, seems unlikely he'd spend the time to remove the Tourny, then sign the racket . . . . I wouldn't be convinced this was genuine. Not trolling, just an opinion.
  14. NickJ

    Final PJ for Wilson Clash?

    They should've kept the Demo 'disguise' paintjob!! Looks sooo much better than this!! Hahahahahaaaaaaa
  15. NickJ

    Tomic called Hewitt a liar

    Can't stand either of them. They're both bell-ends.
  16. NickJ

    Best leather Grip

    Recently ordered an OEHMS leather grip and it arrived yesterday. Without yet putting it on my racket I have to say it feels wonderful. Now please correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the OEHMS leather grips, the Head Finest Calfskin ones that are always mentioned when it comes to pro stock Head...
  17. NickJ

    Andy Murray retiring

    They won't do a limited edition of a 20yr old wonder-racket as it would make all their new shiny Graphene pieces of crap look . . . . well, crap!
  18. NickJ

    Andy Murray left Under Armour?

    Overpriced. Can't say it's rubbish because I've never seen or worn anything by Castore, but at their prices (£60 for their cheapest t-shirt), I won;'t be rushing to buy one!
  19. NickJ

    Nick Kyrgios about Andy Murray retirement

    I wonder if Lukas Rosol will tweet as such a beautiful message . . . .
  20. NickJ

    Tribute to Murray

    I love that t-shirt!
  21. NickJ

    Classic racquet hunt in Japan Op shops

    I'm just annoyed I don't live in Japan!!
  22. NickJ

    What is The Worst or Stupidest Racquet Ever Produced?

    This. Rollers. What were they thinking?? Wilson product development meeting with coffee, biscuits & weed . . . . 'Hey guys, (inhale). I've got a great idea (inhale) for a new racket . . . . . '
  23. NickJ

    Murray Retirement Imminent?? And will he let me have even just one of his PT57s???

    My God!! It's the dream . . . . . the rackets, not him. obvs. C'mon though, he doesn't need that one bottom left surely??
  24. NickJ

    Murray Retirement Imminent?? And will he let me have even just one of his PT57s???

    Yes, I do prefer 16x19. I just remember back to a story once where someone (not me!) had bought what he thought was a PT57a, but turned out to be just a bog-standard, retail LiquidMetal Prestige that someone had stencilled the code onto the inside of the throat .....
  25. NickJ

    Murray Retirement Imminent?? And will he let me have even just one of his PT57s???

    The actual rackets that Murray (and a lot of other Head sponsored pros) plays with. He doesn't use a Radical, never has. A PT57a is the code used for the 20+yr old frame the Head Pro Tour 630, the blue & black Tomas Muster racket if you can remember that. These frames have near mythical status...
  26. NickJ

    Murray Retirement Imminent?? And will he let me have even just one of his PT57s???

    Not really, it's something I'd been thinking would happen for most of last year. He'd go off injured, recover, come back. Rinse & Repeat. I just think he's now of the age where the body just isn't going to recover to the level he would like it to, and perhaps the intelligent option would be to...
  27. NickJ

    Murray Retirement Imminent?? And will he let me have even just one of his PT57s???

    It's on the cards isn't it? If I had to guess, he'll see how this year goes with regards the Slams but call it a day at the end of this year. I really can't see him carrying on if his hips are as broken & painful as mentioned. Better to bow out with head held high than risk doing anything more...