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  1. lud

    Nobody ever mentions how important was Us Open 2008 for Federer..

    2008 was truly dark period of Fed career. All those losses from Nadal on clay, and Wimbledon. Even Djokovic and Murray started beats him on regular basis. Hell, many people were positive Fed had mental block vs Murray(was 2-6 at time). It was definitively one of the most emotional GS wins for...
  2. lud

    Djokovic os only one in history..

    He is only player in history(Open Era) that played at least 3 finals in a row in all 4 GS(win/lose, doesn't matter) AO: 2011-2013 RG: 2014-2016 WIM: 2013-2015 USO: 2010-2013 Fed and Nadal NEVER played 3 in a row in Australian Open.
  3. lud

    Players only M 1000/GS - Beating Federer in process CLUB

    As a Fedfan, I'm hugely dissapointed by his performance tonight vs Thiem. Very tight from very beginning,awful on break points. And,why the hell he keep slicing returns?? Anyway,here's some tournaments win by some players(their only win of either M1000 or GS), where they beat Fed in process...
  4. lud

    For all Fed fans before 2003..

    I'm Fed fan ever since I started following tennis in 2001. I remember all of his first important wins. First tournament, first M 1000, first GS 1/4fin etc.. My question is: How you feel about fact that your favorite player is GOAT?? It's crazy when you think about it. Maybe it's luck...
  5. lud

    Has is ever happened before..

    That right handed player won tournament beating ALL left handed in process?
  6. lud

    In 2018 Djokovic played 4 Finals with 4 Different Players with exactly same height(6'6'')

    Has anybody notice that? Cilic in Queens Del Potro in Us Open Khachanov in Paris Zverev in WTF And he lost 3/4. Funny.
  7. lud

    Mental Blocks (No Big 3,please) in History-

    Almagro and Ferrer Kyrgios and Murray and Nishikori Moya and Coria (Moya just couldn't beat any version of Coria) Moya and Roddick Rusedski and Ivanisevic El Aynaoui and Agassi Enqvist and Haas
  8. lud

    Federer vs Djokovic. 68-68.

    Fed won 68 sets, Djoko won 68 sets. This gotta be record by faaar in h2h for sets being even. Talk about close rivalry.
  9. lud

    Favorite old vs young and young vs young rivalry/matchup?

    Kyrgios vs Big 3 is always dynamic As for young gen. sadly there is no plenty dynamic rivalry yet. Maybe in future Coric vs aggressive players(Kyrgios,Khachanov,Tsit. or Shapo) will be great rivalries.
  10. lud

    Something in Kyrgios that you can't dislike him totally

    I don't what. He's bump. He's rude. He's arrogant. He's mean. He's cocky. But,I can't hate him 100%. He posses some crazy aura,charisma,talent.. whatever. Maybe because his fearless style of playing. Because of how he looks or he just seem like general badass. Many 'bad boys' before him were...
  11. lud

    Dubai 2019, SF: R.Federer(2) vs B.Coric(6)

    Definitively most intersting match of the whole week(along with Nadal vs Kyrgios) H2H is 2-2 Coric won last two matches. In the last match,he pretty easily defeat Federer. Like a routine. And he's one...
  12. lud

    What if both players decide to retire at the same time?

    Heheh.. Let's say it's GS 4.Round match... Result is: 6-3,3-6,6-6 both players are in great pain,they just can't play tennis anymore that day. What happens next? I know it's almost impossible.but hey.. Only possible scenario of this is like if Kyrgios and Tomic intentionally do this.
  13. lud

    Nadal and Djokovic fans are in great conflict of interests..

    Or we can say they are just.. hippocrates. They criticise Fed for winning Slams in weak era 04-07, and yet they praise both Nadal/Djokovic for much tougher era and beating that same Roger Federer.
  14. lud

    Tournaments in others sports,areas..

    I would love to see ATP organize tournaments in other stuff other then tennis. Ofc. ALL money will go to charity. I'm talking about chess,pool,basketball(1 on 1),or even quizz of knowledge in general. Table tennis, even football matches, 5 vs 5 by nations. Somehow I think Big 3 wouldn't want...
  15. lud

    2010 Us Open vs Federer.. Djoker most focused match

    Ir's rare to see Djoker focused during whole match. He always has his moments where his mind is somewhere else. Same thing with everybody, actually. I watched high of this match numerous times, and this is def. where he seemed like a different guy. What do you think?
  16. lud

    Is it against rules to play/serve with both hands during match?

    I know it's crazy, almost impossible. But, imagine if some talented kid started to play tennis with 5yo, and had crazy coach that forced him to learn to play with both hands equally. SF scenario, but hey even wierdest thing happened?
  17. lud

    2015 Rome.. Did Nadal run away from Federer?

    I always had feeling Nadal could beat Wawrinka in QF. He was 6-2 in1st set tiebreak. And I also believe Fed would beat Nadal in 1/2 SF if they were played.. What do you think?
  18. lud

    Rafter,Brown or Karlovic?

    Rafter vs Federer 3-0 Brown vs Nadal 2-0 Karlovic vs Djokovic 2-1 // (or Kyrgios vs Djokovic 2-0) Which of these guys will talk their grandchildrens most about their winning h2h vs Big 3 some day?
  19. lud

    WTF is with clay season ALREADY???

    Post AO hard court season(Dubai,Rotterdam, IW&Miami) didn't even start and people talking about clay season??
  20. lud

    Best Matches From AO 2019?

    Male: 1- Nishikori vs Carreno Busta 2- Nishikori vs Karlovic 3- Bautista Agut vs Murray Female: 1- Osaka vs Pliskova 2- S.Williams vs Halep 3- Pliskova vs S.Williams
  21. lud

    Is Queens 2018 in Top 10 most painful losses of Djokovic?

    I would definitively say so. He never won this tournament. Had match point. Was better player in 2nd set, even had lead 4-1 in TB. However he didn't choke, Cilic played some brilliant tennis. Top 10 would be: Madrid 2009 Queens 2018 AO 2014 RG 2013,2015 Olympics 2008,2016 Us Open...
  22. lud

    Prediction: Djoker will win GS with another sponsor.

    Adidas , Sergio Tacchini , UniQlo and LaCoste
  23. lud

    Nadal NEVER turned match around when he was 0-2 or 1-2 in sets vs Fed and Djoker.

    Fed did vs Nadal. (Miami 2005) Djoko did vs Fed(Uso 2010,2011) Anybody mentioned this before?
  24. lud

    Has it ever happened before..

    That same player had exactly same 5 setter scoreline twice. Similiar example. WIM 2003: Stakhovsky vs Federer 6-7,7-6,7-5,7-6 AO 2019: Tsitsipas vs Federer 6-7,7-6,7-5,7-6 But for 5 setters?
  25. lud

    More Anticipated Final? 2017 or 2019

  26. lud

    Ivan Ljubicic is ONLY player EVER who... Try guess.

    Federer involved.
  27. lud

    One player you want see win GS this year

    Vote and Discuss Here.