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    Why is tennis on tv

    So outdated. I mean they used to throw up the serve speeds. Now not even that is commonly shown. And they could do so much more. With modern stats that could constant show speed per player/rpm/distance run/bounce height/net clearance etc. also there is almost no breakdown of point...
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    Hyper G vs Revolution

    Looking for a comparison between the two. Playing with hyperG 18g now, but like the idea of blue strings in my ultra tour. The revolutions look similar, what do they play like.
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    Tennis Warehouse Needs

    A what's new button on the website (sale's website) that has all of the newly added items. Like the clearance tabs, but new.
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    Lead Tape

    What happen to the TW Lead Tape- by far the best! For me, all of the others wont stay on my racket (babalot, Wilson, Pete Sampras, and Gamma). I can't imagine that I am alone with this problem.
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    What does Nadal's AO loss mean for the rest of ATP?

    Djoker's dominance of Nadal to me says more about the difference between the rest of the field and Djoker/Nadal/Fed - or the big 2 1/2 than it does about Nadal. Nadal was crazy good - dominant going into this Final. I was seriously worried that he was going to win and possible even easily- he...
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    To TFlight DC LTD 18x20 or not

    That frame looks like an amazing racket and deal, but am I crazy to think about picking one up. Changed to the ultra tour last July and love it, but keep looking at the DC LTD... Playing better than ever and very happy with my ultra tour frame. The best thing that could happen is that I get...
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    Djoker's Racket

    Courier said that Djokovic changed to a longer, lighter racket to help his elbow earlier this year and that it took him some time to grow his confidence, etc.. I thought he was still playing with an older painted frame. Do we know what he is really playing with these days?
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    Alternative 2018 barricade boost

    i am looking for a similar shoe but something different. The plastic taps on the second eyelet keep causing me pain. Hoping 2019 versions shed that.
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    There should be

    An option to dislike a post. just saying.
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    Thiem breaking out?

    Can we all admit, with his records of constantly being in contention - even at majors - and his performance tonight, Thiem is a legit player and contender for majors.
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    Why do we weave every strand in tennis? What happens with variations on this pattern (alternate infront and behind on every other cross for example)? Just wondering, and quick search of internet was not helpful? What is the Segretti method?
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    TE Beast Finally Came a Knocking

    After playing with the PureStrike 2014 18x20 with Bab RPM 18g @50-54lbs, the TE Beast has finally come a knocking. I started playing 3-4x a week (up from 2-3), 2 weeks a twinge of subtle soreness. Then Sunday after my normal 4 hour hit, pain the first I was sure. But being a true addict I hit...
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    Nadal - my tennis Tom Brady

    Nadal is becoming my Tom Brady of tennis. What I mean, is that I don.t like Tom Brady but have always respected him. And in recent years have had to accept that he is an GOAT - though I am still a Manning fan first. Nadal is not my GOAT but continues to impress me and make it harder to deny...
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    Explain Nadal and Serena

    to me they are tennis oxymorons. I mean that most tennis players tend to be lithe and flexible and fast. But Serena/Nadal look like body builders compared to the rest of the tour. How can their body type be so different (mind you closer to mine). I mean Marty fish got so much better when he...
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    Best Tennis Bag - TF Rat Pack

    if you guys have not seen it yet; you have to check out the Technifibre Ratpack (larger). I had been eyeing it and then saw it person whole playing an away USTA match. It is really the best bag I have seen for organizing and carrying gear by far. The only thing it really lacks is “thermal...
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    Babolat Men's Spring Perf Polo

    @TW Admin I only see size XXL in your shop. A local shop got this shirt in XXXL and for what ever reason (for me) babs run small, but the XXXL fits great. I wear XL or XXL in Nike, XXL top in Adidas, but for the Babolat gear I need to go up. Is it possible to order the Babolat shirts from...
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    I was given the gift of Tennis Trunk for a year as a birthday present. I don't know if any of you have experience with it, but has been fabulous and something that I now look forward to. Each month a get a shoe box that looks like a tennis court, full of things to try for tennis. 1-2 cans of...
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    Does winning 10% of the total GS

    200th grandslam title match played in the open era won by theFed. More amazing that it is his 20th and he has won 10% of the total GS played in the open era? Thoughts.. Discuss.. GOAT
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    What are the closest to

    Barricades that are sold by other manufactures in terms of fit and feel. Love my barricades, but just wondering if Nike makes something equivalent specifically or one of the other major brands (nb K-Swiss head etc). Specifically like medium width with medium arch and good support.
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    Melbourne Adidas wear

    The 7inch inseam shorts, do they go up a 1/2 inch per size like the other Adidas shorts do. Been looking for some XL White Adidas with true 7inch inseams
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    What is your favorite 18x20

    Curious for those who play or have played 18x20. Which was your favorite frame and set up? Tried: Head. Speed pro- loved the racket. My friend I train with ended up choosing this as his go to frame and bought three. For me, it was very close to the babolat pure strikes and in the end it was...
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    What is your favorite 18x20

    Curious for those who play or have played 18x20. Which was your favorite frame and set up? Tried: Head. Speed pro- loved the racket. My friend I train with ended up choosing this as his go to frame and bought three. For me, it was very close to the babolat pure strikes and in the end it was...
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    Has anyone seen this "smart dampener" or know anything about how well it functions? I saw that it is available for pre-order.
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    String questions

    prestretch: I don't understand why you do this. Presumable the stretch takes some of the elasticity which should make the strings play older/deader? Related to prestretch: is the tension more important than the elasticity of the string for feel? I have this mental image of the strings...
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    Why was Thiem

    slicing backhand so much at Rogers cup while playing Swartzman?
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    Found my racket, but now new anxiety

    So I have finally found the racket/racket setup that I play the best with, it is not at all what I thought I would end up with and really has been a 2 year journey which resulted in near fanaticism regarding reading this board and trying rackets. I ended up like the 2014 PureStrike 18x20 with...
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    Best short shorts

    with my short legs, I prefer 7inch inseams. Size 36-38 (xl). A lot of shorter shorts add length .5-1 inch as go up from medium and thus are too long. Any recommendations? Also need a little more roomyness because don't like my stuff on display (5"11" but 28" inseem).
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    Does Nadal's Dominance of Stanimal

    makes Thiem look much more impressive/competitive the round before?
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    NextGen Thiem-wagon

    I know a lot of people don't like the next gen, but I have to say I am really liking watching Thiem play. I agree that his is style is a little bit of bash and blast, but it reminds me of my play style. I also think he can learn to play a more rounded game and be a much better player, perhaps...
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    Babolat leather grips

    are they no longer in production? Don't see any on tw anymore.