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  1. r2473

    Will Serena equal or surpass Court?

    1 more to tie. 2 more to have most singles slams all time. Discuss.
  2. r2473

    What is your main singles strategy?

    What is / are your "go to" singles strategies? How do you tend to construct points? Give both your serve and return strategies. Yes, I know it "depends on the opponent". But most of us rec players tend to have a "go to" strategy. But if you want, go ahead and give your various strategies...
  3. r2473

    I like chocolate ice cream

    It's tasty
  4. r2473

    AO 2019 Printable Draw

    Does anyone have a link to the AO draw that is printer friendly? PDF if possible? The print option on the AO website isn't great. Thanks.
  5. r2473

    What did you get me for Christmas?

    I'm looking forward to receiving all of the gifts TT posters got me this year for Christmas, but I'm an inpatient person. So can everyone just tell me what they got for me this year?
  6. r2473

    How do I win at life?

    I decided today that I'm going to beat everyone else at life. I'm just not sure what I need to do to be declared the winner. Can anybody help me out?
  7. r2473

    Will Serena Williams retire soon? Will she play again?

    Serena turns 37 in a few weeks, so she will obviously retire "soon". But how soon? I had predicted before the US Open that she would take the title and retire at the trophy presentation (a la Sampras). I think that was her plan. The perfect fairytale ending (and it would have been). Not...
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    What if Serena had a career high ranking of #38 and no Slams...

    1) What if Serena had a career high ranking of #38 and no Slams... 2) What if Serena had a career high ranking of #38, no Slams and is white...... 3) What if Serena had a career high ranking of #38, no Slams, is white and is male...... 4) What if Serena had a career high ranking of #38, no...
  9. r2473

    What happens to Jack Sock next year?

    He currently has 305 points and is ranked 155 in the Race to London (so this is his Year to Date ranking). I've never seen anyone fall from top 8 one year to outside the top 100 the following year. What happens to him next year? Does he have to go through qualies? Or are there some sort of...
  10. r2473

    Djokovic vs Del Potro

    Who’s ready to talk about actual tennis again?
  11. r2473

    Would Federer have beaten Djokovic today?

  12. r2473

    Will Dutchess Meghan Markle sit in Serena's box? Will Meghan Markle attend Wimbledon 2018? Will she sit in the Royal box or in her friend Serena's box?
  13. r2473

    Does Federer’s Halle loss remove him from the GOAT debate?

    Nadal would have never lost to Coric in Barcelona
  14. r2473

    2018 Madrid Masters QF: A. Zverev [2] vs J. Isner [7]

    Predicting a double bagel by big John 7-6; 6-7; 7-6
  15. r2473

    Opponent did everything perfectly

    Played a match today where my opponent had perfect manners and etiquette. I kept looking for things he did wrong, but couldn’t find a single thing. It was so annoying I refused to ever play him again. Has anyone had to play with “Mr Perfect” before? Hate that guy.
  16. r2473

    Predict Nadal's first loss of 2018 clay court season

    Give me: Tournament Round Score Opponent Or just say he won't lose in 2018 clay court season. Madrid Semi-Finals 6-3; 7-6 Goffin
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    How many more Slams will Serena win?

    How many?
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    On average, how long does it take you to become annoyed with your opponent?

    I know most people are watching their opponents like hawks, just waiting for them to do something wrong so you can be justifiably annoyed. So just how long does it take before you get annoyed with your opponent and dream about the scathing post you'll make about them on TT or Facebook? Can...
  19. r2473

    Is the "ultra grinding" era over in men's tennis?

    We don't see it anymore. Anyone want to speculate as to why? Seems strange..........
  20. r2473

    Should Tomic have a protected ranking?

    If Tomic had injured his wrist (physical injury) rendering him unable to play, he would be granted a protected ranking (like Del Potro for example). Tomic seems to have an injured "head" (mental injury). Shouldn't he be granted a protected ranking?
  21. r2473

    AO 18 - 2nd round: Pablo Carreno Busta [10] vs. Gilles Simon

    MATCH OF THE TOURNAMENT!!!! This one is going to be electric!! Too close to call for me.
  22. r2473

    Best Instructional Video on Kick and Slice Serves

    Does anybody know of a video that gives a good, detailed explanation and demonstration of the Kick and Slice serves? For reference, I really liked Nick Bollettieri / Pat Dougherty's "Sonic Serve" for a detailed explanation of the serve and learned much from this (and still refer back to it all...
  23. r2473

    What are you having for Thanksgiving?

    We always do a salt and herb brined/rubbed turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, sausage and cranberry stuffing, homemade gravy, brussel sprouts with pancetta, and fresh bread. Almost forgot. For dessert, pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream and pecan pie. How about ya'll?
  24. r2473

    Can Busta win WTF 2017?

    Title should read "WILL Busta win WTF 2017" He's starting out 0-1 thanks to Nadal. Will he still win?
  25. r2473

    Will Tomic need to go through qualies to get into AO?

    He's currently ranked 144. Will he get direct entry? If not, will he have to go through qualies? Do you think Australia will give him a wildcard? Could he get a sponsors exemption?
  26. r2473

    Novak looking good at Vienna Open

    Didn't know Novak was playing Vienna this week. First round win. Can he keep it going?
  27. r2473

    How long can you speak without unnecessarily saying "like"?

    I'm guessing, like, not too long.
  28. r2473

    Pablo Carreno Busta is winnng the US Open

    You heard it here first