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  1. mpournaras

    Tsitsipas new 2019 "Barricade"?

    2019 shoe? If they call it a barricade or not. Maybe someone who has seen it can chime in
  2. mpournaras

    Anyone know the measurements/general fit of UNIQLO shorts?

    The Kei stuff in particular... The shirts fit me like a dream in mens large. And the undies are nice in a mens medium... But are the shorts shorter (7' inseam)? longer (9+ inseam)? Baggy? I want some so badly but now they are a little up in price and I cannot justifiably buy them blind
  3. mpournaras

    FS: Wilson Grand Slam Super 6 Bag **9/10 SUPER RARE**

    This is a Wilson bag that only grand slam winner used on court. They sold it for a limited time in 2009. It is SUPER CLEAN. I would say it is similar in size to many 9-12 racket bags depending on brand. See pictures Wilson Grand Slam Bag Super 6 (6 rackets and some stuff) Quantity: 1 Condition...
  4. mpournaras

    Lucas Pouille limited 100P? Wimbledon 100P?
  5. mpournaras

    Would anyone be interested in a New Balance 996v3 review?

    As it doesn't look like TW will be formally reviewing them... and I just got a pair. I can bring insight and comparison from Barricades, Vapors, and Cages
  6. mpournaras

    What is NIKE trying to do with the Ultra React?

    + cool colors - tacky silhouette - more expensive than a Vapor - less comfy than a Vapor - heavier than a Vapor - same durability as a Vapor I have not seen a single pair out in the wild. I went to a weekend tournament in December and id say about 80% of the Nike shoes I saw were Vapors. The...
  7. mpournaras

    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    Rumors swirling about of a new stick floating around -Ultra CV paint (Blue grommets apparently) -H19 style throat -18/20 -Monfils on the placard inside the head More info coming soon I hope!
  8. mpournaras

    FS Babolat AeroPro+ Cortex (4 1/2) **RARE in this shape**

    (1) Aero Pro Drive+ Cortex 4 1/2 (L4) 100" sq 10.6 oz 16*19 Condition: 8.5-9/10 **NEW** AeroPro GT grommets **NEW** Head Pro Grip & Luxilon OverGrip Lighlty used ALU Soft/ Premier Power hybrid (53 lbs) Used 10-15 hours before replacing grommets and re-stringing blemishes at the tip top...
  9. mpournaras

    Kokkinakis with a Pure Strike?

    It would fit the Babolat sponsorship. Much more likely than a blade ;)
  10. mpournaras

    Thiem wearing next years barricades?

    I see boost. No idea what else it could be
  11. mpournaras

    Nike Flame Pack hat

    Long shot but I figured i'd try. Mine disappeared and it was basically a part of me
  12. mpournaras

    Kokkinakis with a Blade?

  13. mpournaras


    Hopefully these will end up on TW!
  14. mpournaras

    Pro's Babolat apparel? (Sugita)

    Where can one acquire this shirt? Babolat normally dishes out tacky clothing but this is amazing
  15. mpournaras

    Lacoste is selling $85 T-SHIRTS!!!!

    Their Olympic line of shirts for each country are selling for 85 bucks! These things better prevent nipple chaffing, clear your skin, and wash your car for that much!
  16. mpournaras

    Is Hydrogen the Ed Hardy of tennis? It seems like a joke

    Hyper expensive. Looks like a kid used MS paint to add shapes onto a shirt. And apparently doesn't hold color. What gives? 70 buck shirts and shorts?
  17. mpournaras

    sparkshark is a great buyer!

    Timely payment and respectful buyer. Would love to sell more stuff to him haha! Would certainly do business again
  18. mpournaras

    Adidas Energy BOOST size 11

    Adidas Energy BOOST Quantity: 1 Size: 11 Condition 9.5 out of 10 2 hours of clay court use and a couple hours of indoor office wear Dust in the outsole (see pictures) No scuffs otherwise. I want to love these shoes they are stupid comfy but the forefoot squeezes my (fat) foot in a way that I...
  19. mpournaras

    Barricade 2015 MIAMI Edition (Size 11)

    Adidas Barricade 2015 Miami Limited Edition. Quantity: 1 Size: 11 M (US) Condition 9.5 out of 10 Used indoors around the office for 10-15 hours. Virtually no outsole wear and no smelly feet smell :) They simply did not fit quite right for court use as I have other shoes I can wear. My loss is...
  20. mpournaras

    Why would any Barricade player NOT use Boost?

    If the Barricade Boost is a better shoe in every way (not opinion, actually is) and the MONEY is not an issue than why would they not use it? Lets use Berdych as an example. Switching over to Adidas. I get it, they want to also sell non Boost colors right? Then PJ the suckers?!
  21. mpournaras

    Burn FST the new 6.1 PJ choice?

    Lets see hoe many 6.1 players come out "using" the Burn FST. We have Meyer for now: Kohlschrieber is still using the PS97 pj though edit: Pospisil is using the regular Burn pj still
  22. mpournaras

    Chung Hyeon switched to Yonex

    Koream bro switched to the new Tour G No stencil. Interesting. I guess Dunlop wasn't cutting it :D
  23. mpournaras

    Murray going sleeveless for AO2016 too!

    Even has a hashthag haha "#sleeveless" I just never could get on board with UnderArmor in general but I gotta respect this! Suns out, guns out. Its the Aussie summer. Embrace it
  24. mpournaras

    Prince Pros jumping ship in 2016! :/

    We already have evidence of Ferrer, arguably Prince's most popular player: Now we have Granollers jumping to Wilson. Will post more if they come
  25. mpournaras

    New Asics 2016 :) Courtesy of TW Europe

    NEW Solution Speed 3 Mens
  26. mpournaras

    Verdasco shoes in Miami

    Verdasco might be wearing the new UberSonics slated for a fall release. Either that or old feathers
  27. mpournaras

    Luxilon ALU Soft is shaping up to be a $27 poly!!! According to TWE: Luxilon ALU Soft is E22.90... so $27.60! Regular ALU Power is E14.90... so $17.96 (Right on the money for TW Price) JEEPERS! Thats gut territory
  28. mpournaras

    Ivanisevic New HEAD?

    It looks like a radical mold in the throat... but its all black. Maybe the new radical Limited edition that there are rumors about? I know he was a DEVOUT pc600 user so this is very strange thoughts?
  29. mpournaras

    Donnay No Longer on TW?

    The rackets on the racket list have disappeared. But if you search for Donnay a couple rackets come up. I am very curious