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    Best college tennis rivalries

    Army vs. Navy always a classic.
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    Emailing College Coaches?

    It is also important to note that the top academic Universities do not typically have rolling admissions. The Ivy's and Patriot League use the admissions "slot" process and because they do not have athletic aid, the do not follow the NLI calendar. Most of these schools start the admissions...
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    Emailing College Coaches?

    My advice, be realistic with your potential college choices. You can have one reach for sure. Use UTR to figure out where you are in their current line-ups. For example you would play #9 at Rice and #13 at Harvard, coaches typically are not going to recruit someone who they cannot see playing...
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    Coaches Hot Seat

    Anyone know what happened to the Men's Coach at Butler? He was suspended in April and subsequently fired I guess.
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    What Ranking/Rating System(s) Do College Coaches Value the Most?

    You could and should look at the Patriot League for top academic Division 1 programs. Mid 11's UTR could get your recruited at that level.
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    Should there be more ref's in college tennis?

    Most D1 mid-majors matches have two roving officials, average age 70, costing the program between $300 - $500 per match with travel costs. They pretty much measure the nets before each match, (sometimes, sometimes they forget) add singles sticks before the singles matches, and take out their...
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    Why dont coaches enter ITA results on time? Does it matter outside top 75?

    The home team is required to enter scores. Often times if they lose they do not bother to do so. It is time consuming as everything is done using a drop down menu to enter every player and every result.
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    Coaches Hot Seat

    Is Mac doing George Washington Univ. an injustice by continuing to coach Isner and the Bryan brothers? GW is currently 2-16 coming off winning the A10 title two years ago.
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    Coaches Hot Seat

    How about some of the Power 5 programs who annually do not compete - Nebraska, Michigan State, Auburn, Boston College, Virginia Tech, Washington, etc? Is this a coaching issue or a simple lack of funding issue (or combination of both)?
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    Patrick Kypson suspension

    It is not a joke.
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    Patrick Kypson suspension

    Hey, the Army West Point team, while wearing honor and courage on their match shirts, gets free ice cream anytime they peg an opponent. Their fans love it.
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    Time to Replace Yonex RDis Mid

    I tried these: Head Graphene XT Prestige Rev Pro Demo (3/8) Multi 1 $0.00 $0.00 Babolat Pure Strike VS Demo (3/8) Multifilament 1 $0.00 $0.00 Tecnifibre TFight DC 320 Demos (3/8) Multifilament 1 $0.00 $0.00 Yonex VCORE Duel G 97 (330g) Demo (1/2) Multifilame and then I tried every Head in the...
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    Time to Replace Yonex RDis Mid

    I have the 93 sq. inch frame and have tried a bunch of demos without any luck. I will certainly try the DR 98. I have tried 10 or so different frames (benefit of being a college coach) and the only one I liked was the Head XT Presige Rev Pro which is also 93 sq. inches and being discontinued...
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    Yale Men's Tennis

    From a simple UTR review, Stefan would play #9 at Columbia and #6 at Cornell
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    Time to Replace Yonex RDis Mid

    Finally looking to replace and upgrade from these frames I have been using since 2008. Need some suggestions - looking for something a bit larger but otherwise similar in specs. Have tried a bunch of other frames - only one I truly liked was the Head Graphene XT Prestige Rev Pro Tennis Racquet...
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    ETSU Head Coach Resignation... why?

    Black eye for the sport.....
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    how do you find time to study Engineering or Premed if you play college D1 tennis?

    You can certainly major in engineering or pre-med at certain Universities. I know this is possible at all of the Patriot League schools who offer these majors.
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    Big College Coaching Changes Already....

    Liberty U Men's resigned.
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    Big College Coaching Changes Already....

    Top of my head resigned/not renewed: U VA Men's U VA Women's Tennessee Men's Tulane Women's Indiana Women's Minnesota Women's U Mass Women's St. Johns Men's UTEP Women's And it is only May 5th. Am I missing any other openings?
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    Alabama men's tennis

    Excuse my ignorance, but what was wrong with Billy Pate?
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    FOR SALE: Babolat Star 5 Stringing Machine

    Is the machine still available? Thanks,
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    Boston College Men's Tennis

    Why are they not competitive season after season. Two conference wins in ten seasons. Is it funding, facilities, coaching, recruiting, support from administration? Two D1 wins this season. Obviously the ACC is a tough conference but there is such a gap between them and even the middle of the...
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    Stony Brook Men's Tennis Discontinued google is awesome.
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    Stony Brook Men's Tennis Discontinued
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    Stony Brook Men's Tennis Discontinued

    South Carolina State is dropping its' Women's tennis program and adding Women's golf. They have won the MEAC 11 of the last 12 seasons. Called a cost cutting measure.
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    Who will replace Boland at UVA?

    Ages of roster of GGU: 23, 26, 21, 25, 19, 22, 25, 20, 21, 21 I do not believe anyone on the U VA roster is over the age of 22.
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    Who will replace Boland at UVA?

    Hodges certainly has done very well no doubt. But the rule differences between NAIA and D1 it is almost night and day. I think I heard somewhere that only one player at GG would be eligible at the D1 level, let alone have the academic background to get into a University like U VA. D1 has the...
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    Stony Brook Men's Tennis Discontinued

    Savannah State also dropped its' women's tennis program who were 0-23 on the season.
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    Stony Brook Men's Tennis Discontinued

    Being dropped after this season. Not totally surprising since all other America East teams have been discontinued over the last few seasons.